Choti Sardarni 8th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher takes Karan back from Manav

Choti Sardarni 8th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The door is locked. Manav is worried. He says please open the door. My son is inside. Aditi hears his voice. Servant says take master key from reception. Karan rolls on the bed. Vikram gets the key. Aditi walks upstairs. She doesn’t see Vikram’s face. Her friends call her. Aditi says I was imagining. Vikram opens the door. Karan is about to fall. Manav holds him. He says sorry son.

Sarab calls back Param. Param says papa karan.. Sarab says ouch.. Param says what happened? Sarab says nothing. tell me what happened? Param says nothing. We miss you a lot. Meher asks Semea to try again. Manav picks. He says yes mom? Meher says it’s me. He says what happened? Meher says where are you? Vikram says in Jhalandar. What happened? Karan cries in the background. He says what happened? Meher says don’t know you what happened? He says I have to go for a meeting. Meher leaves. Seema says stop Meher. Meher rushes to her car. Meher calls Sarab. She says Vikram took Karan. Sarab says what? He can’t do that. Meher says he can’t do this. She says I heard Karan on the call and golden temple’s bell. Sarab says that means he’s around in a hotel. You go there. I am coming as well. Sarab tries to walk out. Doctor says where are you going? We can’t let you go in this condition. Sarab signs the paper that he’s leaving the hotel on his own terms. No one is responsible for it. He runs out but faints. Doctors pick him.

Scene 2
Vikram makes milk for Karan. Karan cries. Sarab calls Meher. Meher says are you okay? He says yes Tarkash found out. Vikram is in step inn hotel Room 308. Meher runs upstairs. Aditi sees her. SHe runs after Meher. Meher goes upstairs. Meher goes inside the room. She looks at Karan and cries. Vikram locks the door before Aditi could go in. She rings the bell but no one opens. Meher cries and says AKran.. My son.. Nothing will happen to you.

Sarab says you made a mistake Vikram by kidnapping my son. Aditi calls Sarab. Sarab picks the phone. Aditi says actually I went to hotel with my friends. I saw Meher entering a room. Sarab says what? What are you doing there? She says I came with my friends for lunch. Sarab recalls Manav said he will take Karan. Aditi said if Vikram goes rude to her she will do herself some harm.

Meher hugs Karan. She calls Sarab and says I found Karan. Sarab says is he okay? Meher says I want to.. He says relax. Tarkash is coming there. Meher says don’t touch him. Manav says who are you to stop me? She says his mom. He says I am Karan’s dad. Meher how dare you steal my son. He says you hid from me that Karan is my child. You made him Sarab’s and now you’re accusing me? Meher says you only hurt people. You will put everything on stake for yourself? Manav says he’s happy with me. Meher says look at him. He hasn’t eaten anything. Meher says don’t touch him now. Meher makes milk for Karan. Meher says mama is here. Meher makes him drink the milk. Meher says how did you pick Karan? You never came there. He says I have my ways. SHe says your way’s name is Kulwant. Meher says you shook hands with mummy ji? She killed you. Manav says I am CBI officer. I was trained. And I have right on Karan. I am his father. I have all the right.

Manav says Karan is your and my child. We have equal rights on him. Meher says it’s easy to claim your right but difficult to take responsibility. Meher says I have the first right on him. He says we can be responsible together. If I am unable to handle her better than his mother, I will return him to you. Meher is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param comes to meet Sarab. He hugs him. Meher comes in with Karan. Sarab hugs Karan. Meher says I told Vikram I will ask Sarab and let me know. But what will we do now? How will we handle all this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Can i just say i actually dislike meher and sarab right now. Remember when Param’s nana nani came to take him sarab and eher fought so hard and now they want to take karan away from manav wtf

    1. Are vo meher or sarab hai vo kisi k saath kuch v kr sakte hai. Vo kuch v kar le pr injustice nahi hoga. Iss serial me bs ye dono hi sahi hai baki sb galat.
      So bhool jao ki manav k saath justice hoga.
      Mein ab written update me sirf manav wala part hi read hi krti hu. Baki kuch v nahi.

    2. Shaheera Khan

      yes they fight for thier own benefit and i still think manav really needs medical help because he was an orphan and we we don’t know what else he have been through except mehars betrayer’s .more over he have equal right to se his son and these sardar and sardarni cant manepulise the situation for their own benefits aditi have been through a lot they cant give that excuse yes his mother will come to terms swell because she loves him a lot ,just dont want to see the selfish couple at all .

