Choti Sardarni 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher to cook 56 dishes alone

Choti Sardarni 21st September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says Seher let’s become a super chef. She says how can I read so many books in a night. He says we can do half. You can do both halves. She says what? He says I was kidding. We can diving them. He says let’s go practice. They practice cutting an onion. Rajveer says you don’t know how to cut onions. What will you do? Seher says please teach me. He says there is only one way now. I will cook tomorrow. I will come to the kitchen. Ramila hears. She says I won’t let you go to her.

Scene 2
Seher says baba ji please help me. You know I can’t cook like papa. Please help me because it’s not just about me but my parents too. Show me a sign. Rajveer comes. Rajveer says I am ready.

Anurita reads a letter and flowers from Param, hi coffee and I am waiting for you. These flowers must be looking good on you. She comes to the office. Karan is there. He says Anu come. I came to surprise you. Amazing flowers, who sent them? Do you have a boyfriend? She says a client sent them. She says how did you come? He says I came to clear your payment. Anurita says Param cleared the payment. Karan says I wanted to meet you. Let’s go for coffee. I will see you tomorrow. Don’t say no. Anurita says he’s not like his brother at all.

Scene 3
Ramila says Kitchen is ready. All guests are Harshdeep’s MLAs. They can’t be angry. You have six hours. Your time starts now. All the best. Seher is worried. Rajveer says don’t worry. Start boiling the milk. Seher says where are you Rajveer? Ramila says Rajveer will try to help Seher. She locks the room. Ramila says he’s asleep. I locked the room. Rajveer placed pillows in the bed.

He’s under the table. Seher says what are you doing here? He says kneading the flour. Seher says this isn’t right. Mausi ji said I have to do it alone. I can’t take your help. I will do it alone. He says okay I am leaving. Take care. He laughs and says you can’t do it, and I can do anything for you. You boil the milk and I will knead the flour. Seher says you are amazing but an idiot. Keep guiding me. Rajveer says I had been cooking since childhood. He tells Seher what to do and she does it.

Ramila comes there. She says how did you come here? You were asleep. He says I came to joke around with Seher. Ramila says she had to do it alone. Rajveer says she’s doing the work, I was just entertaining her. Ramila says come with me. She takes Rajveer.

Scene 4
Param says how will Seher do it? Karan says in just six hours. Badi bi says Seher will do it. Param says does she have a magic wand? Badi bi says no she has Rajveer. He will solve everything for her. Seher calls Badi bi. She says did you knead this flour? Seher says no Rajveer. Badi says I was telling them Raj will solve it for you. Seher says but Mausi ji took him. I don’t know what to do now. Badi bi guides her on what to do. Harshdeep says seher what are you doing? If Mausi ji saw you she would get very angry. She said she you have to cook alone. Ramila locks Rajveer and says you can’t come out. Harshdeep says I and servants could help you but Mausi ji would be very mad. All the best. Rajveer says let me go, please. Ramila says she has to do it alone. Rajveer says how will Seher manage alone. Harshdeep takes her phone. Seher says who will help me now.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. amazing episode

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    1. Snowflake

      pls stop advertising here.

  3. This show is so strange and ilogical. Maybe a Meher flashback will help her to Cook because in this show has been using the past to have a little sense on the story or maybe Kulwant show up like a surprise. Really , I wanna to see charming like in the past because there are nice actors but the show havent shown a fresh path.

    1. Did you see promo? It is very unrealistic

    2. Luz, good one only FB helps this illogical scenes of CS. Really stupid πŸ€£πŸ™„. Now she remembers Meher’s cooking in kashmir case closed. She was helping her with serving the guest right. For this senseless leap they damaged CS. The more I think about it and the more I get angry with their dictions.

