Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 43

Samaira winced in pain as Arjun applied medicine on her wounds. Arjun softly caressed her forehead. “Sshh Samaira. I know it’s aching but I need to apply this medicine on your wounds & it’s almost done. You will soon become absolutely fine”
Samaira nodded her head & Arjun again concentrated on applying medicine & to put new dressing on the wounds. Samaira looked in his eyes & she could see the hurt in his eyes as he is feeling her pain. Arjun pecked on her cheeks & lie down beside her.
Samaira- So, from tomorrow you are joining your duty. Only one day leave for me!
Arjun- Samaira don’t be upset dear. Please try to understand. I am in the middle of a mission plus I am the team leader. I can’t ignore my duty. My one mistake & irresponsibility can affect many.
Samaira- Hmm.
Arjun- But you will definitely not going to stay alone. Remember the day, I revealed my real identity to you & an lady was with you when You were alone trying to help you, Her name is Gitika & she is an officer of my team & she will be with you all the time.
Samaira- But I will miss you Arjun.
Arjun- Samaira…..
Samaira- No need of any explanation. I know you are not going to extend your leave. So, leave the matter.
Arjun remained silent.
Samaira- By the way, how many female officers do you have in your team? (with mischief in her voice)
Arjun (winked)- jealous??
Samaira- of course not. No one will tolerate your temper & attitude, except me.
Arjun- & they also knows I am only Your’s.
Samaira- what happened between you & Neil?
Arjun- With the swiftness, you are changing topic, I am getting confused Samaira.
Samaira- I am not joking Arjun. I noticed both of your behavior towards each other.
Neil came in late evening when Arjun was preparing dinner. Hearing the door bell, Arjun opened the door. Neil clearly ignored him & came inside. He put the tiffin carrier on dining table & went to meet Samaira. Arjun only for once entered in the room when Neil & Samaira was talking. He asked for tea but Neil declined the offer. Then Neil said that His mom sent food for both of them. Arjun smiled & said Thank Prerna Aunty on behalf of him & Samaira & left the room. After talking with Samaira, Neil too left after some time without saying anything to Arjun.
Arjun sighed as He remembered the incident.
Arjun- Relax Samaira. Nothing serious.
Samaira- I am not going to poke my nose as both of you are not sharing what happened. But you both are mature enough to handle. Anyway, I took 4 day’s leave on medical ground & I feel that’s enough but I will do project works from home & don’t you dare to object.
Arjun- As you wish but don’t ignore your health.
Samaira- & you take care of yourself.
Arjun smiled. “Okay, now sleep. You need rest.”

In morning, Arjun was giving instructions to Gitika. Samaira was sitting on the sofa. She met with this lady before but at that time she was so devastated that she not even talked with her.
Arjun- Samaira listen, Gitika will be with you all the time. If there is any problem, say to her.
Samaira- Can’t I directly call you?
Arjun- Samaira..
Samaira- yeah! Yeah! Don’t worry about me. Listen, I have a request. Can you come home for lunch in afternoon?
Arjun- But I have some important work!
Samaira- So, you are not going to eat in afternoon?
Arjun – No, I will surely eat in canteen.
Samaira- If you come home in afternoon, I don’t think it will be harmful for your busy schedule. Can’t you waste few minutes for me?
Arjun- Okay. I will come in afternoon.
Samaira- promise?
Arjun- I can’t promise Samaira but I will try. Bye.
Samaira ( sighed)- Bye & I will wait for you.

Arjun entered in his cabin & sat on his chair. He noticed NGO owner Dorothy Faria’s murder case file on his desk. Arjun started looking at the file. After sometime, Rajat knocked on the door of his cabin. Arjun gestured him to come inside & to have a seat.
Arjun- Yes Rajat?
Rajat- First tell me, How is Samaira?
Arjun- She is okay.
Rajat- Arjun, physical wounds will be healed soon but if she started living in fear & take too much stress than it will be not good for her.
Arjun sighed.
Arjun- I know that Rajat but what to do? She fears for my safety. Now, I can’t leave my job & stay at home naa? I don’t know how to make her understand that life is uncertain for everyone & it’s just our works are risky than other profession.
