Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF ( Manmarziyan) PART 47

Mature content Ahead. 18+


“I just can’t believe it.” Rajat looked stunned hearing the latest development of Mission Chaturanga.”Samaira is IPS Reyansh Saxena’s daughter!”
Arjun was pacing in his cabin. He narrated everything to Rajat. Arjun was puffing a cigarette.
Arjun- Rajat, I want you to keep these information secret. Don’t reveal anything in front of any team member & even in front of any Officer.
Rajat nodded his head.
Rajat- By the way, do you said anything to Samaira?
Arjun- No. First, let me be sure on everything, then, I will say to her. It’s a very sensitive matter. I don’t want her to get hurt.
Rajat- But you can give her hints. Else, it’s gets difficult for people to accept anything related “own identity”.
Arjun- Samaira is strong enough to handle truth. Anyway, what you wanted to say Rajat?
Rajat- good news. We have identified a lady from the group picture shared by Mrs. Gloria, sister of NGO Owner Dorothy Faria. The lady is also a batch mate of both Piyali & Nandini & a founder member of the NGO. Her name is Rekha Bhatia, she runs an old age home. She agreed to talk with us. Tomorrow morning, you can meet her on her office.
Arjun- Excellent! Great work team.
Rajat- Thank You & we got another shocking information.
Arjun- What?
Rajat- well, according to Ravi Desai’s statement, K.K, one of the most wanted criminal in Interpol list is alive, but according to our record, K.K was shot dead by Encounter Specialist, Pankaj Singh, who took retirement just after the encounter of K.K
Arjun was looking impatient.
Arjun- Ya! that’s I know Rajat. What new?
Rajat- The breaking News is , Thane Session Court convicted Pankaj Singh guilty in a case of Custodial death & I carefully studied his record. That Officer was totally corrupt. He has many properties in illegal names & Enforcement department is still investigating about them.
Arjun- Hmmm. I already sent requisition for the case files of K.K & the details of the team who were present in his encounter. Don’t know why I till not receive the file. Pankaj Singh has to answer many of my questions. Seems, his sufferings has just started.
Rajat- You want to talk with Pankaj Singh?
Arjun- Definitely. I want to interrogate him but let me prepare first as he used to be a very cunning Officer. So, need to prepare myself to go face to face with him.
Rajat nodded his head.
Rajat- And yes, all the three involved in stealing Briju’s car & Samaira’s kidnapping, is in our Criminal database. Samaira identified two among them. One was the driver & another one from whose phone Samaira called you.
Arjun- It was Briju’s phone!
Suddenly Arjun’s phone started ringing & interrupted their conversation. “Samaira calling!”
Arjun rolled his eyes.
Rajat (with a smile)- Seems your wife is quite impatient. She wants you in home soon.
Arjun- Not in home, She is impatient to go for shopping.
Rajat- Then, You should hurry up. By the way, today, I am also leaving early as Nishi called me & requested me to come early.
Arjun- Okay & tomorrow I will come in Office after meeting with Rekha Bhatia.
Rajat- Okay. Bye & Good Night.
Rajat left from the cabin. Arjun dialed Samaira’s number. “You get ready. I am coming.”

Arjun rang the doorbell of his house. As usual, Gitika opened the door.
Gitika- I would like to take your leave Sir.
Arjun- Wait, first tell me, do you noticed anything suspicious in these two days?
Gitika- No Sir.
Arjun- Hmm. From tomorrow, you will directly report in Office.
Gitika- But Sir, Samaira…..
Arjun- Thanks for your concern Officer but let me handle the matter in my way. I have to take chance.
Samaira came out from the bedroom. She is wearing a jeans & a petal sleeve white top. Gitika came near her & hugged her.
Gitika- Bye Samaira. From tomorrow, I am not coming. Take care of yourself.
Samaira hugged her back.
Samaira- I will. You have my number & I too have your number. Stay in touch, after all, we are now friends.
