My Childhood Love (chapter 19)

Natasha says to herself, “Meher’s strength is her friends, kal frndship day bhi hai, boht socha hoga usne k yeh frndship day special hoga, lekin agar maine bhi is frndshp day ko enmity day mein nh badal dia na to mera bhi naam Natasha nh.”
She smirks and goes upstairs to the class. She keeps a chit under the drawer below Meher’s desk mistakenly.
Natasha: ab ayega maza

She leaves. The break gets over and they all go back to their classes. Abeer sits beside Meher and they have a random talk. The teacher comes and they all greet her. Meher keeps her books inside the drawer and her hand touches the chit Natasha kept. She takes it out and unfolds it. It said:
“Abeer, I think its too early for us to fall in love, I don’t want a relationship right now. I just want friendship. I think we should be back to friends. Meher.”

Meher to herself: yeh Maine nh likha na hi yeh writing meri hai. I think it’s Natasha who’s doing all this. I will teach her a lesson now.

Abeer: kia soch rahi ho?
Meher: kuchh nh

She tears the chit and looks inside her bag and grins evilly looking at something. She takes a paper and keeps a chewing gum box inside it. She writes on it, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you have a secret admirer, look inside for the clue.” She slowly goes to Natasha and keeps it on her desk and goes back to her place.

Teacher teaches them and everyone notes down the lecture. Natasha smiles on seeing the words on the paper. Something was packed inside it. She unwraps it and it was her favourite chewing gum. She opens the box and as she pulls out the chewing gum from it, she screams as it was a chewing gum cockroach prank toy in which we pull out the chewing gum from the small box and the fake cockroach comes jumping.

Teacher: what’s wrong with u Natasha?
Natasha shows the prank toy.
Natasha: miss yeh dekhein.
Teacher sighs and continues teaching. Meher giggles.

Abeer: kia hua?
Meher nods nothing. She makes paperballs and throws them on Natasha when the teacher looks away. Natasha turns to see who’s it but she acts all innocent in front of her.
Meher: Abeer show me ur hand.
Abeer: why?
Meher: just show.

He does and she ties a friendship bracelet on his wrist.
Meher: we r both friends and bf gf at times.
Abeer: yeah, thnx, wo Natasha ko tumne dia tha na?
Meher: yeah right (she tells him everything) she’s mad
Abeer: even if it was written by u I wouldn’t have minded it.
Meher: u r really cute Abeer, jaldi class end ho else I won’t be able to give u ur daily dose.
Abeer: of what?
Meher: kiss
Abeer: haha u r really funny

The class ends and the rest of three periods went in mischief and fun. In break time, Meher and others see Natasha coming towards them and Rajesh throws marbles in her way and she falls due to which her wig gets removed, everyone laughs.

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