Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Nupur meets Chiku

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 10th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chiku and kids entering the place. Chiku says they are really rich people, we will get big charity. She looks around and hears about charity. She goes to get the charity. Nupur thinks I can’t let my ghungroos get auctioned. Chiku sees laddoos and goes after the man. Tanki asks her to come and get charity, not laddoos. Aai stops Nupur from taking ghungroos. Nupur says its my ghungroos, I m taking it back. Aai says keep it back, don’t be mad, these ghungroos are the problem, Payal isn’t with us, if you focussed on Payal more than your dance, then I would have not been here to say this. Milind comes to them. Aai says these ghungroos will be auctioned today, your relation with dance and Payal is dead, its time to accept this truth. Nupur signs no to Milind. He says I understand your emotions, don’t do any drama here, give me these ghungroos. Nupur gives it to him. The ghungroos get auctioned. Kids come to see. Chiku says the ghungroos will be something special. Nupur goes away.

Rangoli goes to ask the sweet vendor about the big order. She says I want to ask for work there. Saurabh hits a stone at the man. He runs. Rangoli checks the order book and gets the address. The ghungroos are sold at 20 lakhs. Aai says we want to know about the person who wants to do this big charity. The lady says she wants the ghungroos to be with the right person, Nupur. Aai says I know Nupur is behind this. Nupur gets back the ghungroos. Nupur says these ghungroos are part of me, it matters a lot to me, thanks. She goes. Aai asks didn’t we lose anything, I will not forgive Nupur. Milind says I will talk to her. Chiku asks Aai will she give them charity. Aai angrily goes. Chiku says Rangoli is right about the rich people. Tanki sees Nupur and says she is taking the ghungroos. Chiku says I will snatch our rights. Nupur goes and cries. She recalls Payal. She says I know I will get my Payal. Chiku comes there and hides. Nupur goes.

Chiku sees the ghungroos and laddoos. She takes a laddoo. Nupur comes back and holds her hand. She says stealing is bad. Chiku says I was not stealing. Nupur says its stealing if you take anything without asking or informing. Chiku says right, its Lord’s prasad, its good to take prasad. She eats the laddoo. Nupur asks how is the taste. Chiku thinks. She says its amazing, something was missing. Nupur asks what. Chiku says I don’t know, but something is missing. She sees the ghungroos. She says ghungroos won’t like if anyone doesn’t wear it, shall I take it. Nupur laughs. She says you worry for everything, you are right, its also prasad, it also wants someone to wear it. Chiku says its special right, does it help in dancing well. Nupur recalls Payal. Chiku says I don’t wear ghungroos, but I dance well. Nupur asks really, you know dance. Chiku says amazing dance, I want good sleep, coconut laddoos and dance. Nupur smiles talking to her. She thinks my Payal would be of her age. Chiku says my mum says that I m blessed by Bappa so I dance so well. Nupur asks do you have a mum. Chiku says yes, I have her pic, I will show you. She has Rangoli and her old pic.

Nupur says that girl took my ghungroos. She talks to Reema. She says I feel I should find that girl and help her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel that when payal got kidnapped she was not that much little ki wo apni mummi ko bilkul bhi na pahechan pae..

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