    3. I also stopped watching from yesterday only just reading updates….

    4. Agree. It appears they don’t seem to understand Manav feeling in wanting to be with his son. This is showing Sarab abs Meher in a negative light. It is a stupid storyline

    5. The director of this show needs to be realistic in the storyline. The way Sarabjit keeps on saying ‘my Karan’ it’s pathetic. The storyline is fake. The way Meher is behaving – terrible. Kulwant kaur acting is so fake abs ridiculous. They need to
      Make this more realistic. The fact that Meher lied about her pregnancy and Sarab accepted this- it’s stupid. And now even stupid that Meher is not letting Manav see his kid

    6. Just as Param’s nani wanted to take away Param, Manav has the same intention too as he is planning to take Karan away from Meher.Which infact justifies Meher’s actions because right now he at least came to his senses and asked for joint custody and meher is trying to consider it. If manav would have asked for joint custody it would have been better but he asked to be given Karan so he can raise him alone. Manav should understand that Karan is not a toy that he could play with every time but he is actually a human being and a childs who needs serious attention and to be taken seriously because that involves his future. Meher is actually right Manav is just claiming his right but I know he won’t be able take responsibility after. Meher takes care of Karan full time, but Manav will be fully occupied with his work that he won’t have time to really take care of Karan. Did he consider that?

  2. Dekhna ab ye sea Dihayenge ki manav karan ko aache se handle nahi kr pa raha.or vo khud karan meher ko lota dega. Ya phir meher use jimmedaari ka lecture degi ki bachha lena bahut aasan hai pr use palna utna hi muskil hai.
    But tell me one thing ki kya sarab ne param ko akele handle kr liya tha nahi na jabki uski help k liye to harleen v thi. Usne v param k liye meher se shadi ki kyoki vo akele param ko nahi samhal pa raha tha.
    Or karan pr meher or manav dono ka haq hai. Or yadi meher k saath sarab nahi hota to meher v akele karan ko nahi samhal pati.
    So dono ko joint custody leni chahiye.
    Kyoki agar karan sirf meher ko milta hai to ye galat hoga…..

  3. Now makers will show that Manav is unable to handle Karan better than Meher and will hand over Karan to Meher and Sarab but this is disgusting….. Ye koi baat nhi hoti, ye log joint custody kyun nhi dikhaate? Meher bolti kya hai, Manav tum sab ko dukhi karte ho, ary uska dukh to koi nhi dekhta…!!

    1. I agree manav tum sabko dukhi karte ho is line pe mujhe bahuth gussa aaya shayad meher ji bulgayi ye saara siyyappa ka responsible tumhara mummy ji hai…..if adithi will help him manav also take care of Karan like meher and sarab….manav or adithi ko pakka villan banadengi to show meher and sarab mahan hai…..

  4. Agar Manav court gaya to Gill khandaan aur Deewan khandaan ki bhot bezzati hogi….Newspaper headlines masala lga kar btaynge – “Gill Khandaan ki bahu aur damaad ke avaidh Sambandh aur ek beta bhi” 🙄🙄😣
    Sutron ke mutaabik Punjab dal ke president Sarabjeet Singh Gill ki Patni Meher Kaur Gill ka sambandh unke nandoyii(Nanad ke pati) CBI officer Vikram Deewan ke sath tha aur unka ek beta bhi hai…..😶

  5. manav is not in his rite frame of mind all he cares about is having his son he is not thinking about how to or how he would care for his son. a baby needs his mother hopefully meher and sarab will finally tink things through. its more of a knee jerk reaction to hear ur ‘dead’ ex demanding he wants his kid. still dont feel sorry for aditi she wanted mehers medical record for a reason not sure what plus she tried to kill param and meher.

