Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 33

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After having dinner at a posh restaurant as Arjun & Samaira’s wedding treat, everyone’s returned at Arjun’s house. Nishi sneaked out from the restaurant earlier with an excuse that she has to arrange everything to welcome the couple. Now, Arjun & Samaira was standing at the doorstep. Nishi performed the aarti & then placed a pot laden with rice on the entrance. Samaira tilt the pot using her right foot & then stepped into a plate of alta & then walked inside the home with Arjun beside her, leaving behind auspicious red foot prints.

Arjun & Samaira both sat on the sofa. Marriage Register was waiting for them. Arjun signed first & then passed the register towards Samaira. She too signed. Now, legally also they became Mr & Mrs Mehra. The Registrar congratulated both of them. Nishi offered him sweets.

After sometime,

Nishi- Everything is over. But sorry, we can’t leave you both alone so soon. Now, it’s time for an important game.

Nishi placed a big bowl filled with milk, nuts, coins & rose petals in front of them & dropped a ring on it.

Nishi- Now, you both have to find the ring. So, let’s start. 3…2…1… & go.

Arjun & Samaira both put their each hand on the bowl & started searching. Within few seconds, Arjun took out the ring from the bowl. Rajat & Neil cheered.

Rajat- Congrats man. You are going to rule.

Arjun gave a proud smile to Samaira & raised the collar of his sherwani with his other hand. Samaira & Nishi rolled their eyes.

“We will see. Nishi only smirked looking at Arjun.

Nishi- Anyway, I can understand that our newly wed couple is clearly not enjoying this childish game & our presence anymore. So, it’s time for gift & conclude the ceremony. So, here are the tickets for three days honeymoon trip to Goa.

Samaira blushed & looked down. Arjun frowned.

Arjun- Goa? No no Nishi, it’s not possible.

Nishi- Arjun you took official leave for a week, then only we did this arrangement.

Arjun- yeah I took leave but I have other important official works.

Rajat- hey relax Arjun, you just say, I promise I will handle the works.

Arjun- No you can’t Rajat.

Then Arjun’s eyes fall on Samaira who is silently sitting beside him but the cheerful look on her face was replaced by a disappointed look. Arjun looked at her for sometimes.

Arjun- Okay, I think I can manage for three days. Thanks guys for the lovely gift & thanks for being with us.

Everyone cheered. Samaira looked at him totally surprised. Arjun nodded his head & pressed his hand on Samaira.

Nishi smiled. “Okay Samaira let’s go to your new room & have some girly talk & Arjun you stay here.

Arjun rolled his eyes. Nishi took Samaira on the bedroom.

Arjun- Rajat, be careful I will be out of station for three days, though Head Quarter is definitely going to do Official Arrangement. But you keep your eyes & ears open & for any kind of suspicious activity & emergency, just don’t hesitate to call me.

Rajat- Okay Boss.

Nishi soon came out & told Rajat & Neil that it’s time to give the couple some privacy.

Nishi- Now Arjun, give me Rs. 15,000/.

Arjun- for what?

Nishi- The bribe to join with your wife. Else I am not going to let you get inside & don’t even try to negotiate.

Arjun- I don’t have 15,000 cash with me now.

Nishi- Samaira already gave me the solution, your Cheque Book.

Arjun- So…

Nishi- yeah, yeah, no need for any more assumption. It’s our plan to rob you. I only go with Samaira to get your Cheque Book. Now, why are you wasting so much precious time of both of ours?

Arjun sighed. He can’t escape.


Arjun finally entered in his bedroom & locked the door. Samaira felt goose bumps rising on her skin. She wondered why she is feeling in this way, neither it’s their arrange marriage nor it’s first time they are together. But yes, this is their first night after marriage. Samaira lowered her eyes. Arjun’s gaze fall on Samaira who is nervously sitting on their bed which is beautifully decorated with tuberose & jasmine strings & petals of red roses scattered on it. Arjun was amused. He came closer to her & sat on the bed in front of her.

Arjun- Why are you behaving so strangely Samaira? You are looking nervous with me! Strange!

