Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajveer decides to take divorce

Choti Sardarni 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says I came to your life as a curse. You lost Kunal, our child. God wants to know that I am a curse to you. I should go away from you. For your happiness, please let me go. Forget that I ever came to your life. Let me go.

Kulwant looks for Seher everywhere. She says my Seher isn’t weak. She won’t run away from anything. Seher says when my death was in front of me tht day, I only saw you and you want me to forget you? Isn’t that a sign of God. God told me we are made for each other. You can’t leave me. God gives life. You’re not responsible for Kunal or our child’s death. I will forget everything but so should you. For our future. I love you. We will be together and happy. Rajveer says no please go from here. I only gave you pain. I hope you find true love. Rajveer leaves. Seher screams stop. Seher says stop lying to yourself. God gave us love. How long will you deny that you love me? We both know you love me. Please listen. Seher runs after him. Seher falls, Rajveer falls on her. The song tu jaane naa plays.

Rajveer gets up and says are you crazy? What if that truck hit you. Seher says why do you care if I die? You wanna go away from me anyway. Just look into my eyes and say it. I won’t stop you. Rajveer says yes I want to leave you. I don’t wanna be with you. I am ending everything. Seher says you want to part from this marriage right? You have to divorce me then. The song man bharya plays. Seher says will you do it? Rajveer leaves Seher’s hand. Rajveer says yes I want to end every relationship with you. Seher cries. Rajveer walks away from her.

Scene 2
Kulwant says Param and Karan let’s go? Bitu and Rana say where could she go? Karan says I called all her friends. Kulwant says she must be at the orphanage. They say let’s go. Seher comes in the house. Kulwant says Seher? Are you okay? You should rest. Come sit here. Kulwant says are you okay? Where did you go? Seher recalls everything. She’s in tears. Kulwant says she should rest. Seher says no.

Rajveer gets a text, I am Raveen, Seher’s lawyer. Please collect the divorce papers from me. Kulwant says to Seher you did right. Param says exactly. Divorce is the best option. I know you’re hurt. But this will be the best decision for you. Kulwnat says sometimes you have to rip the bandaid off. Things come and go. Seher recalls Rajveer saying he’s ending everything.

Karan says Seher see this card.. You made it for me and Param on brothers’ day. We tore it apart and kept half each. He says your brother knows your pain. I am with you and with your love. Seher cries. Karan says I know you love Raj a lot and I can see that in your eyes. Seher hugs him. Rajveer looks at the divorce papers and says I should set you free. He tears the papers apart. Rajveer says how will I live without you? Karan says to Seher every relationship has problems. He says Param and I had so many fights too but now everything is sorted. These were cirucmstances mistake, not Rajveer’s. You can’t divorce him for it. There’s no going back once you sign. Your life would be ruined. Think 10 times before signing them. Seher says he says he doesn’t love me. He wants to go away from me forever. Karan says don’t cry. Seher says he doesn’t love me. The divorce thing might change his mind and he might accept his feelings and confesses his love. Rajveer says love will never come back to my life. seher says we will always be together Rajveer. We are made for each other. rajveer says I will cry the last time on death of my child, our relationship and this love. Seher says one day you will understand why am I doing all this. rajveer says I have to do this.

Episode ends

Precap-In the court, the judge says your wife wants to give this marriage another chance. In that case we will give you 6 months to live together. Rajveer says we have no place to live together. Judge says then.. Seher says he can stay with me at Gill mansion.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Diana.James.Potter

