Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab starts doubting Meher

Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab recalls what Param said. Seher asks why are we cleaning the utensils. He says your brothers have become greedy and insecure. They need to clean their hearts. Seher says mama loves you both so much. Sarab says you trusted your nani and forgot what Meher mama taught. That alive tie weak. And together you’re strong. Hug each other. They hug, sarab says seher always bring them closer like this.

Meher says to Kulwant shame on you. Why did you do this to my kids? Do you have ajy shame? Kulwant says i asked you not to send me to jail but you didn’t listen. I ruined your motherhood. First nail hit the right place. Imagine where I would attack next.

Scene 2
Seher sleeps with Sarab. She says i feel bad for Param. Sarab asks what did you see there? She says I saw mama did bring Karan up. Param was hanging there. I was so scared. Then he back up, mama pulled him. Harleen is hearing. Sarab says mama loves you all.

Kulwant says I am a lioness before being your mom. Now see how I ruin your marriage. Meher says even God can’t part us. Harleen says sarab Meher love has blinded you. You know Param never lies. Karan and seher said the same thing. All kids can’t lie. Sarab says please. She says you’re not seeing it. Open your eyes and see the truth. At least trust the kids. She saved her son Karan not our Param.

Scene 3
Sarab comes to the temple. Sarab thinks about what Param said. He recalls Seher saying the same thing. He’s confused. Sarab says God I met Meher at this temple. Sarab says she held Param’s hands here. She saved his life. I know her. she can never differentiate between the kids. She risked her life to save Param. I will ask her. But she will think in doubting her. Meher never lies. But why are kids saying that she saved only Karan? Who should I ask what’s the truth.

Harleen calls Sarab and says please come home. Param isn’t well. He’s crying in sleep. Meher holds Param. Param cries sleep and says mama don’t leave me. Please hold me and save me mama. Sarab is on call? Param says why did you leave my hands mama? Meher says please open your eyes. Param open his eyes. Meher says you’re fine. Nothing will happen. Mama is with you. He hugs harleen instead. Meher gives him water but he doesn’t take it. Harleen gives him water. Param has fever.

Sarab comes home and asks Harleen how is Param? Harleen says why do you care now? He’s in shock and scared. He came to you to tell you but you didn’t listen. He couldn’t sleep the whole night. He was scared in sleep. But you’re blinded by tire Meher’s love.

Precap-Precap- Sarab asks meher to give Param’s marksheet. She asks but why? Harleen says Sarab khushi’s boarding school has mailed. Just send them the marksheet. Meher asks for what? Param says papa don’t tell her anything. Sarab says Meher ji I’ve to talk to you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Fast pls!!

  2. This episode was so not choti sardarni. Sarab would never doubt Meher!

    Either this is a plan or it’s actually the producers trying to fool audiences!

  3. Precap is so scary!
    Is param going to boarding school?
    Super interesting!
    Sarab n param must hv spoken n param must have been adamant to go away….

  4. I think Meher will leave she will know Sarab has doubted her how heart breaking is this

    Writers are confusing their own characters and destroying the true heart of Sarab

  5. If this isn’t a plan well done producers writers etc

    Destroy every relationship

    Mother daughter
    Sons mother
    And the most unique and loveable husband and wife

    I just hope this is a plan similar to the one they did before

  6. So now I am sure that every indian tv serials are same. They become same at some point. Makers are trying to fool audience just to bring leap. They are making the most beautiful husband-wife jodi like other jodis.
    If the come when sarab will hate or doubt Meher, I will definitely quit the show no matter how the show continues after leap.

    1. Me too! I will be quitting if he doubts her tomorrow

      They were a couple like no other on tv!

      We don’t watch the show for so much tension. When was the last time someone in cs smiled or laughed? Maybe may???

  7. This epi was extreme…why so much HATE??

    1. @snowflake

      So true.

      We watch serials for a bit of time out from life’s issues and worries. This tension is tooo much!! Before it had everything tension, comedy, love, etc

      Now it’s hate, bitterness and tension.

      People only watch for mehrab now. But the story is not appealing or liked. It’s been like this since the reveal of KK. How can they show a mother so evil and Sarab doubting his Meher.

      I won’t be watching until this is resolved and if there’s a leap goodbye cs. Cs is mehrab nobody else!!

  8. I have given up on watching the CS episodes, Im just reading the written updates just to be updated & understand if the story was better today or not. If the relation of Mehrab is broken & then a leap is shown, it is another loose end as we will never see Mehrab back together in the 20yrs leap. storyline. I wonder how an actor like PUnnet playing Daarji accepted this role if he was to just sit & play an elderly character. He is a terrific actor & I started feeling the makers are wasting him rather than bring him into a decent storyline. NO MORE EXPECTATIONS FROM CS, I GIVE UP!!

    1. SL completely agree, I will only read written updates now. Puneet Israr is a big actor! They have wasted his talent as well
      As everyone else! Too
      Much negativity.

      Have they changed writers?