Gitika took her purse. “Bye Samaira & Good Night Sir.”
Arjun- Good Night Officer. See you tomorrow in Office.
Gitika left. Arjun closed the door.
Samaira- Arjun freshen up. Can I bring tea for you?
Arjun- Yes, I badly need a cup of tea.
Samaira went towards kitchen. After sometime, she came out with a cup of tea & gave it to Arjun who is sitting on the sofa in living room.
Samaira- Are you not going to change?
Arjun- No. You please hurry up.
Samaira ( quite irritatedly)- No, I can’t & don’t say anything like I take time doing make up. It’s not make up. I like to adorn myself and look beautiful. You will never understand.
Arjun- You always looks beautiful dear.
Samaira- Glad to know that.
Samaira went inside bedroom. Arjun took a sip of tea.
Arjun- Samaira, book an Uber.
Samaira- Why? I want bike ride. ( with a smile on her face)
Arjun- Absolutely not. If I have to suddenly apply brakes, You may get hurt Samaira.
Samaira- I have full trust on you Arjun. You can’t hurt me.
Arjun- No Samaira. Why to take risk? If by chance, your wounds gets hurt again! No, no, book an Uber, else we are not going anywhere.
Samaira- Arjun… Arghhh! You are too much. I am fine. Wounds are healing fast.
Arjun- You are not fine, You are just better.
Samaira- You know about my health more than me?
Arjun- I don’t want to argue Samaira & I already told you my final decision. Now,it’s up to you.
Samaira gave him an angry glare & took her phone to book a cab.

Arjun & Samaira stood in front of city mall.
Arjun- Now tell me, what you want to buy?
Samaira- First, let’s go inside Arjun, then only I can decide.
Arjun- Is there any jewellery shop? Let’s buy you a mangalsutra first.
Samaira smiled at him. “Come this side”
Arjun & Samaira went inside a jewellery shop. It’s a big shop, famous for it’s unique collection in Gold jewellery. An sales woman attended them.
Samaira is looking at the designs of Mangalsutra’s locket whereas Arjun is looking here & there. Suddenly Arjun’s eyes got struck in a corner. A lady is carefully looking at some necklace, though her back is towards him, but in the glasses on the wall, he can clearly see her face. It’s Bonnie.
“Arjun look at the design.” He heard Samaira’s voice.
Arjun- huh?
Samaira- What are you looking towards the direction? Seeing another girl? I never knew about this habit of Your’s!
Arjun- Samaira, look their is Bonnie!
Samaira- so what? Can’t she even come to buy jewellery? Come on Arjun, despite being your Officer, she is also a lady & ladies are fond of jewelleries.
Arjun- Hmm.
Samaira- now, concentrate here. No need to look at there & make her feeling embarrassed.
Arjun- You are going to wear Mangalsutra So, you choose…
Samaira (irritatedly)- I already decided in my mind which one I am going to take, just showing you.
Arjun ( looked at the Mangalsutra)- Yeah! It’s nice.
Samaira- Hmm, then I am going to take it.
Arjun- Okay. Please pack it. ( Towards the Saleswoman)
He went towards counter taking out his card to do the payment. After doing the payment, his eyes lingered towards Bonnie & the heavy jewelleries she is seeing.
Samaira- Done? Then, let’s go. I have to buy a kurti.
After sometimes, Arjun is standing in the Ladies Section of a shop & Samaira is looking at kurtis. The Sales guy is showing one after other. Arjun is already hell bored. He felt sympathy towards the poor Sales Guy, who will definitely going to get tired.
Samaira- Are you even looking Arjun?
Arjun- Yes, Yes. I am looking. Just choose first, I am already bored.
Samaira- Okay. Why don’t you choose kurtis for me? Perfect remedy of boredom.
Arjun- me?
Samaira- Yes, after all, I came with you.
Arjun- But I have no idea about selecting ladies clothes. Plus, here are so many. I am already confused!
