Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav asks for Karan’s custody

Choti Sardarni 3rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher comes back to the hall. Manav says Mr. Gill must be video calling in a bit. Put the camera on me. Sarab calls Meher. He says why has Vikram asked to video call? Manav takes the thaal and sits on the chair. Manav comes to Aditi. He says I am so sorry. I am busy at times. You thought I won’t come even when you’re fasting? Here’s your favorite dish. Aditi is shocked but happy. Seema says where are you taking her for dinner? Sarab says I will take my wife to dinner at her favorite restaurant. Sarab says are you serious? You think I am doing drama. What do you think Meher? Can’t I be a good husband and father? Will be someday. Meher is silent. Aditi is happy. He says right Meher? Sarab says why are you teasing her? Manav says she’s teasing me. Tell him Meher ji. Meher says he’s joking. Sarab says you people enjoy.

Manav says to Meher I did good acting right? They are so happy. See, this is what you wanted right? For me to be a good husband. I will do what you ask. I will never come between you and Sarab. I will never hurt Aditi so Sarab is happy as well. Meher says Karan is Sarab and my child. I will say it 100 times. Manav says I want my Karan. Maher says or what? Aditi says Vicky come. Manav says I will stop this drama of being nice to Aditi otherwise. I will celebrate Diwali with Karan.

Meher comes in and hugs Karan. She cries and says no one can take my Karan. Meher says who brought these toys? Param says Vikram uncle. Meher blows all the balloons. Meher cries and says he’s Sarab and my child He’s mine. Kulwant says I told you to abort this child. Give this child to Vikram and end this. tell Sarab he’s lost. Meher says you can live with your disgusting thoughts. Kulwant says your decision was wrong. Meher says my decision was right. No one can take my Karan from me. Kulwant says Harleen will kick him out first. She didn’t keep him when you went to Serbia. Param comes. Kulwant leaves.

Scene 2
Sarab asks Tarkash was there any animosity between Meher’s family and Surya’s family. Tarkash says no there was no connection between them. They never me. Sarab recalls Manav said dad knew a secret. Sarab says then why did he attack Meher. There must have something that must have happened.

Manav says to Meher you eat, I will play with Karan. Meher says I dont’ want to eat. He says let me play with Karan. Meher says he wants to sleep. Aditi says he wants to go to Karan uncle. Look at him. Karan says she’s like as if I would run with him. Manav says Karan is so excited to see me. Meher hugs Manav. Aditi says what happened Meher? Give to him. Vikram says is Karan not my child? Meher says Karan needs fresh air. Meher goes out. Harleen says she gets possessive about kids.

Manav comes out. He says Meher you can’t keep a child away from his dad. Mehre says he’s Sarab’s child. Sarab wanted to take his life, how can he be Karan’s father? He wanted to take Karan’s life. Meher says what are you saying? Manav shows her delivery form. He says Sarab signed to save you not the baby. He chose the mother over Karan, my son.

Scene 3
Sarab video calls. HE says I will be home on Diwali. {aram says when is Diwali? Sarab says in 10 days. Param says will we 4 be together on Diwali? Sarab says yes promise.

Manav says he played with my son’s life. You keep calling him great. Meher says enough.

Precap-Sarab video calls Meher. He says before sleeping I want to see Karan and you. Bring him here. Meher comes to meet Sarab. He says why are you crying? Meher says I am your sinner. Please forgive me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shesha485

    Guys, I need a help. I haven’t watched the show after Vikram’s marriage due to time issues. Can anyone explain in brief what happened in these timespan? Yesterday’s comments were so confusing. All of them were hating Manav by calling him psycho like that but yesterday everything was changed and people are hating Mehrab.
    I managed to watch it but couldn’t understand anything. So please say what happened.. 🤗🤗🤗

    1. After Manav got his memory back he tried to get Meher back in his life to which Meher refused,he became depressed and tried harder,his father Surya could not see his pain and tried to kill Meher but Sarab was shot, Manav caught his father and he committed suicide,Manav saved Sarab ,He somewhat prepared himself to live without Meher, Later found out that Karan is his son and now he want his son , he’s ready to start afresh with his mom,Aditi and Karan

    2. Shesha485

      Thanks @Storyreader

  2. Shaheera Khan

    drama queen mehar the next instalment of her coming up i don’t think it will be full yet yes she plays with his emotions i am your culprit no madam you are culprit for lots of other people not sarab who is no less than you ..