Samaira furrowed her eyebrows & smacked on his arm.

Arjun- now, there you are!

Samaira- I was just trying hard to create a romantic atmosphere, but see, you destroyed it. Now, find your name in my hand.

She spread her hand in front of him. Arjun traced the lines of mahendi on her palm. After sometime, he leaned down & kissed the corner of her palm where his name’s initial was beautifully written among the design.

Arjun- I found it.

Samaira smiled.

Arjun- By the way, your mahendi color turned out so dark & beautiful.

Samaira- The darkness of mahendi color represents the deep love & understanding between the couple.

Arjun (with a naughty smile)- Now, this is not fair. How can you be satisfied just by watching the color of mahendi? I am eagerly waiting to make love …

Samaira pinched hard on his arm.

Arjun- & don’t worry, this time I am ready with precautions. Now, I can take you without any risk.

Samaira (biting her lips)- jerk & shameless.

Arjun started laughing & lie down on the bed. Samaira took a glass from the bedside table & offered it to Arjun.

Samaira- now drink it.

Arjun (raising his eyebrows)- what?

Samaira- drink the milk.

Arjun made a face. ” No no, I am not in a mood to drink the milk now.

Samaira- It’s a ritual. Nishi told me, first you have to drink milk, else just forget to do what you are thinking.

Arjun- Samaira, I am energetic enough to do everything. I don’t need milk plus we ate heavy dinner only two hours before. Now, if I drink full glass of milk. I will surely going to suffer from acidity.

Samaira- oh don’t worry my dear husband, if you get acidity, I will give you ENO. I promise I am not going to push you from the bed.

Arjun sighed. This is first time he is realizing why Bollywood makes films which titled like “Shaadi karke phaas gaya yaar.

He looked at Samaira & then at the glass. He took it from her hand with a puppy face. He closed his nose with his left hand & started drinking.

Arjun- share it Mrs. Mehra, after all you are my better half now.

Samaira ( controlling her laughter)- No Mr. Mehra. Nishi strickly instructed me that I should offer this full glass to you & make sure you finish this alone.

Arjun- but…

Samaira- no if & but. You have to follow what Nishi had said, she knows about these rituals more than you.

Arjun mentally cursed Nishi & drank the whole. “Goddamn game. I got the ring, but still I am following whereas she is ruling.

Arjun eyes fall on Samaira who is sitting on the stool in front of the dressing table undoing her jewelleries. She was just about to remove her earrings when she felt his presence behind him & his warm hand over her.

“Let me help you.

He took her earrings & softly kissed her ears. He then removed the necklaces & chains & rubbed the back her neck with his nose. Samaira felt a tingling sensation running down from her spin. She closed her eyes & started taking deep breaths. Soon, she felt his warm lips caressing her hands after removing the bangles. Samaira looked at his eyes which are now clouded with need & passion. Arjun lifted her up in bridal style & placed her on the bed. He tugged the jasmine garland on her hair, the garland torn & the white flowers scattered on the red velvet pillow. He removed the clip & let her long hair fall down around her shoulder.  He pushed her on the bed & undo the buttons of his sherwani & slide it up. He threw it on the floor carelessly, after that his singlet too landed on the floor. He came on top of Samaira. Her heart was pounding on her chest & he can literally hear the rhythmic sound. His eyes black as night & his full lips just a heartbeat away. Those lips meet with hers.

His grips tightened around her shoulder, pulling her into him. Her hungry mouth melded into his. The tip of his tongue brushed her lips, insisted & she opened to let him in, welcoming the urgent thrusting that sent a wildfire of searing flames racing through her body. She can feel his warm breath on the base of her neck. Heated kisses placed on her neck & she arched back her head to give him more access. His hand freely roamed over the br*ast & started opening the laces of her blouse. He pulled it down leaving her completely bare in front of him. She shivered & moaned softly. She can feel his intense gaze on her br*ast. “You are s*xy, he said in a husky tone. Blushing furiously she looked at the other side. He uses his thumbs to lightly massage her br*ast. He took her nip*le in his mouth. Loud moan escaped from her lips. Her hands fisting the bed sheet. He licks & sucks & then licked around to ease the pain whereas he cradled her other br*ast in his hard palm. His hands freely roamed around her body. He rubbed his thumb & his lips passionately over her waist & her naval. She sighed loudly & raked her fingers into his thick black locks. Her hands ran down over his body feeling his strong muscles & every ridge & curve of his body. He groaned.

