Swara was shocked seeing the person in front of her.
Swara- you here

Sanskar- yes what happened and what are you doing here swara

Swara- Woh I was thrusty so was going to kitchen

Sanskar- swara but kitchen is not at this side, it’s to your opposite side

Swara- (biting her tounge) oh ha I know that, as there dark na so I got little confused

Saying so she goes from there, here Sanskar again got doubt on her……

Sanskar- To whom was swara speaking to, I am hell confused what going on in my house (feeling irritated).

Swara- you have to be careful more now he had started doubting you, if Di came to know about this na I am dead. Kuch sochna padegana, kuch soch……..

Thinking both sleep……..


Around 3.30 .a.m. swara phone was ringing……she picks the phone and gets very happy seeing the caller……

Caller- Jaan how are you.?

Swara- I am fine missing you a lot, how are you and how was the mission you had gone for, wait what did you bought for me, and you are not hurt anywhere, you have been taking your medicine and food on time, when are you coming back

Caller- I

Swara- (cutting him) what I tell me na when are you coming back I am missing you very much, you I am stuck over here with that Sanskar, I don’t like him at all, you might be knowing about Di mission na, arre say something why are you not speaking…….

Caller- oh ho Jaan relax, cool down sweetheart if you will let me speak then only I will be able to answer all your questions.

Swara- ok tell me

Caller- ok ok I am answering relax, I know you were missing me so I finished my work before time and now coming to meet you only.

Swara- but when

Caller- very soon baby ok

Swara- ( little sad) ok, but what about the other questions you didn’t answered me.

Caller- I was going to baby. Ha so I am fine and save, had my food and medicine on time, and ha I know about swara mission and now I am also a part of it. Lastly I am sorry but I forgot to bring gift for you.

Swara- (shoutingly) Laksh

Laksh- ok ok relax I bought I will give you when I will meet you ok

Swara- ok (being sad)

Laksh- don’t be sad, you know na I can’t see you sad, now smile

Swara smiles a little.

Laksh- no no a little more and big

Swara smiles wholeheartedly.

Laksh- that’s like my Jaan, I love you

Swara- (while pouting) love you too, bye and come fast and don’t forget to bring my gift

Laksh- bye ok I won’t…….


Sanskar and Swara were on their way to the office.

Swara made sure she was behaving like swara (real one). Suddenly while looking out of findow she see ice cream and her eyes start glowing

Swara- stop (shouts very loudly)


(Guys this phone conversation is between real swara and Laksh.

Laksh gets the call of swara (the real one) .

Laksh- hii sister in law……how are you?

Swara(real one)- shut up and listen carefully we were there to catch Raj but he escaped from our clutch. But I heard some of his men talking about the plan to kill me.

Laksh- so why are you saying this to me

Swara- idiot you know bacha is there at my place and her life is risk. Raj and his men don’t know about bacha and they think it’s me.

Laksh- (getting serious) and you are telling me this now.

Swara- stop shouting and go to your Jaan and help her as we all are busy here running behind Raj. We will find him soon.

Laksh- ok I will go behind my Jaan.

Swara- ya ya go to your Jaan now why will you remember me

Laksh- swara seriously, you know na how important you are for me as a friend.

Swara- ok ok I am sorry was go bye

Laksh- bye, Jaan I am coming.


Sanskar- what happened why you shouted….

Swara- (burkha girl) remember she is Swara. Woh actually Sanskar I wanted to go to the temple pointing towards the temple where that ice cream vendor was standing.

Sanskar- ok we will go

Swara- no you do one thing I will go ahead and you come after parking the car.

Sanskar- ok you go.

Swara goes and Sanskar was thinking…….

Sanskar- i was doubting swara like this only, she is my swara only I will very soon propose her and make her mine.

After seeing today’s behaviour of swara Sanskar doubts were now cleared that she is only swara.

While here swara was happily only eyeing ice cream while crossing the road.

As soon as sanskar came he saw a truck approaching towards swara and she was unaware about this, Sanskar even shouted her name to stop her but it was too late……the truck went.

Sanskar(shouts after coming in sense)- SWARAAAA !

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