    Hey! This is comment is directed towards everyone who comments on this page or any page related to CS, this is going to be a bit long, (I will attempt to keep it as short as possible) but I requesting you guys to read this, also i’m going to apologize beforehand for any error or how un neatly organized this passage may be, as I am writing as my train of thought goes. Ok nows thats aside I’m going to start;
    What it the world is going on with these hates comments, like seriously its crossed a limit
    Hear me out (or read it out), I don’t comment much, maybe once every month or two. I read a couple of different updates and the hate comments have been so extra, that it blows my mind.
    CS has taken top place definitely when it comes to getting bashed. I want to point out a few things, that’s basically it, I don’t want to fight with anyone, this is really just me attempting to help you guys realize how horribly childish so many of you guys are acting (obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, there a many who show love but I don’t want pick on anyone specifically so I’m going to talk as if Im addressing the entire CS community)
    Ok to make this easier I will separate this in two categories.
    First one, from what I’ve read most of you when asked why you spread hate or toxicity, it’s one of the two replies. (mostly, there’s more obviously but these are the two most often)
    “I am stating my opinion”
    “I have the freedom of speech and/or opinion”
    Ok great, but both of these have major flaws though, for ‘stating my opinion’
    There’s a major difference between; stating an opinion, bashing something, and spreading toxicity/negativity, and for anyone who can’t genuinely tell the difference between these three things, that’s very concerning. Especially since these repetitive hate comments are basically like spam comments. If you were to state your opinion, it would be something more formal and said once maybe twice at most and that’s it, especially since it’s basically the same thing, but perhaps if it was a different opinion everyday then perhaps it’s valid to comment daily. This ties in with “I have the freedom of speech’ Im genuinely curious for those who say stuff like this to defend themselves, have they ever researched on this matter. When talking about freedom of speech, did you not know there are certain restrictions, especially when it comes down to hate. Imagine someone comes up to you yelling racial slurs, and if you were to go confront them to ask why they did so, they reply with “I have the freedom of speech”.
    It’s just like why, that’s called taking advantage of something especially when there are restrictions to it, but you aren’t going to bother to research about it. Now if we went on with this, has no one in this page heard of
    “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” by Margaret Atwood, cause as far as I’m aware it’s a very famous quote. Like I’m starting to think most of you here are doing this for attention, because If someone truly despises something so much (as you make it seem) I doubt you would take time out of your day to wait for the update to happen and then write comments and for some, go on arguing with people who are trying to spread positivity. Like unless you’ve got nothing to do in your life, taking time out of your day to hate seems rather odd, and of course for those who say this is my free time or im not working all the time, then why don’t you spend this free time on something positive. Something you like and enjoy, and if some of you just enjoy fighting so much (I do hope not) why don’t you speak up for rights and equality? Fight for those. Like come on at this point, this seems like something I would explain to kindergarteners, for those who say the actor who plays Rajveer is an over-actor- why the heck are you watching him then in the first place, also if your to say that I’m not and this is my ‘analyse’ from before, well then how do you know if he’s maybe improved or not, he’s trying his best. Funny thing is, if this actor was given a role in another show I doubt anyone would have criticised him so much, but now they are criticising, because to many of you guys, he’s trying to copy Avinesh.
    Ah and that leads to the main next point (and most likely final, because this is already going to be too long). I will start this off with my opinion, when I had figured out about this leap and Nimrit playing her own daughter, I was devastated and quit angry but that’s normal, it’s an human emotion- I was extremely attached to both the characters Mehar and Sarab, but that didn’t mean I started bashing anything to do with CS, and truth be told I did quit watching at a point like I was livid with the reboot, I would barely even read the updates anymore but as time went on, true that I didn’t enjoy it as much as the original but I gave it another shot, and even right now i’m not a hard-core fan of it, honestly I don’t even know if I would qualify for just a fan, I read the the title and precap and couple of comments for any new promos and that’s about it. (I tell you this because, I know there’s going to be one person out there who’s going to say “well she’s stating this stuff only because she’s a fan of the current CS. I’m not.”)
    But to get back on track, you weren’t there nor was I when the decision was made to make a leap, and in no way can we determine Nimrit had a major role in this change, yes she got the role of seher but that doesn’t mean she forced the makers, cause if you look logically there a lot more actors/actress who left the show post-leap, so if there was going to be influence, I believe they would get the higher say, especially since Sarab is Co-main lead, so for those who say she’s doesn’t care about Avinash, she did it for her advantage blah blah, just be quiet, like bro guessing isn’t going to take you people anywhere. I’m going to assume many if not all of you are fans of Avinesh Rekhi, I am too, but if hypothetically speaking he was to come across tellyupdates and this page and look at the past few pages of CS, would he be proud of you guys? Just think of that, he’s moved on, found a new show, and ended on positive terms with the show and Nimrit. He would be utterly disappointed in all of you for the hate, if you really care about him that much show love to his new show, I’ve seen the updates and there’s very minimum comments on their (yes a few times there’s as high as 30, but like thats 3 maybe 4 out of all the updates), so spread positivity there. I’m going to wrap it up here, I’m sorry for making it so long, I hope you read through, to conclude;
    The negativity you spread tends to show what kind of person you may be, it leaves a bad impression of you to people. Find something that makes you happy and invest in that, it isn’t healthy the toxicity you all are spreading, for those who have something good to say then say it. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t state an opinion, you definitely can, but realize the difference between the three things. I’m hoping things change from today, I really do, because it’s for the benefit of both sides and I genuinely want you guys to spend time on things you love and not on hate, it’s not right.
    I’m out, I will check for any responses just remember I don’t mean to argue I want to point out things for everyone betterment.

