Choti Sardarni 30th December Analysis: Rajveer Fails to Rescue Seher

Seher is in the car boot. She calls Raj. Sounds from a local market can be heard. Rajveer talks to her. The car stops. Rajveer asks Seher not to worry.
Seher sends her location and asks Rajveer to come quickly, for the sake of Karan.
Reporters ask Karan if he supports Param and is ready to work for him. Kulwant asks them to be quiet.
Seher is afraid if people would take advantage of their family situation.
The media keeps harassing Param and calls him an outsider. They accuse Karan of attacking Param and taking revenge by giving false statement. Reporter shoves Kulwant. Karan starts a fight. The whole place turns into a battleground.
Param thinks Karan is behind the chaos. Harleen gets surprised. She calls her goons and learns that Kulwant has been kidnapped. She thinks Kulwant got kidnapped, however Karan arrived.
Param asks Harleen to wait and watch. Harleen sees Kulwant and thinks who got kidnapped.
Seher asks Rajveer if he is fine. Rajveer is unable to locate the market. Seher hears bells and sends her location. Rajveer identifies the market as Shaheed Bhagat Singh market.
The car stops. Rajveer says no one would harm her in a public place. The goons stop for a tea break.
Rajveer asks her to find a toolkit. Seher finds seat’s foam. Rajveer asks her to tear it and get out. He assures her.
Seher is unable to open the door. Rajveer encourages Seher and talks about a beautiful scenery with snow mountains and water bodies that awaiting them behind the door.
Seher almost opens the door. Rajveer is on the way. Seher gets hurt. Rajveer is worried.
The goons return and the car starts. Seher gets sad, Rajveer tries to soothe her. Seher prays to God. The car stops at a signal.
Kulwant tells Karan that Seher would come fast. She wonders where Sehraj might have gone.
Rajveer reaches the signal and asks Seher to punch the boot. Seher punches with full force. Rajveer finds the car and goes to rescue Seher. Some goons catch hold of Rajveer. Rajveer is kidnapped by his goons. Seher cannot communicate with him.
Param gives his speech. He talks about serving his people and fulfilling his father’s dream. Everyone hails him. Karan asks Kulwant about Param’s behavior and expresses his unwillingness to come.
Harleen thinks of ways to identify who has been kidnapped. Rajveer’s car reaches a forested area. He calls Seher. Seher asks him about his whereabouts. He speaks to himself and says that he knows who has kidnapped him, but is unaware about Seher’s kidnappers.
Seher says she is not able to understand what is happening. She says that in a situation where death comes in front of eyes, love becomes even important. Seher calls him a blessing.
Rajveer asks her to be hopeful and says that God will help them. He asks her to find something that might help.
Seher sees a paint can. Rajveer asks her to look for a hole in the boot and spill paint from it. He assures her again and promises to come quickly. Seher asks him to stay on call.
He calls her a lioness. The goons find paint behind the car. They recall it was there in the boot. Car stops. Seher tells Rajveer that she can smell something pungent.
Rajveer asks her to hide the phone and look for something sharp. He says he can hear the goons. He asks Seher to use a sharp thing to protect herself if the goons try to misbehave with her. Meanwhile, the goons open the boot.
Seher says she doesn’t know what will happen. She expresses her love. Rajveer expresses his love too and days she will have to fight. The goons finally open the boot.
Rajveer says he won’t let anything happen to her. They recall their fond memories. Goons point a gun at Seher. Rajveer seems worried. The goons fire.
Rajveer shouts Seher’s name and falls.

Precap: Rajveer reaches the site where Seher is held. Rajveer breaks the door. The goons try to catch him. He falls. Goons consider him to be an easy target because he cannot see properly, they mock him. They put Seher on the ground. Rajveer holds a glass bottle and gets ready for action.

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