    3. Yes. They had good potential with old cast. But suddenly they took this decision . Can’t understand them.

    4. Yes, I saw and IT is story like omkara Oberoi but more strange. Anyways, I hope and actor like Varun show up again because he is a wonderful actor and shezada but this Leap doenst give a protagonism to others personajes in this story , they deserve to have a position on the show , maybe with the next love triangle of Karam, Param and that new girl , they are gonna fight again but the Leap is not giving chance to other actores to see their actors skills. I am watching some episodes for shezada , Varun and the Dida actress who is an amazing actress . I gonna give two Weeks more but I am thinking of quite . Yeap , I think seher will learn to Cook with flashback of meher or Kulwant could show up. Oh God I miss how each personaje of choti has their own protagonism.

  4. I missed old cast day by day. Makers ruined last episodes of meharab to destroy Sarab’s character. I read actress who was played Harleen ig highlights . She told in 500th episode celebration that she wanted to be with cs till 5000 episode. It is a great lost. No one can’t replace meharab and original cast. Makers ruined last episodes completely introducing very pathetic story line. Female lead destroyed rest of the episodes using body double . Why such a pain to the original fans ? Finally they killed lovely couple who deserved happy end

    1. I gonna give 2 Weeks and half more of chance but if they dont change the path I quite. But this forum is free always we talk with respect. But yeap two Weeks and half of they dont change , I will done.

  5. @Wial they should of replaced Nimrit, when they had the chance!

    1. Althought , I dont like seher personaje , the actress has talent, the production wont do IT because she is the main actress and the conection with the old choti is import for them because this permit the estable conection with the half of the audience that choti has . The medicine for choti :t they need to change the path with a logical and Correct lines .

  6. What’s the precap

    1. Snowflake

      Precap: Maasi ji goes and inspects he dishes and sees that it is all done. Then she secretly adds some power(she says something abt what powder it is, I didn’t hear properly,) then all the guests including Badi B, Param and Karan taste the food…again they say something I didn’t hear… everyone is kinda shocked…

  7. seher and her expressions
    seher will cook food for sure then seher will rock and maasi g in shock
    fab eps

    1. Dont worry meher flashbacks will help her or could kulwant or maybe rajveer.

    2. Didn’t you see, she can’t even chop onion,forget cooking 56 dishes πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. But no worries it’s Illogical story and by tomorrow she will illuminate and will cook 100 for them.

    3. I didn’t support cs post leap. I just saw some ig clips.

    4. Snowflake

      Oh guys, like how can ul be so sure that a flashback will help her? Ul r just assuming na…watch tom’s episode n then judge.

    5. Isn’t that all about FB now a day in cs? Snowflake. They can’t stand by themselves because there is no solid ground in their story telling. Unfortunately!!! Belive me it hurts me much more than I thought it would becouse the love, respect and anxiety I had for CS is crushed by the one who once made it so unique by turning it into bad circus shows.

    6. sonwflake
      leave them na they are writers of logical stories

    7. Sakeenah

      @ RJ
      Nice one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….

    8. Snowflake

      They say its illogical, but watch it “FOR” certain actors…

    9. @snowflake
      yeah lol

  8. Snowflake

    I just haaateeee maasi ji!
    Like even after Seher finished cooking dishes, she goes n adds her stuff in it.. Like seriously!!

    1. Snowflake

      Rajveer and Seher…their convos are always so sweet and funny…. and this maasi ji has to eavesdrop everything na! Like kk

    2. Dont worry , seher will be fine. Mausi os like dolly is evil but not like Ranjveer sister. Maybe that powder will be give meher flavor food and they will be remeber and congratulations seher. Rajveer ‘ sister es crazy and sΓΊper evil.