    1. R.J

      diana, thank you soo much for saying this and saying it load, much needed this comment , i hope things get better , peace <3

    2. Ok. I am agree with you. I would like to ask one question from you. Did you read the article of Param’s actor ? Did you understand what he is saying? Actually before him some people of this forum told same thing . Is it hate to say such things? I mean I didn’t blame anyone who are enjoying show but I mentioned some facts that we clearly see . Is it wrong to say these things? Ok if you all want to see this forum as just soo lovely with positive comments without critisizing makers. it is not easy. Because day by day makers are showing their unprofessionalism . Then it is normal .people will start to comment. I don’t want to hate anyone either Nimrith or new cast or you all who are commenting here. Because we all are humans. I am just stoping commenting here. I know my pain as loyal fan and it seems there is no space to us anymore . This is just my feeling as a loyal fan. I missed cs soo much and I didn’t find any show after cs. Finally love you all and enjoy your show. I am stop commenting here. God bless every one.

    3. Mrs Fateh virk

      Honey you shouldn’t care because it’s not your responsibility to control people.Let them say whatever.I respect your sincerity and honesty ☺️

    4. Sha_NimLoveCs

      @ Diana.James.Potter
      Hat off to you sis😍🥰
      Very true line👌👍👏

    5. Just loved your comment and thoughts @Diana. I’m very happy to see you trying to explain everyone and maintain peace!☺️

  2. Rajveer dont do thissss!!!

  3. Snowflake

    Diana, thank you so much for speaking, but nothing much will happen. These guys wont stop looks like… Now the’ll bash me for this comment as well… I rly hope your words make them think again!
    Peace <3

  4. Diana.James.Potter

    Hi Snowflake, uh I’ve seen you attempting to spread positivity for a while now. True those who don’t want to change will most likely not, but it was an attempt and I didn’t just speak out because is gotten past a limited and its horribly annoying but its extremely unhealthily for their mental health, obviously I’m no doctor but I know enough and I’m just fulfilling my duty as a human, in trying to help them see right and wrong.

    1. Snowflake

      Thank you so much for that sis💖

  5. R.J

    congratulations team and fandom today we got 2.0 trp
    indeed hard work pays off , team work

    1. Snowflake

      I thought 1.9🤔
      Whatever it is, I’m very happy this week 😍

  6. R.J

    last part of eps karan and seher scene has my heart, just loved the way karan speaks to seher by telling him that divorce is not solution.

  7. Diana.James.Potter

    yes I’ve seen almost all the articles, and I do agree with you the makers haven’t made the wisest choices but spreading the hate here is wrong, I was a very loyal CS fan too and it still hurts me what they have done, and that actor’s choice was his own, I’m not saying we can’t have an opinion simply just keep it an opinion don’t extend it to hate.

  8. Sakeenah

    My heart goes to Karan he gave a the best advice ever…. So now Rajveer will be living with the Gills hmmmmm…

    1. Sakeenah

      * her the best advice

    2. Karan is not Sarab ‘ son but he is so similiar to Sarab ob behaviour. Param is a mix between sarab+ meher + Harleen so he is gonna be a little unfair . But Karan is total like his adoptive dad, he has more heart . Kulwant will be a little evil between seher and raj but not like Dida. Rajveer is gonna do everything and you know how is kulwant and Param, righ now he doenst have económic support but lets see but happen. I hope come funny time because IT is alto of drama.