Samaira (with a big smile)- I am super happy Arjun. By the way, har chiz ka ek first time hota hai.
Arjun sighed & started looking at kurtis.
Arjun- Here are so many I liked.
Samaira- Great. Point those out. I will choose among them.
Arjun select some kurtis & also made a vow in his mind, “never to accompany Samaira in shopping”
Samaira looked at the kurtis Arjun chose.
Samaira- Nice choices, I must say.
Instantly Samaira rejected some kurtis & started deciding between three, then, looking carefully, she rejected one & chose two.
Arjun ( narrowing his eyes)- You already decided which ones to take?
Samaira (ignoring him)- Yes, I am. Just checking is our choice matched?
Samaira opened her purse to take out her card.
Arjun- I am paying.
Samaira (grinned)- Seems, you are in generous mood.
Arjun rolled his eyes.
After sometimes, Samaira dragged Arjun towards men’s section.
Arjun- I don’t need anything Samaira.
Samaira- Let me decide that.
Inside shop, Samaira started looking short kurtas for him.
Arjun- Samaira, I can’t wear kurtas in office. So, why to buy them? putting it in cupboard?
Samaira- Don’t you have life outside office? or you decided that you are not going to wear anything when you are not in office?
Arjun tightly closed his eyes. “Do as you like.”
After sometime, Samaira chose one deep maroon kurta & another brown one. Samaira put the two kurtas in his hand.
Samaira- Try these two.
Arjun- I liked both of them. Select one which you like the most.
Samaira- I want to see you wearing those now.
Sales man ( with a smirk)- Sir, Trial Room is on that side.
Arjun walked towards Trial Room with a sigh. Samaira stood there nearby. Arjun came out wearing the maroon kurta. Samaira brightly smiled looking at him.
Arjun- How am I looking?
Samaira- Can’t whistling in public place. My dear husband looks damn hot, s*xy & edible.
Arjun looked embarassed. “Well, I understand hot & s*xy, In fact, Thank You for the compliment but what do you mean by edible?
Samaira ( with a mischievous glint on her face)- Will make you understand later. Now, try the next one. We are getting late.
Arjun went inside the trial room to try the brown one. When he came out, Samaira murmured coming close to him. “Perfect!”
Arjun- Thank You. ( with a charming smile on his face)
After sometime, Samaira to the Salesman “pack these two.”
Arjun- Why are taking both? One is enough. What is the necessity to store many clothes in cupboard?
Samaira- Am I asked your opinion? I am an Independent, working lady. So, it’s up to me what to buy for my husband. I am not asking you to buy.
Arjun- It’s not like that. You are misunderstanding me.
Samaira- All men are kanjus while doing shopping for their wives.
Arjun- Wrong allegation!
Samaira- Don’t talk.
She went towards the counter & paid using her card. She put all the shopping bags in Arjun’s hands.
Samaira- let’s go. I am hungry & I want to eat Biriyani.


In home, Arjun rubbed his wet hair with a towel. He already took bathe to freshen up. Samaira is in washroom. Arjun stretched his body on the bed & closed his eyes. His mind is clouded with too many thoughts. IPS Reyansh Saxena, IPS ChandraShekhar Saxena, Pranav Sarin, Samrat, Piyali, Nandini, Dev & whatever conspiracy going on, he still need to know many things. This is becoming the toughest mission in his till now career, but Arjun knew accepting defeat is not in his nature. Suddenly, he feels a thumb sensually rubbing his lips. Arjun opened his eyes & looked towards Samaira who also leaned beside him.
Arjun- What are you doing?
Samaira- Trying to seduce my dear husband.
Arjun- Ha ha. Well, you know you don’t need to put any effort to seduce me. I am already smitten by You.
Samaira- No, I don’t think so. I feel either you are losing interest on me or you are turning into a monk.
Arjun- Samaira, you know the reason why I am controlling myself.
