Choti Sardarni 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Guru ji agrees to help Seher

Choti Sardarni 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant says come let’s have food everyone. Robbia says Rajveer come with me. I want to introduce you to a special guest. Come with me. He says walk in that direction. I am coming. Rajveer walks towards the fire. Seher sees Rajveer going towards the fire. Robbie and Harleen see him. Kulwant comes there too. Seher says we can’t stop him. He has to feel and be independent. Rajveer recalls Seher said hands can be eyes. Feel around you. Rajveer touches the wood and realizes he’s near the bonfire. Seher smiles. Rajveer walks in different direction. Seher smiles. Seher says you did the impossible. I will convince Guru ji.

Scene 2
Guru ji is doing his practice. Seher comes there. Seher says Raj is in pain. He’s sinking inside. He needs your help. Please help me. He says I am not a magician. Seher says I know. He says I am seeding for this tree. Seher says but that would take a lot of time. He says exactly. Guru ji says herbal treatment takes time. It takes time to heal. Seher says I don’t mind waiting and I don’t mind serving. He says this seed will grow into a tree. Till then your patience would break. Seher says for my Rajveer I can do anything. He says you will cry for all that you will have to go through. Seher says I can fight with God for Rajveer. He says I will see. He says you have to bring that branch from this tree. It can break your bones.

Guru ji throws an apple and says man doesn’t come alone to this world. Pain and troubles come with them. I will see your passion. Seher says I am only scared of God. Not of any human. You don’t know the passion of my love yet. I can anything for my Rajveer. He says you are like your mom.

Scene 3
Mrs. Balla says I told all the girls you both are true jutts. Meet the girls, ask them anything you want. If family is more important or career. Seher says what kind of question is that. They can manage both. Both are important. Seher says they will be here to become my brother’s wives not a maid. We will do swambar in this house. Param says wow that would be amazing. Seher says the girls will choose my brothers. You’ve to impress the girls instead of the other way round. They both hold Seher’s hand. Seher says do you both trust me? They say yes. Seher says then let me do this. Harleen says to Param you don’t have to do this. PAram says for Seher’s happiness I would do this. Harleen says now I have to invite all of them. For Param’s.. Rajveer coughs. She says Param and Karan’s swambarg. Karan says what if anyone questions my blood again? Seher says then tell them who you are and be proud of it. Karan hugs Seher. Param says sorry Seher but I can’t compete with this Karan.

Scene 4
Rajveer wakes up scared. He looks around for Seher. Rajveer walks out of the room. Seher is praying outside. Rajveer asks what are you asking for? Seher says I was praying for you. Rajveer says I am.. Seher says I have to arrange eveything. Harleen planned swambar on the same time. What if I get late? What if Karan and Param fight too? He says don’t worry. Seher says I feel like something bad is gonna happen. He says I will handle everything. Don’t worry. Come let’s sleep. Rajveer takes Seher to bed and caresses her hand. Rajveer makes Seher sleep.

Episode ends

Precap-guru ji asks Seher to get leaves from top of the tree. She falls.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    Full Precap:
    Seher is with Guruji. He tells her, you remember right, what you have to do. When the first rays of sun appears, you have to get that topmost leaf of that tree and he points to the tree. He says and… Seher nods and says, And I shouldn’t take anybody’s help. Seher goes towards the tree and starts climbing it. Guruji looks on. While she is climbing, she looses her balance and slips and screams.

  2. Wow! Now they will show all this too! Seriously?

    1. Yeah like meher used to do. 🤣 Is very organized and new🤙🤟. Nothing left to tell.

  3. Snowflake

    Atiba mam didn’t write the part where they were talking abt having kids!!!
    So adorable 💓💓💓

  4. In this story Sehar’s aunts ginni, jeeto and Harleen are younger in look than her but it is 16 years leap. Very illogical.

    1. I think because Nimrit have more stress, stress ages people!

    2. Yes illogical.

    3. Jeary it is not professional.

  5. Sakeenah

    Am so happy that Rajveer Rememberd what Seher told him…. I just hope Herlin won’t creat another problem for Karan and i hope the makers will find him a sweet and lovely girl who will fall in love with him for who he is and not because of the Gills…

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      I agree👌👍

  6. @Fam: In the ’16 year leap’, Meher has turned into Seher but all the others and more you mention above – Ginni, Jeeto and Harleen – have not aged by even a day. This is where CS lack’s credibility. The makers made no attempt whatsoever to even try and make the others look older.
    @Jaery: Are you actually saying the only reason people get or look older is purely because of Stress? So, a 70 year old person is supposed to look exactly the same as they did when they were 20? Where did you learn this from, I wonder.

    1. Im saying she has to carry the show more on her shoulders, therefore, she has more stress, than other cast members! don’t take my comments out of context, as fore 70 year olds , i have seen some that look better than 40 or 30 year olds!

    2. They would have made it more likely if they use this people as cousins. The original ginni as ginni’s daughter geeto as geeto’s daughter ect.. Even in original cs meher was older than them. Cs became laughable. I watched today after so long the lohri celebration on YouTube and I was so thankful for the bottom ff. Was so boring. Nothing left to The famous gill mansion festive event😭😢. Now I understood how the old cast posting in their insta that they are missing Avinesh so much.

    3. Yes. They are saying that they missing Avinesh. He is the soul of cs. Now just decorations and functions.

    4. Yes.even, in the dialogs mostly are the same old but in slow motion mode to sound different.

  7. @AG: Agree with what you say. What is ridiculous, is Bitu, Rana, Ginni, Jeeto, etc – all these people of about the same age as Nimrit, playing her uncle’s and aunt’s post leap. If they had been introduced as her (Seher’s) cousins, as you say, and much older actors than played the role of those same age ‘uncles and aunts’, that would at least be credible. Needless to say Kulwant Kaur has gone from being Nimrit’s mother to grandmother without ageing at all.
    @Jaery: No disrespect, but Nimrit now look’s older than her actual age. It is not about 70 year olds looking better than 30 year old’s (that is of course possible), but the ageing process itself is biological and cannot be defied. Even in drama.

    1. @AJ, I guess none of them would agree to look older not even kk.😅😂She was only for a moment with a Grey hair and not to be questioned, Seher did her hair done. 😅🤣 And today she is acting like seher’s younger sister 😅🤣😂

    2. Now cs is full joke with acting and overacting.

  8. Snowflake

    We need a new promo!!!

    1. Snowflake

      Like something related to Param and Karan’s marriage or some shaadi drama!

  9. Sha_NimLoveCs

    I really don’t understand what the real problem is param to karan🥺🥺
    Param’s behavior is really painful💔💔


    Harleen and robby can’t harm rajveer so easily.

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