Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav says he will take Karan by Diwali

Choti Sardarni 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says enough. Don’t say a word against Sarab. Meher tears it and says I can tear thousand such papers. I thought non of it was your fault. But you never understood. I can tolerate anything but a word against Sarab. I wont hear it. You wanna know what he is to me? What he has done for me and Karan? He stood by me and Karan in all difficult times. He gave his name to Karan. Meher tells him how Sarab said Karan will grow up in his house as his son. Meher says you were questioning why he signed it. I will ask you did he have any other option? Meher tells him she met an accident. Meher says if you had to choose between me and your child who would you choose? What would you do? Manav walks away. He sits down. Meher says you never understood him. I call him Rab because he is. He told me everything when Karan was born.

Sarab said to Meher please forgive me. Your condition was worse and I had to make a decision. It was impossible but I.. Meher says chose me. And I know why you chose me. If anything happened to Param and Yuvi would live in guilt. Sarab said I had to put a stone of my heart. Pleasr forgive me. Meher said don’t embarras me. Sarab picks Karan and said he’s my son. My partner now. Till I am there nothing will ever happen to you. Meher says you know what Sarab is.

Scene 2
Amrita says what happened? Kulwant says you took Meher’s side and made her marry Sarab to save her child. If you didn’t help her this day won’t have happened. Vikram Dewan is Manav. His memory is back and he’s asking for Karan. Amrita says Sarab also knows? Kulwant says no. Amrit says I always wanted Meher to be happy.

Manav says all that you’re saying is correct. I will also call him Rab. He saved my son’s life. He has such a great and pious heart. But would he give his Param to a person like himself? No right? How can I give my Karan? I am Karan’s father. I won’t leave if you don’t give me my son? I will make the whole world see. Meher hugs Karan. Manav says I will take you to the court. I will get DNA test done. Meher says no. Manav says then see how loud this Diwali is. You can stay happy with Sarab. Give me my Karan. Otherwise I will create such a drama that no one has seen before. Aditi comes. He says good night Meher ji. We should leave. He stops and kisses Karan and says God night son. Aditi says I hope nothing goes wrong between us. Meher recalls everything.

Scene 2
Manav recalls Meher saying Sarab is Ran. Aditi says here’s your favorite coffee. He says thank you. Aditi says cheers. Aditi says I lost all the hope. I thought I lost you forever, thank God my Vikram is back. The one who loved me a lot. Will you ever leave me? Vikram says no. Aditi says can I ask something? You were wearing mask and with a gun in Sarab’s room? Manav says let it be. Let past be gone. I want to start life anew without past. She says I was thinking to ask. But Sarab and dad.. Tell me what were you doing there? Manav says I was really drunk. I don’t know when I went there. I came in senses when he was shot and I took him to hospital. You think I went to shoot him? WHy would I save him? Why would I give him blood? Aditi says no. Harleen said the same. We all trust you. Thank God things are good. She puts head on his shoudler. Manav says I am really sleepy. I am sleeping. Aditi says sure.

Scene 3
Sarab calls Meher. Sarab says soniyo where? Meher says why are you not asleep? He says can’t sleep alone. Meher says I can come there in 15. He says I wanted to see you three. In dreams too you should all be with me. He says I get to talk to you and Param but I miss Karan a lot. Meher says I will come in morning. He says wear red. You look good in it. Meher says I don’t look good in others? He says you look bomb in all. Meher says all fire crackers? HE says Diwali is close. Doctor said I will be discharged by then. It will be Karan’s first Diwali I will celebrate with him. Meher recalls Manav saying I will celebrate Diwali with you. Meher says in heart your condition is better. I will tell you everything.

Precap-Meher tells sarab he will take our Karan. Sarab says who? Meher says Manav. Sarab says is he alive? Did you speak to him? Meher says Vikram is Manav. Sarab is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. 😭😭😭😭 I don’t know what’s gonna happen now!

  2. What an episode. Manav does have a point. Sarab would not leave Param alone so why he as a father do the same. I do feel for both parties involved – it is a messy situation. I see Manav is trying with Aditi – not quite there yet, but working on it. Let’s see what Sarab do with this information.