Samaira ( She came more closer to him)- But I can’t control myself now. If you can’t then let me love you. ( in a husky tone)
Arjun ( carefully looking at her eyes, a smile broke on his face)- So, again some naughty, dirty intension darling!
Samaira- Yes, I have some evil intensions.
Arjun- hmmm. What you want me to do? ( with a mischievous smile)
Samaira- May be nothing.
Arjun- So, you want to be on top.
Samaira did not say anything. Only remove the robe over her nighty. She is wearing a tempting halter neck deep red lingerie. Arjun cursed under his breath. His eyes started clouded with desire. He felt his body started reacting.
Arjun- From where you buy such s*xy pieces of clothes?
Samaira- From Amazon.
Arjun- I don’t want to take cold shower now.
Samaira ( in a business like manner)- You will not going to need that if you co-operate.
Arjun started laughing. He started opening the button of his shirt & removed his shirt & threw it on the floor. “Do you want me to remove my pants also?” ( in a naughty, playful tone)
Samaira blushed & bites her lips. She pushed him on the bed & climbed on top of him. She started running tips of her fingers through his hair, over his scalp gently. Arjun closed his eyes feeling so relaxed. Soon, his eyes flickered open as he felt her biting his earlobes. “Ahh!” But Samaira started kissing him across his shoulder, up his neck & literally sucking his adam’s apple. The tease was too much for him. He started breathing heavily & stiffening. He can feel her tongue gently licking his areola inward but never touching tongue to nip. A groan escaped from his mouth. His hand hold her hair. Suddenly, she flick his nip*le with her tongue & gently bite & kiss it. Periodically pull away & just graze the area with her lips letting her hot breath linger on one nip*le then the other. He started squirming below her. He felt his cock growing painfully hard inside his pants. He felt her lips down into his naval area. Her hand started unfastened his pants. Arjun hold her hand.
Arjun ( in a husky tone)- Damn Samaira! what are you doing?
She put her finger on his lips to silence him & looked in his eyes. Arjun leave her hand & dropped his hands on the sides. Samaira’s hands also slightly shivering. She ran her hand up and down, amazed to feel his warmth. His heart was racing. Her soft tongue wetting every inch of him & finally she took his hard length into his mouth. He was in ecstacy. Loud moans escaped from his lips, eyes tightly shut & hands clutching the bedsheet. First, she was struggling completely devouring him. Slowly, she adjusted & his length touching the back of her throat. The sucking & her use of tongue made everything feel awesome.
“I am close!” Somehow, he just managed the words, but she suck ever faster & he hit the point of no return. She tasted him, salty, in her mouth. Arjun was in complete mess. His face flushed & he is catching his breath. Samaira’s eyes rolled up to see his face. She put her lips on His & then slide on her side & lie down.
“I need you Samaira.” She can hear Arjun’s husky voice & uneven breathing.
Samaira- Then, what are you waiting for.
Arjun sat up & looked in Samaira’s eyes. “I will be careful.”
Samaira- I know.
He spread her legs & put his head between her legs, nuzzling at first. His stubble was a little rough on the inside of her thighs. She cry out in astonishment. With his lips & tongue, he struck fire. Her moans were music to his ears. Raw, intense, absolutely delicious noises of pleasure as he plundered her with his tongue. She grabbed his hair, yanked & pulled him closer as the tremors of ecstasy shook her body.He gently kissed her lips & held her gaze as he slide inside her.
“Arjun…..” She breathed on a luxurious sigh. Her wet heat engulfed him, burned him, caressed him to the point of insanity. Soon, he started plunging, lost in her. she was moaning loudly, her long nails digging into his back as she arched before collapsing under him, shuddering convulsively.
“Ahhh!” The groan tore out from the deep inside of his chest as his release surged through him, leaving him gasping & trembling.
He rolled over on his side. His hand stroking the side of her face. His hand pulling the blanket over them. Samaira already closed her eyes.He rested his head in his palm & stared at her glowing face.

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