    3. even mee too hate masi g how could she done this

    4. in the precap maasi g said something like pait patla krny wala powder dal diya and at the end maasi g said seher or hashdeep ki nak katy gi or besti alag but according to me there must be change in plan or maasi g khud ky pao pr khulhari marengi
      plus i think the powder maasi g used looks like jamal gota

    5. Snowflake

      Thanks @RJ for filling the precap up….
      Hope Seher isn’t insulted and everyone appreciates her… especially her pati… anyone wld feel feel great when someone appreciates them for doing something so well, even if it the first time..
      I wld love to see Maasi ji’s face when she realizes that she did something wrong in her plan and everything turned out perfectly lol

    6. @snowflake
      hoping the same

  9. Sakeenah

    OK now am loving πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Rajveer day by day he is too cute 😍😍😍 the way he was kneading the flour I was like 😊😊😊😊 really nice scene….slowly Rimple and Dida will become villains I think…

  10. @Luz Why shouldn’t they use flashbacks, I mean what’s wong with that? Every show which takes a leap, uses flashbacks. I remember they had used flashbacks of Kevina even when Param aged a little more.
    They used flashbacks of Manav as well. Flashbacks are a part of every show. Every production house uses flashbacks because THEY SHOT THEM in past and they had paid hefty amounts of money to the Actors for the same. Actors had signed a contract. They were being paid for it, so what’s wrong in showing Flashbacks? The recent cast is the extension of the earlier cast so isn’t it obvious that they will show FBs. @Snowflake. Sis You watch barrister Babu right? Tell them, they show flashbacks of little Aura for Aanchal as well. Public didn’t want Aura to be replaced. Even BB is a nice show, uses flashbacks, it’s falling in TRPs everyday. Because people who loved Aura stopped watching it now. BB is a nice show. It deserves every bit of appreciation. Even then flashbacks couldnt make a difference for the show to get high TRPs.

    1. Snowflake

      @BB has a really great concept, yes… very informative….. and when the leap came, yes it did come with lots of hate…..real lots… but today if u see ppl are appreciating Anchal as bondita and saying that there is no other person who cld have perfected the role. But even till today, ppl comment harsh stuff on her ig posts n all demanding Aurra back… The flashbacks were only used at the start so that the audience can find a connection…same here.
      Now I dont think any more fb’s will be used.. Its getting good trp as well… so there is not much need for them.
      But that is a fact that all shows use them…

  11. We watched cs because Avinesh as Sarab and Nimrith as mehar . Our meharab. Missed them soo much . Makers killed them very pathetic way. Now cs doesn’t have its beauty .

    1. I cannot agree enough! Mehrab didn’t deserve to die like that.. It was indeed painful to watch them lie in a pool of blood. For most of the part, they didn’t even think of the Children they left behind, making them orphans. Anyways, that is not a reason to bash the current cast and storyline.

  12. Snowflake, I never said I give a chance to watched the post leap CS not even once. I stopped watching it at episode 541,so don’t generalized. I couldn’t avoid to see some stories since IG is full of these desperate and illogical story, I too came across them. I visited the written update since the beginning of the show and I still do. ML only his short recorded voice makes me feel like I am going to vomit. How can I watch the fullest episodes no thanks., but respect for those who Stil do. His face, his acting, his voice every things about him irks me, I can’t help it. My thought, my opinion ❗❗❗

  13. Snowflake

    LOL….Sorry to say, but flashbacks didnt help her, her husband did!
    Dont make assumptions and say such stuff guys… And do watch today’s episode….as……shall i give spoilers….
    Maasi ji’s plan backfires, food is tasty and HEALTHY, Seher blows flying kisses to Rajveer!!!!!!!!!!

    1. OMG waiting for today’s episode!

    2. yeah kaha ha jo bol rhy thy illogical flashback help karengy

    3. Vo Sadmein mein hainπŸ˜‚

    4. Snowflake

      Ik lol….
      Today’s update not come still

  14. Snowflake

    Today’s 22 September episode precap:
    Rajveer tells Seher that it’s just a matter of 5-6 months, u won’t be here permenently. Seher says after I go, will u miss me? He blushes.
    Other side, Maasi ji says to dida u wanted proof right? Here it is. She plays the recording of Seher and Rajveer talking about the divorce thing. Dida gets angry

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