      One writer has a son working in udaariyan hope he isn’t doing this on purpose

  9. I think they will send param to boarding school..

  10. Very disgusting. How does a mother hate her daughter? Sarab still shows his human qualities.This gives so much tension to the viewers. It is very clear that regular viewers are avoiding the show. I always come to this page to read the comments of fans. They are very interesting. But today there are no comments. After the wedding all episodes are tragic. After this news story becomes so tragic. This is too much to the viewers.Real television series should give entertainment and moral values to the viewers.

  11. This show has again proved that all tv serials are same. All writers have identical minds. To just drag the show and show leap they have ruined everything.
    Why do they have to show broken house and hatred in relationships before taking leap?

    Instead of doing this they should have focussed on solving the mysteries like Serbia one etc.

    How can they show kulwant so mean that first she does wrong and if anyone punishes her for this she makes their lives hell ? How can she get bail on attempt to murder case ? Are they really dumb? It is a non bailable offence.
    How could they destroy karan’s relationship with sarab and param ? They should have showed he understood everything once sarab saved him on the rails.
    How could they show that param got manipulated by kk and is not believing that Meher loves him a lot and saved his life by risking her and Karan’s life while donating her liver ? How coukd he forget that she had stopped responding and he brought him back to life by asking karan to kick her ??
    And how can they show seharr to also be in doubt regarding her mother’s integrity?

    And how can Harleen believe this? She is dumb but she knows very well that mehar never differentiates and kk has done this.

    How can sarab start disbelieving mehar ?

    So they will show a girl who fought for the right thing was cheated by her mother who upon coming to know about her affair abd that her daughter us pregnant killed her lover and blackmailed her daughter to marry a politician to get ticket in party.
    When the girl told her husband in first night this thing he got angry but supported her. They suppported each other. She loved her step son a lot. She climbed the wall when he was stuck in school , took care of him when he was ill, risked her life to save him without giving a second thought. H and W realized their love for each other and we’re happily living when step sister and first lover ruined everything . They overcame this. Then the girl standing for right cause went against domestic violence and sent one employee to jail who to take revenge killed her brother and Blame came on girl abd even girl s mother disbelieved her abd staeted taking revenge from her. When this settled girl again helped someone and was declared dead. She survived this and came back but done started losing her memory. This settled then daarji came abd finally he was satisfied but girl’s mother went to jail and her goodness vanished and she destroyed her daughter’s lives. Everyone is blaming her and not believing her and questioning her love towards her children just because she is step mother.

    This shows that real mother should be selfish and greedy and should destroy her daughter’s lives if she goes against her and step mothers who love their all children equally are to be degraded as she is step mother.
    No one should help other. Humanity should die as you can even die or your family get destroyed in doing so.
    Innocent and good people are punished. And culprits are roaming around freely.
    Great going and learnings from Indian serials.

  12. Completely correct. All relationships which are based on love and trust completely over. At last only Sarab will understand meher’s love for param (This is my only hope) Now I stoped watching this show.It will be much painful to watch upcoming episodes. They will definitely ruin Sarab which was a loving husband.This will be the end of their story. Actually we are the fools who watch such type of series.

    1. agree with u thought this show was different . stopped watching couple weeks now. its d same as other serial good plp is trampled on while evil wins. d writers ruin a good show and hopefully fans will stop watching d leap. they could have KK in jail and she causing problems as per usual, this would have given d DILs and sons to shine, i guess that was asking too much of d writers. I only read d updates when it leap not bothered with it.

  13. this is becos of the leap, Sarab and Meher and KK are leaving the series, but Meher will come back as a younger Seher and try to bring P for Param and K for Karan together

    1. Sarab and meher can unite their sons not Sehar.

  14. Choti Sarrdaarni is a show which has consistently managed to stay in the news. The narrative is captivating and has kept the viewers hooked on to it. Now the makers of the show have decided on the actor, who will play the lead opposite Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia after the leap will take place. Mahir Pandhi, a model-turned-actor, who has been a part of web shows will play the role. Post the leap, Nimrit Ahluwalia, who portrays Meher in the show, will play her own daughter, the grown-up Seher.

    A source close to the production house informed BT and said, “Nimrit and Mahir will be paired together. Mahir looks the part and is best suited for the role. He has done a few web shows and will lend freshness to the cast and story. Since, the show has taken a 20 year leap, many changes have taken place and we wanted a fresh new face for the lead role. Leaps are planned to bring newness to a TV show. Many TV shows in the past have taken leaps, so that the story can progress forward and it can be more entertaining for audiences.”

    Meanwhile, Avinesh Rekhi, who plays the role of Sarabjit Singh Gill, and Anita Raaj will be parting ways from the show. In February itself we saw a leap of 5 years and some faces will now be bidding adieu. Aekam Binjwe will play the grown-up Param Singh Gill. As reported by BT, Puneet Issar and Rinku Dhawan joined the cast last month.

  15. Not interested about these details.

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