Choti Sardarni 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Aditi to marry in 3 days

Choti Sardarni 10th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says to his officer find out if there’s a Manav is Banaras. The officer says do you have his photo? Vikram says he looks exactly like me. Vikram sees Sarab’s picture and says I didn’t know you were an arm wresting champion. Harleen says we used to flex in the entire neighborhood. No one ever won from him. Vikram says looks like there were no strong men in your neighborhood. Meher says he’s state level champ. Vikram says he never met a stronger man like me. Harleen says you would lose. Vikram says let’s do it then. Sarab says we sat to talk. Vikram says are you scared to lose? Sarab says why would I be? Harleen says come on Sarab.

Vikram and Sarab sit in front of each other. Harleen says I am the referee. Sarab and Vikram both exert most power. Karan cries. Meher says don’t lose before I come. I am coming. She goes upstairs. Vikram takes Sarab’s hand low. Sarab tries to push it back. Halreen says Mr. Dewan is stronger atm.

Meher come back. Sarab defeats Vikram. Harleen says our winner is Sarab.

Scene 2
Yuvi says can I sleep with you? Who is stronger? Papa or mama? Meher mama or Sarab? Jeeto or Bitu? Kulwant says a couple is stronger together. Yuvi says but you’re along. Kulwant says your dad had to go to God, so I had to be strong on my own.

Vikram says you didn’t look so strong. Sarab says Meher is my strength. Harleen says this is why he was asking you to get married. Vikram says it’s getting late. We should leave. Sarab says you should really tell us when are you planning to get married. Vikram says I am going to meet my parents and will let you know.

Sarab says they are here. Vikram’s parents come. He is shocked. Vikram says what a pleasant surprise. His mom says you couldn’t come to meet me? He says there was a lot of work. Pandit ji also comes in. Vikram says I am not getting married today. His dad says to decide the date. He says to Sarab, let me tell you an important detail first Mr. Vikram. Seema says what are you saying? He says ask your son. If he were my son he wold have married by now. You’re running from your commitment. Vikram says I am not. He asks pandit ji. Pandit ji says you have to get married in next three days or three years. Vikram says three days isn’t possible. And Mr. Gill you can’t prove your innocence in three days. Sarab says don’t worry about me. Meher says take your decision. Take Aditi’s opinion though. Aditi says I don’t mind marrying in three days. Vikram says but Covid is going on. How will we arrange so many things? Sarab says Aditi will get married from Gill mansion. She’s our sister. Aditi recalls Daar saying never to enter this house. She says no, I won’t get married from this house. She goes upstairs.

Vikram asks Aditi are you okay? Aditi says I won’t marry here. Vikram says because you’re Harleen and Sarab’s sister Guddi? Aditi is shocked. Vikram says I am a CBI officer. You can’t hide truth from me. Aditi says you’re getting your lost right. They are calling you their sister. Aditi says as Aditi not Guddi. They considered me sister, didn’t know that I am actually their blood. Aditi says they don’t care where Guddi is. They don’t even know about her. Vikram plays the recording of the festival. Where Sarab told everyone about Guddi. Harleen said we will find Guddi at all costs. Aditi is shocked. Aditi cries.

Sarab says what happened to Aditi? Harleen says she will decide what she wants. You did the formality. Sarab says we called her sister. Why wouldn’t she get married here? We will get her married as our sister.

Precap will be updated later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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