Rajat- You know Arjun, Nishi, the always happy & bubbly girl fears for my safety. It’s their love for us. They are strong ladies, they will never express their fears in front of others. But if you get angry & frustrated when she expresses her fear than it will be real painful for Samaira. Arjun, you worry about Samaira’s safety. You should. It’s your duty to protect her. But husband wife relation is not only giving protection & loving each other. It’s also about understanding, giving respect & importance. She is your wife & she has full rights on you, not just physically but emotionally also. Samaira also very well know that you can’t give her enough time. She may definitely taunt you in this point in between your fights but she accepted the fact. It’s our professional ethics that we can’t share our activities to our family. But that doesn’t mean we can’t say “I am not coming home. I am going for few days in official work.” It’s helps to balance between our personal & professional life. Just don’t lose temper, give her emotional support & be patient & trust me everything will be fine.
Rajat looked at Arjun who was listening him silently.
Rajat- Quite a long speech naa!
Arjun- Thanks Rajat. ( smiled slightly)
Rajat- Anyway, leave the matter. By the way, Sashank Sir is not happy with the progress of “ Mission Chaturanga.”
Arjun- He is not fond of me though I don’t know the reason. Let’s talk about our mission. Any new progress?
Rajat- Yes. Aniket Chaudhary actually filed the missing complaint for his daughter , Piyali Khanna. Here is the copy of General Diary, FIR & the Investigation Report. Just few minutes ago, I got this so don’t even get the chance to read the files.
Rajat handed the files to Arjun.
Arjun- It’s okay Rajat. I will study the files & Thank God we got a picture of Piyali Khanna. But Rajat, now, I am seriously doubting that Aniket death was not natural.
Rajat- hmm. But now it’s impossible to prove that.
Arjun nodded his head. “Anything else?”
Rajat- Yes. MH 08 P2431, the car used to kidnap Samaira, we get details about it. The driver of the car Briju called in Police Helpline number & registered a complaint of car theft.
Arjun raised his eyebrows. “Say in details”
Rajat- According to Briju’s statement, He came in Mumbai from Ratnagiri to drop an old lady whose daughter & son in law live here. After dropping her in her daughter house, Briju left for Ratnagiri. On the way, he noticed three men were asking for lift. They said their car was broke down on the way & they have to reach Ratnagiri on urgent basis. So, they need a car. For extra money, Briju agreed. Three men sat in the car. One in front & others two on the back seats. After driving for some time, he felt a hard hit on his head & then everything turned black & he lost his senses.
Arjun – hmm.
Rajat- After basic investigation done by police, they are almost sure that Briju is saying truth.
Arjun- Rajat, you said this Briju called in Police Helpline number, did he called from his own phone?
Rajat- No, the car thieves stole his phone & wallet also. The village ladies who go to jungle to collect woods noticed Briju lying unconscious in jungle helped him. Briju contacted police from the mobile of a villager.
Arjun (after few minutes of silence)- Briju’s mobile number?
Rajat- 85967*****
Arjun- again, another clever act. So, they used Briju’s phone! Now, it’s become more difficult for us to track Dev & whoever were with him in the kidnapping of Samaira.
Rajat- What happened?
Arjun- look carefully Rajat, from this number Samaira tried to contract me & she snatched the phone from one of the kidnapper.
Rajat hurriedly checked the file. “oh sorry, I did not noticed.”
Arjun- But I want Dev in my custody again at any cost. Why our informers not been able to track Dev & Nandini? Are they got vanished into thin air?
Arjun took deep breath.
Arjun- Anyway, Briju saw those three men who hit him & stole his car. So, prepare the sketches of those three men with the help of Briju & also we need to prepare the sketch of that man from whom Samaira snatched the phone.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door of Arjun’s cabin.
Arjun- Come in.
An Officer entered & saluted Arjun.
The Officer- Sir, the NGO owner Dorothy Faria’s elder sister Gloria Alberto is on video call & she is not in a mood to wait.
Arjun stood up & took Dorothy murder case file & walked out from his cabin. He gestured Rajat to come with him. The room is bare apart from a big screen on the wall, a chair & a desk. Arjun sat in the chair. He noticed in screen, a Lady almost at the age of 60-65, sitting in the sofa & looking totally uninterested.
Arjun- Hello Mrs. Gloria Alberto. I am IPS Arjun Mehra. I am investigating your sister’s murder case.
Gloria- What you said Officer? Please say it again. Sorry, I did not hear you correctly.
Arjun- Excuse me, Mrs Alberto….
Gloria- You excuse me Officer. My sister died years ago. My father wanted justice for his daughter. He wanted to know who were those people killed Dorothy & why? But he died heartbroken. My mother too left after a year of my father’s death. Do you know she not even talked a word in that year? & now, You are investigating my sister’s murder case? At that time, your whole system & Department failed. Why now? Tell me Officer, why now? Is crime rate in India goes down? Are you people became jobless that you are started taking out old files?