  6. Manav already understood meher loves sarab she moved on…agar meher aur manav beech mein Karan ka link nahi hota na at least he should try to move on with adithi…. Jab se pata Chala na Karan manav bacha hai tabse wo kuch aur soch nahi paariye…….manav should tell adithi aakhir kab thk chupayenge

  7. what a problematic plot they ve construed.
    why will an educated girl who was betrayed by her whole family choose to trust and marry a stranger to protect her n her unborn child.
    why didn’t she chose to become independent n self reliant (a difficult bt sensible option and a tribute to all single mothers out there ) rather than being a domesticated wife(not an issue bt it has become a norm for indian tv shows) to her husband who in no way a GOD or the saviour
    It was Meher who took his child’s responsibility,saved his life n wht not.
    It’s natural he ll love her n forever b grateful.
    It is a quid pro quo situation.
    Now its so problematic to show her so rude n indifferent towards Manav.
    Even Aditi is being created bt not by maanav alone ( not to forget wht she planned to do with param n actually executed was criminal).
    Basically most of the characters r criminal here or ve been silence at those crimes Manav being an exception ( right now he’s jst prioritising his child over the crime against him)

    This show is jst Sick !
    Their only point is it’s all about Kismat !

  8. I feel so disappointed with the way Meher is behaving. Meher and Sarabjeet has forgotten that Manav is the biological father of Karan and has every right to be in Karan’s life. Probably Manav may not be capable of taking care of Karan for the moment, but every new parent goes through such phase. Manav will learn to take care of Karan with time and he should be allowed to do so. However, I have least expectations from this show.

  9. @Anonymous im not sure you started watching the show from beginning. Meher did not want to marry Sarah. She was forced by her mother and brothers. They virtually dragged her. Beat her. Nearly aborted the baby. But after marrying Sarah, she fell in love bcs he helped her out of the mess they put her in. Now how can someone say Sarab is annoying them. So far what has he done wrong. Should he pass on Karan to manav because he is his biological son. I wonder how people reason. Please Sarab fight for your wife and son Karan is your son. Don’t mind the mentally of people. Did Manav marry Never properly? How many of us will console a man who just came and make our daughter pregnant without properly marrying her. He came and starting behaving weird. Why did he take the baby to a hotel, bcs he knew he can take him home. What will he tell his mother and wife. Why starting what you cannot continue. Love where the show is going. Pls don’t give Manav any custody. He is sick

    1. In this practical world first mistake is a research student who is an orphan falling in love a with a 2nd year graduation student who is immatured and with a political background is wrong and crossing the limits and the girl becoming pregnant is another wrong.Is it not bachapana?
      next which mother in this world will be ready to give his daughter’s hand to an orphan who has no address in this world and not yet settled?
      Who will accept a girl who was already pregnant though it damages his name and status? still sarab accepted by seeing her honesty. still he wanted keep her away by providding all facilities in serbia. She and Sarab both suffered a lot. He went against his sister and saved her pregnancy. He never showed any difference between karan and Param. what else a girl who is digusted with life expects in this world. Is love the only thing in the world. She is matured and practically moved ahead in life.
      Out of blue now suddenly Manav came and whole serbia track he behave like a mad person. Is he not matured enough to live after knowing all the details?
      Is it not his responsibility now to reveal the truth and then claim for child. When he could do all these claims why he is bothered now about his adopted mother or sarab’s family status. why he has to trouble or blackmail Meher and accord a deal with KK?
      Finally this is a show and interests differ for viewers. In this practical world people behave like Meher only according to me though what KK done is utterly wrong and punishable. But blaming and bad mouthing the characters shows the frustration but by all means sarab and meher are the hero and heroine of the show. so they will have major share in the show and theose characters moved far ahead. there is no use of bashing the makers or the characters.

    2. @mehak sry to say this pyar karna koi guna hai pyar ka koi status nahi hota
      Koi bhi ladka koi bhi ladki se pyar kar saktha hai agar wo dono ki Marzi ho toh
      And about meher pregnancy sirf manav responsible nahi hai meher bhi….
      And about kulwant,if she thinks manav is not good rishta for meher woh meher ko samja sakthi thi but manav ko maarna bilkul galath hai kulwant ko saza hona chahiye but cvs not interested in this plot….and manav is not mad buhuth kuch saha hai ye sab accept Karne mein buhuth time lagega… Lekin ye sari situations ka faida uta raha hai wo hai kulwant….manav ko kabhi wapas nahi chahiye tha show mein….. I feel pyar karna koi guna nahi hail par manav ko pyar Karne ka saza jarur mili….

    3. Praveena, I agree with you…. Meher should apologize to Manav. Manav suffered just bcoz of Meher’s family, and indirectly bcoz of Meher.
      Kulwant should be punished, she is evil.

  10. This Vikram/ Manav track is awful… logically if Vikram proves Karan is his then he proves he is Manav hence not a CBI officer and he destroys his mom. People be hating on Meher and Sarab – Manav’s adoptive father is dead because Manav is cursed and now he’ll eat his adoptive mother and Aditi’s life as well. How long will Karan last in Manav’s hands.

