Choti Sardarni 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher comes back to India

Choti Sardarni 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says why do you have garland on Meher mama’s photo? Kulwant says don’t even dare to touch her photo. Your father killed her. Param says don’t do this nani. Kulwant says I am not your nani. This relationship is over with Meher. Harleen says Sarab can never do this. Kulwant says are you here to make fun on us. Harleen says can you imagine Sarab doing this? Kulwant says your brother is a murderer. I will get him a death sentence. Your crocodile tears won’t hide his sin. Rovi says please talk with respect. Kulwant says get out of here. Rovi says let’s go from here. Yuvi says get out.

Goon calls someone and says Meher is being deported to India. She says only her dead body should come here. Officers take Meher with them.
Everyone protests against Sarab. Harleen says how can they do this without any proof. Why is Sarab silent? Jetly says if Sarab doesn’t deny how can I save him? Only a miracle like Meher coming to court can save him. Rovi says in heart I won’t let Meher come to the airport. Rovi calls his goons and says kill Meher when she comes out of the airport. He says Meher won’t’ reach court today.

Meher reaches the airport. Kulwant says to her lawyer I will spend money like water. I will get Sarab behind bars.
Sarab is brought to the police station. Meher is at the airport.
Some people protest in favor of Sarab. Kulwant says Sarab is a killer. He killed my daughter. He will die like a dog. She hits them. Amrita says mummy ji please calm down. Rana asks them to go.

Meher sees an officer waiting for her. It’s Jagga. He comes to Meher. Meher smiles. He gets Meher’s file. Meher hugs him.

Scene 2
Param says I am talking to mama papa. Khushi says you can’t talk to them. they are gone.
Kulwant says Jagga let’s go. We have to go to court. Amrita says he left for something important. Kulwant says what would be more important than this? Jitto says mummy ji breakfast, Kulwnt throws the dish away and says you killed my Meher. Don’t show me your cursed face. Bitu is angry. Amrita says please calm down. Today is the verdict day. Don’t argue from her today. He says once the verdict is out I will announce my verdict as well.

Reporters say Sarab is being brought to the court today. Let’s see what verdict would be given. They ask Sarab why did you kill your wife? Harleen says Sarab please don’t stay silent. Tell everything in the court. Sarab looks at Param crying.

Jagga says I knew nothing would happen to my sister. I knew God would protect you. Param was crying. He said God, please send my mama back. Meher called. Param picked. Param says where are you, mama? Meher said I am coming tomorrow. Don’t tell anyone. Just tell Jagga uncle. Param said okay mama. Jagga says Param told me everything. Param said to Jagga Meher mama is coming tomorrow. She asked me not to tell anyone. Meher says I have to go to court. I can’t let anything happen to Sarab.
Precap-Judge says Sarab do you want to say anything? You silence can go against you. Sarab says I have noting to say. Meher and Jagga are on their way. They are stopped by the goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I feel that mystery women is meher’s mother may be she wants to kill meher and put blame on sarab so that she can raje over sarab seat

    1. Yvonne Codner

      SA, I figured it out…When Param was celebrating his birthday and a woman and her grandkids came there and Sarab gave her money and she was telling him about a court case which involves her daughter-in-law about some land thing and someone said Sarab should use his powers and get the person off the land and Sarab said let the court fight the case. Kulwant Kaur Dhillon said to herself that she will deal with it. So I am guessing that she went and used brute-force and must have called Sarab’s name. But of course, Robbie is involved neck and craw. He is one of the moles. I have been watching the episodes again, and I heard Kulwant Kaur saying that she has found the address for the woman I think it’s episode 64 or 65 on youtube.

    2. Verma4

      or it could be OMR

  2. Or it can be manav mom

    1. I was thinking the same thing or it could be the lady kulwant kaur fought she could get into sarabs politician party

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