Arjun sighed. Her frustration, outburst & anger are valid. But he can’t change the past.
Arjun- I am sorry mam on behalf of my Department & I am very serious about the fact that I will give your sister justice.
Gloria- Justice delayed is Justice denied Officer. Anyway, what you want to know?
Arjun- I want to know everything about your sister Dorothy.
Gloria- Dorothy, she was only two years younger than me. Papa’s Angel & I always used to be quite jealous on her as I always used to feel she was my parent’s favorite. She was a brilliant student whereas I was below average in studies but from childhood she was very helpful & used to have a big heart. After passing Higher Secondary, I got married & within one year after my marriage, I got settled in USA with my husband. Dorothy completed her Masters Degree in Sociology & became guest lecturer in N. K College.
Arjun raised his eyebrows. “N.K College! Anju aka Nandini is a passed out of N. K College in Sociology.” He murmured to himself.
Gloria- With some students of N. K. College, Dorothy started an NGO. That was her dream. She got so much involved in NGO works that she not even completed her Ph.d.
Arjun- So mam, you are saying only the students of N. K. College used to volunteer in NGO? Were they all from Sociology department?
Gloria- I don’t have any idea about that Officer. She used to be so busy that she didn’t have much time for family. As I started living in Abroad, at that time, it was quite difficult to be in regular touch. In letters, my parents never wrote anything in details. But yes, I have a Group picture of them. Dorothy & those students who were the founder members of NGO. Dorothy specially sent me the picture attaching with a letter that her dreams comes true.
Arjun- Mam, can you please give me the picture?
Gloria- I will give it to your team here.
Arjun- Thank You. Another question, what is the vision & mission of your sister’s NGO?
Gloria- They started the mission in helping out the under privileged kids with basic education & bring a social change. First, they used to provide education to children belonging to the slums. They spread their goals afterwards. I heard from my parents that she even started rescuing girls who used to be in abusive relationships & trapped in child marriages & all.
Arjun- so, according to you, Dorothy Faria was murdered because of her social work as at that time many people definitely tried to stop her & became her enemy.
Gloria- I don’t know but Police suspected that.
Arjun- hmm. Anything else mam which you want to share with us?
Gloria- well, I guess no as I know least about Dorothy’s NGO works. But I can assure you that she has no personal issues with anyone. She used to be a very sweet girl.
Arjun nodded his head & smiled a little. “Thank You mam.”
Gloria- Hope soon I get to know the progress in my sister’s case. I am hoping again Officer.
Arjun gave her an assuring smile.
After disconnecting the line, Arjun looked towards Rajat. “Again, only some clues. But this time I am hoping to get a clear picture. Anyway, I have some important works & I don’t want any disturbance. Only call if there is any Emergency.”
Rajat- Okay Boss.
Arjun stood up & went towards his cabin.
After few hours, Arjun was busy in his works. Suddenly his phone started ringing. “Samaira calling!”
“Why is she calling me? Is everything fine?”
Arjun hurriedly attended the call.
Arjun- Hello Samaira. Are you okay? Gitika is with you, right?
Samaira- Yes. Yes. Gitika is with me & I am absolutely fit & fine.
Arjun- Then, what happened? Why you called? (with irritation in his voice)
Samaira (in a low tone)- I called you to know when you are coming home. I am waiting for you.
Arjun ( looked at his watch)- now?
Samaira- You said that you will come home in afternoon. So, we could have our lunch together.
Arjun stopped hearing so much sadness in her voice. She is disappointed.
Arjun- Just wait for some time, I am coming home.
Samaira- really?
Arjun smiled hearing the excitement in her voice.
Samaira- Thank You. Come soon. I am hungry.
Arjun- hmm.
After disconnecting the call, Arjun shut down his laptop & closed all the files. He locked his cabin door.
Arjun- Rajat??
Rajat- Yes Boss.
Arjun- I am going home for lunch. Soon be back then I have some important discussion with you.
Rajat nodded his head.
Rajat- By the way, Arjun, Mrs Gloria shared a group picture of that NGO members.
Rajat gave his phone to Arjun. Arjun looked at the picture & his eyes widened in surprise.
Rajat- As expected, Nandini aka Anju Kiran was in the Group photo but it’s absolutely unexpected to see…
Arjun ( completed his words)- Piyali Khanna in the picture. She was also a member of Dorothy Faria’s NGO! Shocking!

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