Chandrashekhar 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra wants to free Bhagat

Chandrashekhar 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra listening to Gandhi ji’s view on their action. He says Gandhi ji feels we are so cheap and can kill our country men as well. Durga says nothing will help, Gandhi ji tried to communicate to us via this article, we should also do the same and make our views reach him. Chandra asks how. She gives him some papers. He reads and says amazing…. who has written this. She says Bhagwati has written this, maybe this was meant for this day. She cries. He says I have to meet Ganesh soon, he is the one who can publish Bhagwati’s important article. Bhagat gets the newspaper. Sukhdev says congrats, the day has started with a gift, its our first win, we got a newspaper in jail. Bhagat says how did this change so soon, I m doubtful. Rajguru reads the post by Bhagwati. He reads

about the attack by freedom fighters.

Bhagat says Sukhi, you think HSRA can do this. Sukhdev says no, impossible. Genda says I will tell the truth, we got a proof, your team is trying to free you, they are fools, its impossible to free you, this is your fate, you won’t get any help, you will be taken to high court soon. He goes. Chandra says I called Malka here, Mahor is new here and can get info for us. Mahor says we have to plan an action. Chandra says plan is ready, its not about trust, but chance, we just have one chance, we can’t miss it. He tells his plan to everyone.

Malka says you have used Vesham’s talent well. Yashpal says we could have never thought of this, I wish I can do this work well and get freedom. Vesham asks what will be their sign, how will we know if they are ready to come. Chandra says Bhagat will have chains in his hand, if he beats the chains, it will be a sign that he is ready for our action, Mahor and Malka will throw a smoke bomb to divert the police, Vesham will get Bhagat and Batukeshwar out of the jail safe, we have to shoot if needed, Yashpal and I will wait for you in the car. Durga asks what’s my role. Chandra says I can’t risk your life. She asks why, just because I m a woman. Chandra says you have a child’s responsibility. She says responsibility can’t be a weakness. He says fine, you will be part of all the actions, so its decided, Yashpal will help you, we will run in no time. Jai looks on.

Everyone discusses. Chandra asks Vesham to stop playing flute and show his talent there. He asks where is Jai. Yashpal says maybe he didn’t reach here. Durga says we will get him there, I want to show my capabilities, I want to come along. Jai comes to meet John. He says I m part of HSRA and want to become approver, I have proof against Azad. Inspector gets shocked. Jai testifies against Chandra. Durga goes tilak to everyone by her blood. She says I swear I will shed my blood or lose life if needed in order to achieve freedom. They all chant Vande mataram. Chandra takes a disguise and goes with everyone. Durga asks him not to worry so soon. Chandra says Bhagat would be coming, Jai is missing, I feel something is wrong. They see the police van. Bhagat and Batukeshwar are brought there. Chandra asks Yashpal to take Durga to the van, he will just come. Bhagat sees Chandra. Vesham plays the flute. Bhagat and Batukeshwar pass by. Vesham signs Chandra and others. Chandra worries and says why is Bhagat not understanding my sign, did he learn about plan or not, where is Jai.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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