Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 19th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiku and Dhanush unite

Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 19th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer saying the truth will come out, but not this way. He messages Kamini and calls her for a talk. She gets a knife to kill him. She hears Nupur’s voice. She screams seeing Nupur. She says you want to scare me, I have killed Nupur by my hands. Sameer says Nupur’s daughter Payal will not forgive you. She says that Chiku will not tell anything, no one will believe her, this Joshi empire will be mine and of my children. She goes to stab him. Sameer gets up from the chair in time. The lights come. Everyone comes inside the room. He says your confession is recorded, you confessed that you killed Nupur, and Chiku is Payal. Kamini says no, he is lying. Chiku cries and asks why did you snatch my mum. Aai asks why did you do this Kamini, are you not ashamed, Nupur was already worried for her daughter, you separated Payal from Nupur, you snatched this house peace and happiness, Shashi passed away, Milind left the house, why. Kamini shouts I did this because of you, you always thought of Nupur, you just thought of Nupur and Milind, why. Aai scolds her. Nivaan and Aarav say we are ashamed of you. Aai says Nupur and Payal will get justice now. Kamini cries. Police comes.

Nivaan says sorry Chiku. Aarav says our mom snatched your mom. She says sorry to get your mom arrested. Aai says I will become your mom now. She hugs them. Chiku thanks Sameer. Sameer smiles. Dhanush says we will pledge that we wont bully anyone from now, Chiku is our big hero, I request Chiku to encourage everyone. Chiku says we decided to open anti bullying cell, we will try to get justice to the students, I hope no one needs that cell. Everyone apologizes to Chiku. Chiku says its okay. Dhanush asks Mini what’s her plans. Mini says don’t know, I will find a house and then a part time job to pay rent, I have no tension, I m very happy. Dhanush says I m sorry, I didn’t know about you, I respect your courage, you can do job in my mum’s company. She asks did Alka agree. He says you will be shocked to see her updated version, we will always be friends, I will help you find a house for you. Chiku says we should talk about Mini. Aai surprises Chiku. Chiku cries seeing her room. She hugs Aai. Sameer sits sad. He says Chiku left, I knew this would happen, I m happy for her, she got her answers, she got justice. Chiku comes and says sorry, I got late. He says Joshi house is your own house, our relation should be such that you talk to me anything, when do you want to shift there, we are prepared to leave you there, Savitri Aai called and asked us to come for dinner. He cries.

He says you can visit us on weekends. Chiku cries. She gets a message. She goes. Everyone meets for dinner at Joshi house. Chiku says I m very happy to meet my family again, thanks Aai for calling me home, but my real house is my dad’s house, he is my everything, I can’t stay without Chiku. She asks Sameer can I stay with you in your house. Sameer smiles and says that’s your house. He hugs her happily. Chiku asks how did you think I will leave you. Sameer says Chiku, this dinner was kept for you. Aai says no, I kept this dinner to welcome my another daughter. She takes Mini to the room and shows the surprise. She says this is your room, this is your family, you will stay here with us, you won’t go anywhere. Mini thanks and hugs them. Sameer says you can come anytime to Khetan house. They all get happy.

At college, Chiku gets Dhanush’s message. He sings for her. He says that day, I proposed you by mistake, will you please be my GF, will you let me be your BF. Chiku sees Mini. Mini smiles. Chiku holds Dhanush’s call. She gets a call. She gets a lead choreographer job from a dance academy. She gives the good news to everyone. Dhanush hugs her. Everyone dances. Disco deewane…plays…

The show ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wooooow
    Such a sweet and nice ending
    I didn’t know this show ends

  2. Someone said it will end in two days

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