She can feel his body weight on her & his arousal pressed against her. Her breath hitched & chest heaved. Arjun bites his lips & looked in her eyes. She was warm & wet. He interlocks his fingers with her. He slowly & gently moving down, spread her leg & put himself inside her. There was a sharp, brief pain & then the fire spread. Her world exploded into shards of molten light. She was burning like a Eucalyptus fire. Tides of maddening passion rolled & streams of rapture down her soul & infusion of joy brewed within her body. A plunging shudder ran through her & her knees buckled & she went limp in his arm.

He rested his head on the crook of her neck breathing heavily & then lovingly kissed her forehead. Her hands roamed around his back which is damp from sweat. He rolled over next to her side & then pulled her on him. Her head rested on his chest & her hand wrapped around his waist.


Samaira lazily rubbed her eyes & looked around. She is sleeping on him. Her eyes fall on his chest which was smeared with her vermilion. Her cheeks turned red. She carefully sat up tried to free her from his hug.

“What are you trying to do? She heard Arjun’s sleepy voice.

“It’s morning. Now, leave me. I need to use the washroom. Samaira’s voice almost commanding.

Arjun leave her & covered himself totally with the sheet, he again fall asleep.

 Samaira went inside washroom to take shower. She saw her reflection in the mirror. The only new thing is the red vermillion on her forehead. She closed her eyes and the flashes of yesterday Arjun filling her mang’ with vermilion came in front of her eyes. She felt complete. Samaira came out from the washroom wearing Red designer kurti with matching palazzo. Arjun is still sleeping.

Samaira- Arjun, wake up. (she shook him)

Arjun- Just because of you I slept late last night. I am very tired & need rest. So, don’t disturb me darling.

Samaira bites her lips & then punched him. Arjun giggled & lay down more comfortably spreading hands & legs.

Samaira- Hmm. Okay Arjun. If you woke up late, then you have to clean the bed removing all the flowers. Not only that, you have to clean the whole house because I need time to pack all my necessary things for three days & need to adorn myself beautifully as I am the new bride plus I don’t want to miss the flight.

Arjun sat up & yawned. “You are behaving like Hitler.

Samaira handed him his singlet & a black pajama. Arjun took out a cigarette packet from the drawer of bedside table. Samaira frowned. She almost pushed him on the bed & pressed her lips on his. She tenderly caressed his lips with her tongue & then withdrew. “Hope this Good morning is much better than with those crap cigarettes.


Rajat entered Intelligence Bureau Office but stopped in his tracks. He was quite shocked to see Bonnie in Office, sitting on her place & doing something in her laptop. Bonnie smiled looking at Rajat. ” Hey Rajat, Good morning.

Rajat- Good morning Bonnie. But you in office?

Bonnie- Why are you so shocked? Come on, IPS Arjun Mehra show caused & suspended me & he is not the Director of IB. So, don’t give me this look. His seniors ordered me to re join. Should I show you the official letter?

Rajat(controlling himself)- No, no. It’s okay. Welcome back Bonnie.

Bonnie- Thank You Rajat. But see, AM is still angry with me. I still not even get the chance to congratulated him for his marriage.

Rajat smiled but he is in confusion, should he convey this message to Arjun that Bonnie is back or not.


That’s all for today. Waiting for responses.

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  1. Hi thanks a lot for posting here…I love your story it’s amazing really too good…please don’t stop. And even if you do give me the link I am waiting for each and every episode of yours. Hats off

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks. Glad that you liked the update. I stopped expecting. So, don’t worry, I am not going to stop posting it here. As a writer, I will do my job. Thanks again for reading & commenting.

      1. Actually you know I was an author of a ff too called manmarziyan…a saga.I stopped and I don’t want you to do it…it hurts when you are not able to complete your story

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