    1. True. Manav’s character they would have not brought at all back to life. He behaved almost like mad in Serbia2 track. In this show noone does his duties as professionals do except this useless drama. Politicians or doctoror business men they all left their profession or business and after only this worthless drama. we see veryfew characters in the real world like Manav, Mr.Diwan Aditi KK etc .Meher character is very practical and she moved on in life instead of not worrying over spilt milk. Most of the girls will do the same in reality.

  11. I don’t understand ppl.saying sarab has no say in Karan life b/c he is not the biological father. Sarab was in karan’s life from the beginig so to say meher was only one month pregnat when they got married. Since then he was taking care of mother and child as his own gave them unconditional love suporting and respecting meher with out asking noting on returen. Just because he is not his biological father does not mean he is not his father.
    And meher should handel over her child to manav just becouse he suffered the most. Wouldn’t be more useful to seek him help allow him to heel his trauma becouse he too went throug a lot befor demanding he gets custody for karan.It is a matter of time he will colaps if he continue the way he is now. Some times i hate the thinking of society women are here just to give birth ( surrogant)the owners are men. Sorry to say that.

    1. yes . Manav is a CBI officer he stopped doing his job and mad after a happy family of sarab and meher with kids. he himself agreed to MR Diwan’s request and promised considering father is one who adopts and gives love in life than the biological father and considered diwans as his own.(somewhere he said this dialogue) Sarab as a father who cared for him since month1. If Meher didn’t marry sarab kk would have got her aborted. but sarab saved her from getting aborted by going against Harleen.Manav married Aditi and he should do justice and even to his adopted mother as he promised Mr. diwan. Now taking the child and keeping with him and behaving like mad one which society accepts or which mother accepts?

  12. I don’t like how this plot is going and they have made a mess of it. I agree with everyone’s comments- I am not sure I am liking Sarab and Meher’s character at this time and even Manav. He was going so good until dealing with that devil called Kulwant. I thought he would have rescued Karan and then would have been able to use this kidnapping to jail Kulwant and her waste of time sons. I thought when he rescued Karan, Sarab and Meher would realise his care and work oit a situation and everyone would have been protected but no, the situation is stupid. I too have stopped watching and just looking at updates because I found it is utter rubbish. Directors and writers- take note – you are losing your viewership

  13. I am watching this show from the beginning. I still hold respect for Meher and Sarab’s character. I can’t believe a mother can go to that extent with her own daughter. Kulwant forced Meher into this marriage. Sarab accepted and supported Meher unconditionally. Meher took excellent care of Param. Every time, it is Kulwant who makes a mess of every situation for her own selfishness. Kidnapping Karan and giving to Manav who took him to the hotel without any planning. Karan is an infant and needs TLC. Manav has no clue what it takes to take care of a newborn. Bittu and Rana are shame of a brother’s name. They both took Meher’s help to get married to their love. Now they both are playing a role in kidnapping their own nephew. Their evilness is never-ending. I can’t wait to see Kulwant, Bittu, Rana, Robbie getting punished.

    1. Absolutly! I too watched from the begining and like Meher and Sarab Ppl. are hammering the wrong ones.

  14. I don’t understand something. Karan being a newborn, why isn’t Meher br*astfeeding him? Every time they show Meher boiling milk and feeding him. Having recently given birth, she will definitely be lactating and they should show it to promote this habit to all viewers. I am always of the opinion that shows should promote such positive habits and inspire people and showing this movie would definitely inspire all new mothers out there. Rather, they are showing irresponsible habits like baby formula and milk powder. Poor Karan, being a premature baby, is already weak and would be lacking immunity and on top of that, Meher does such stupid things and calls Manav irresponsible. Before you all say this is just a show and not real life, I totally get that. All I am saying is, they should show positive habits to give out a social message.

  15. I do not like the track of choti sardarni , I just want the part to come when aditi will get to know the truth (maybe at that time the show would be interesting to watch) .

  16. And Aditi is no saint. If Manav finds out that she is the one who played God with unborn baby’s their Married life defn. over. She just continue with her found family as noting happed no harm done on her part. Hypocracy.

  17. Rianshfan

    Rest people may say anything. ..but I am sticked to 2 shows – IMMJ 2 nd dis one …These 2 r my favs and will remain forever …

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