    3. Sha_NimLoveCs

      @ sakeenah
      Very true,seher and karan bond is always different and so beautiful🥰🥰❤❤

  9. Rajveer wont be confortable living Gill mansion plus kulwant Will be a little devil between them. Karan could not be sarab’son but he is more like him on behaviour.

    1. Snowflake

      So Sehraj has another chance yay!
      It will be interesting to see how Rajveer gives another chance for his love ♥️
      They can’t live without each other!!

    2. he will become Robby 2.0


    Sehraj moment was wonderful.Very good selection song.Rajveer how do you think you should be far away from seher,but end Sehraj together.


    Precap, seher and rajveer’s new love journey.

  12. Rajveer was getting sarabs belongings one by one now he will get even his home, so next will be the name Gill so seher can become CS of the show.

    1. Hmm. Yes. But we will stop. No chance to us. If we say something we will become haters.Who care about our feelings? No one. We are just haters without emotions. This cs never treated fans in proper way.we are just victims of their game. They are playing with emotions of fans. I remembered Avinesh’s words … he told that fans are unfortunate. It is correct.

    2. Let them believe there lies, nothing compares to original story, even the know that, there just trying pacify themselves into believing that over actor and under actress are getting job done!

    3. Jeary finally Anita saved cs. Previous week was completely for her and Nimrith. Makers know themselves without original cast they can’t save show and they proved it. Bittu , Rana, kk and three child actors…. mainly kk. But if we say this we are haters. Otherthing I saw soo many comments people are questioning about acting of male lead. If one person say this it is ok to say that it is wrong . But soo many fans are saying this. There is a difference between model and actor. And we can see that difference. But we are haters . Models are doing acting and actors are leaving from show. But reality is hate.

    4. AG this is completely game. We honestly know the way they got trp 2. If we comment about it we are haters. Makers are real humans not us. They can do wrong things but if we say something according to our feelings we are haters. Cs female lead can talk nonsense with media but if we say it we are haters. I am completely disappointed. I watched this show and helped to these makers to get trp. They got trp 3. Continuously cs was in above 2 except last months due to bad story.Tv show is nothing without fans but they got this leap in very unprofessional way by hurting us . Unprofessional behaviour of actress and makers are ok for now. Because they already got high trp.

    5. Also looks like there using body double for female lead again, she must be too busy thinking of who to get rid of next in the series to show up for work!


    True words sis 👏👏

  14. Diana.James.Potter

    oh god, these reactions were the reason I didn’t write the comment sooner, really for one second put aside all feelings, and listen to me as if we were friends having a chat.
    I am not saying you guys are haters, firstly I never meant to argue with anyone, but that being said there is a difference between opinion and hate, and I never specified that you guys were the ones spreading hate, and to be honest, I don’t know if you guys even write here or not I haven’t seen.
    I agree with some of your things,
    Its visible to me to that Rajveer is being made into Sarab 0.2
    but doesn’t everything depend on how you see it?
    for example, if we were to look at them both and see they have a similar personality and many more things similar, does that make them the same person? obviously not and we know that, if the makers are truly trying to have Rajveer replace Sarab we all know it isn’t going to work, they’re two different characters, and our hearts will always be attached to the original.
    Then when it comes to Seher and Mehar being played by the same actress, yes that irked me too and still does to a point, but if you look past it (and you can if only you wish too, otherwise its impossible) than you’ll enjoy the story to a point.
    Yes I also agree the makers haven’t made the best choices in the past while, but why waste our energy arguing about them? it isn’t going to change much is it, your just going to hurt yourself. To heal you need to be at peace with the thing that caused the wounds and most times that happens only be distancing yourself from it till you can accept that what it is, and that you can’t do much.
    Sharing your feelings won’t make you haters but going beyond that and bashing actors will, and most of you are getting offended on that, but it is what it is.
    An Opinion:
    Today’s episode was average, I do believe Rajveer needs a bit more practice in acting as he seems to over do it, but… etc (add something positive)

    thats called an opinion, but if you go (and I’m not saying u do this, because I don’t know) on and say
    rajveer is such an over-actor, this show is horrible, so messed up, – this is slightly harsh, its really about wording and how you express something that changes it from opinion to hate.
    I’m not going expand on how most Hindi shows are a bad message to society and not just CS, but if anyone ever wants to, I got no problem (though I doubt anyone would want me to)
    Really this is me trying to help, I don’t mean to offend anyone, I want to help all of you and balance out both things and not have hate over-power peace and love.