  3. why is the writer getting confused over karan and manav’s names? If this is your job do it correctly!!!!!

  4. Meher ko sarab k samne ya to bechaari banna hota hai ya phir bhagwaan
    Ab bechaari ban kr aa gyi hai me aapki gunehgaar hu. Sach mein…..
    Isse kabhi ye nahi laga ki ye manav ki sabse badi gunehgaar hai . Iski vajah se ek bande ki jaan chali gyi uska kuch nahi manav se uskabeta chin liya uska kuch nhi. Pr sarab se karan ko door karne me itna dukh ho raha hai.
    Phir socho manav ka kya haal ho raha hoga.
    Sarab k paas meher hai uska beta param hai. Manav k paas kya hai jeene k liye are uske paas to uska naam v nahi hai.
    Some times I think accha hua jo manav ka iss selfish ladki se peecha chut gya bs manav ko karan mil jaye phir vo iss selfish ladki ka chehra v na dekhe.
    Or yaha aditi ki ghar na tute isliye sarab ne v surya ka sach nahi bataya kahi na kahi vo v selfish hai.
    Kulwant kour se badi gunehgaar to meher hai manav ki.
    I hate meher……
    I m waiting ki manav ko karan mil jaye.
    Agar esa ni hua to mein to totally ye serial se quit kr lungi. Written update v nahi padungi.

    1. Yes I will also quite this show everytime sarab and meher sahi nahi hosakthi iss baar manav sahi hai

  5. Meher’s selfishness is at peak level….!! Poor Manav!!

    1. Yes she even not telling him truth about Karan she is lying again and again Karan is Sarab child

    2. when meher was going to abort his son then sarab save his child he fought with his own sis for karan so sarab has more right over karan then any one even meher

  6. And Meher continues to be selfish. If Sarab finds out and keeps Manav out of Karan’s life, then this show would have lost all the values that it would have held previously. Manav- sorry for you fellow. Karan wants his papa not Sarab

  7. Sarab pyaar Kare na Kare Karan se isse koi faraq nahi padtha hai Karan manav ka real father hai agar koi hamari Bache ko sabse jyada pyar Kare toh Kya Bache ko usiko dedengi nahi na….. Especially there is no mistake of manav what if kulawant not taken his life definitely he will take care of both meher and karan….
    At the end sarab kithna bhi pyar Kare Karan ko the truth is Karan is manav son sarab se jyada apne beta ka kayal rak saktha hai manav….

    And meher u want sarab karan and ur family happiness,manav have to live as vikam for seema,manav to accept adithi,and adithi happiness iss sab mein manav ki kushiyan kaha hai
    I feel just u r responsible for all this mess ur mother spoiled manav life….pyaar ki khaatir nahi if u have any guilt for what ur family done to manav please give him justice…..

    1. *please give him his happiness and his Karan…..

  8. What also gets me is that Manav is begging with folded hands to Meher for the child, never deny someone with folded hands. Meher give the child to Manav, everyone knows the secret and let everyone move on with their lives

    1. It’s not so easy as a mother just to give up your son just like that.If she decides to do as Kulwant told her, she would be the most selfish and worst mother who can just give up their child in order to have a peaceful and happy life with the husband.I get where meher is coming from. The way Manav asked for the child was like he wanted to take Karan away from Meher and probably settle somewhere else with his wife and mother.It would have been better if Manav was to ask for partial custody.Another thing Manav acting as Vikram, he is actually not doing that for Meher but for his own mother. People are talking like Manav is actually doing a favor to Meher acting as Vikram but that’s not the case because, Meher is trying to protect his family and her family too.In life it is hard to find someone who is considerate as Meher as she thinks about other people before thinking about herself.All her arguements with Mana are actually for the betterment of everyones lives. Just because two people’s lives were destroyed doesn’t necessarily mean to destroyother people’s life also.I agree that Meher and Manav’s love was terminated by Kulwant, so why should the people to pay be the ones who actually saved both Meher and Manav’s life.Sarab was Meher’s savior and he is the reason why Karan is there with them as he supported Meher throughout her journey and her pregnant life.Seema also and her husband also saved Manav’s life and gave him a new life.He is alive because of them, if it is not for his dad, he would be dead by now.So atleast he should protect the family that gave him a new life and atleast do things whole heartedly and not by pretending. I feel that the one who is selfish here is Manav.I know he is hurting too but he should not behave as if he is the only one who went through hell and he is innocent because Meher also went through a lot of troubles too in order to save the Karan that he is trying to claim right now.