    1. Fact is sarab did not abandon even karan. Gave him his name and full rights. Would manav have done the same? World of difference between the 2. I feel manav wants karan as he cant have meher and indirectly this will cause a rift between sarab and meher. To snatch a child from a mother who went against all odds to save her child is selfish. It is not love.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      True.Had meher not faced all the hurdles and given birth to karan what would manav claim. Even when once due to harleen’s pressure meher decided to abort the child it was sarab who saved them. Didnt manav himself say that jaan bachanewala janmdenewale se bada hotha hai when he spoke about suryapratap saving him from dying

  3. I hope Sarabjeet will decide to have joint custody of Karan but if he will support Meher and will separate Manav and Karan then I will lose all respect for Sarabjeet’s character also. I have already lost respect for Meher’s character but I think Sarabjeet will understand Manav’s situation.
    Meher ko hi sari khushiyan mil jayein, aur Manav ko sare dukh. Meher is like …Apna Kaam banta, bhaad me jaye janta…!!

    1. Agree with u
      Agar sarab ne v manav ki feeling nahi samjhi to mere liye meher or sarab me koi difference nahi rahega sarab v selfish wali category me aa jayega.
      Jese sarab param se door nhi rah sakta theek vese hi manav ko karan se door na kare.
      U r 100% right about meher….. Apna kaam banta bhaad me jaye janta.

    2. I think Meher will not explain Manav’s situation to Sarab. Mujhe to lag raha hai kahegi Manav chheen le jayga humaara bachha, dhamki de raha hai vo mujhe, ye nahi batayegi ki kaise hath jod kar kaha tha usne ki mujhe mera bachha de de yaara….kaise bheek mangi… koi nahi samjhega ki Bechare se Kulwant ne uski khushiyan chheen li, kismat ne uski pehchaan, Sarabjeet ne ussey uska pyar aur ab Meher-Sarab ussey uske bachhe se bhi usey alag kar denge…. aur fir bolenge Jab Meher-Sarab ho sang to jeet lenge koi bhi jung.😑

  4. I think Sarab will ask Vikram,Aditi and his mom to stay in Gill mansion so that everyone can love and take care of karan.Well that seems to be the only peaceful solution at this point😐.

  5. Manav will have a lot of explaining to do with his mom plus what will she think of her late husband lying to her she will b very hurt. Hopefully they will come to a sensible agreement.

  6. Shaheera Khan

    i have already lost the trust in sarab i cant stand mehar anymore but i never liked vikram now i can feel his pain hope he stays sinsier with adits and not playing with her emotions because nearly everyone in this show have become selfish .

    1. But Manav is playing with Aditi. If he come to know her interaction with the life of Karan even more.

  7. Glad to know that people reading the updates have common sense. Many Mehrab’s fans don’t like Manav coz they are telling that he doesn’t have any right on Karan.

    1. He is not asking for sharing of rights. If he did and they refused then it would be selfish. Right now completely taking away the child from meher is unfair. Manav is being selfish and indirectly getting back at meher for not agreeing to come back. That is my take frm what i have seen in malaysi. We are behind in episodes.

  8. To all the people reading this updates,If this happens in really life to you or your family,what will the solution be?
    Remember- The so in law and the daughter in law in the family are ex lovers. They have a son.
    – The lost sister was very revengeful and looking wanting love
    – The sister that loves the brother so much dose not treat the son as family.
    – The daughter has helped the family a lot
    – One mum life depends on…….
    – Husband / brother is a politician.
    – Their are children involved.
    So many relationships,family to think for the long run.
    So how?

    1. Shesha485

      I agree with you. How could they support Manav only because he is crying and getting emotional? If he did his mindgame strategies, do anyone of us supported him? All would say that he doesn’t have any rights on child.
      I agree we should support him, but we should understand Meher’s point also. She is right at her own side. People who are saying she portrays herself as a goddess to Mr.Gill, If she gives the baby to Manav, will you say Meher is portraying herself as a goddess to Mr.Deewan as she sacrificed her child ??? Sarab is a politician and do anyone wish this sensitive issue of a family become a hot topic on media? And Manav’s approach was not right (still it was justified on viewers but not on Meher’s POV), she carried the child for 9 months and she has undergone many things to save her baby, she tried to attempt suicide when her mother attempt to abort the baby, married Sarab, she even tried to go away from Sarab in order to save baby when Harleen blackmailed her. Just because she is Sarab’s Meher, it doesn’t become a lame joke

  9. We can all predict what will happen next. I thought this show is different and promote better morals values than other shows but no it is same old drama: mahan leads will get everything and be justified no matter what😑. Meher and sarab turned into two hypocrites who only talks about justice and righteous behaviour when it comes to others but coming to their own interest they forgot their sweet talks😏. They definitely had more time than manav to think about joint custody coz hareen asked many times what will happen when karan’s real father comes back. And the first thing they do upon manav knowing truth is make him insecure by isolating karan😒. Very good behaviour from two people who calls each other god and goddesse👏👏👏. Manav is not dudh ka dhula but at least he doesn’t act to be great or behave like rab.

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