    1. I really don’t care what you said and write, and don’t know why you mentioned my name above! Did you see me answering to your suggestions? I didn’t either mention you or actor or actress. I only wrote what will be the next move will bring to the story. So pls keep your wise advice for yourself and for those whom may need it. Thank you

  15. Diana.James.Potter

    apologies for mentioning your name above, my fault. I’m not trying to be ‘wise’
    Its really just my attempt to help others, if you don’t want it, I’m not forcing you to take it, once again sorry for adding your name, I was in class, I read through the comments and wrote a response as fast as I could, it was more directed towards the other two, I didn’t double check. Have a good day!

  16. Don’t teach us law when you yourself are not well versed with it. If the criticisms or bashing out the show would have been that big of a deal, then the admins of this page or of any other page would have banned such people, or had made some remark on it. @Diana.James.Potter world will not go around you as you feel like. You trying to tell us to stop saying anything, why can’t you stop reacting on it? It is not just about this show or this platform, criticisms are everywhere. It’s upon you to get affected by them or ignore them. So, even though you are trying to act like a social activist, you are disturbing the peace. The TV show is ONLY AND ONLY FOR THE AUDIENCE. It is a tight slap on the face of the audience by the makers of CS by changing the core essence of the show. They replaced the male lead who was the centre of the show! What else @Diana.James.Potter do you expect the audience to behave?
    Nobody is causing any harm to the filming of the serial, neither anyone is trying to breach their copyright or legally causing any damage. The least we could do is to show our DISSATISFACTION by comments. Its kind of a virtual protest. And nobody is forcing anyone to hate this show. People are solely independent in having their opinion.
    So, Miss Diana.James.Potter you should just focus on yourself instead of CRITICISING THE CRITICISM. Be productive. thank you.

    1. Well said. Exactly this leap and removing male lead were the biggest slap for the audience. Their unprofessionalism is clear even actors are telling this. Their unprofessional demands from actors. First they told Avinesh to become Nimrith’s father , then actress who was playing Jeeto they told her to be mother of the actors of her own age, then they changed Yuvi’s actor without informing him, then they didn’t care Param’s character …… like wise there is a list of unprofessional acts of makers. We can’t stay silent after seeing these things. Now they are using kk’s character and young actors of Bittu and Rana as old characters and also as decorations for trp. Karma will exist in world. One day it will work.

  17. Sha_NimLoveCs

    Sehraj romantic scene🥰🥰😍😍

  18. Sha_NimLoveCs

    ChotiSardarni TRP🥰🥰
    Not only that,ChotiSardarni enters top 10 shows on TRP charts
    Congratulations ChotiSardarni Team and Csian
    Thanks to Gossiptv and tellychakar.
    Finally Chotisardarni proved🤩🤩

    1. Snowflake

      Cs fans have done it💖💖💖

  19. Hi this is my alt account

  20. Using old cast they got trp. Next was kk’s weak. Good job makers. Hardly got this using overpromotion by other shows.If it is due to their fresh story or their lead couple , they all should get this trp after leap without original cast. This trp can prove leap can’t get high trp without old cast.

  21. Snowflake

    I don’t understand why some here say that trp iss gained bcoz of certain people like kk or children. The whole cast is working together to get the trp. It is the choti sardarni team. Not he and she only.
    If only individual scenes of kids are there where ppl will see? Obviously one of the main characters have to be with the supporting ones.

    1. If you don’t understand, don’t try to do it. It is simple.

  22. Snowflake

    And those who say they glorify female lead, that is what it is supposed to be, Sardarni ji! That’s the point of it!
    The savings orphanage kids, saving hijacked ppl, that’s the main point of the serial!!!

    1. You just said it’s a team effort, now your saying that under acting female lead deserves honors!

    2. Snowflake

      That was regarding trp, this is abt the theme

  23. Oh no… In all the msgs here, I forgot to give the precap

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