    2. Izana Ibrahim

      Agree Manav so selfish, he does not want to move on and try to forget the past. He will hurt his adopted family and his wife Aditi. He should be bless his wedlock son is in good hand of Maher and Sarab.

    3. agree with K. Khan comments, well said.

  9. Shaheera Khan

    the person cant become towards their mother cant become for anyone else’s.she got pregnant before marriage its nothing for her atlas her brothers are better than her a lot , she is selfish to the core and even her husband is ,

    1. if d truth comes out many unhappy and broken families. Sarab is no saint either he made meher promise not to tell harleen robbie is thief. Meher tries to do d rite thing but it comes out wrong. manav should move on , meher did suffer when manav was ‘dead’ but then she moved on that is life , harsh but true. manav should move on too and live with his wife, most men will not accept an unborn child that is not their own, sarab did . genetics does not always make a parent.

  10. Shaheera Khan

    sorry i was going to write faithfull towards their parents .

  11. Joi is correct Manav needs to move on Aditi is young she can make a baby, Meher and Sarab have a right to lie to prevent families from getting destroy, Karan is young and doesn’t know anything, wanna better his going cry for Sarab. And if u all was in a position god forbid who would u all choose mother or child knowing u all men but in the end he got both Karan and Meher who he loves dearly. U all will see a mother will do anything to protect her child so watch out Manav Meher isn’t the childish girl she used to be, She is a woman who will do anything to protect her family. Manav u have a second chance of life move on with ur wifeand mum

  12. Shaheera Khan

    but he is aloud to have the custody of his son both of them can share the custody not only mehar sardarni and sarab sardar .

  13. I maintain my statement- Meher’s attitude is selfish. Why are you lying? Tell Manav he is the father. Sarab already knows that. While Manav approach may not be right, Meher is pushing him to be that way, not even to hold the child and bring a toy. Yes- it is hard for a mother to let go of the child but I feel if she allows Manav to see the child at least, things may not be so bad as it seems. Harleen may be furious but who cares about her and her gold digging husband.

    1. No Sarab, do not know about the father.
      Meher only told him the story.
      In the last two episode, Sarab was asking what secret did he have for him to kill himself.

  14. It’s quite easy to tell when it’s not your child , some are telling life is harsh and manav should move on…how about meher gives the child to manav and then she moves on with her husband param and her coming daughter. Life is harsh right ..let it be harsh to her it was her mother’s action which got manav here is harsh . Aditiis young ? So Is Meher ..she too can have more babies if she wants to.looks like she will have a daughter good for her .

  15. Biological parents do play a role in the birth of a child. Child-rearing is totally different. Sarab has done a great job of accepting Karan and giving him his name. Meher spoke the truth and Sarab appreciated. Mehreb has paid a big price for bringing Karan into this world. I am not in a favour of separating a child from a mother. Seema can’t imagine life without Manav. She does not know the truth and this is good for her given the present circumstances. Seema lost her husband and she is living in the hope of seeing Manav and Aditi happy. Lying is bad and separating a mother from a newborn child is very bad. No one’s pain is lesser than the other. Manav has his own pain, and Meher is also in pain. Meher will reveal the truth to Sarab and sort out this complex situation.

  16. This is a truly messy situation .it will be bad before it can be good . I am just glad that Manav is fighting for his relation with his son. I would have lost some respect for his character if he had not. The true person responsible I.e kulwanth truly became demonic with her words to meher

    1. actually Sarpunch Kaul Ji did not like the father(Manav) in the first place not to talk of the child(Karan).

  17. mere on diphens mehar ne kaaran ko maanav se bachaane mein bahut achchha kaam kar rahe hain kyonki agar vah bachche ko apane sarab maghart deta hai to vah vaastav mein gussa ho jaata hai aur isase gil ke parivaar mein ek aur samasya paida ho sakatee hai.
    Nigariya se ehasaan

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