Chandrakanta (Colors) 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Fails To Get Magical Dagger

Chandrakanta (Colors) 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daksh provokes citizens against Chandrakantha that she is very cruel and misused his friendhip to get magical dagger and when backed off, she is taking Veer’s help, she is the one who made Swayam rakshas, Iravathi is a good queen and always helped people. People says they will not believe that their princess is evil. Iravthi says Chandrakantha is evil, but she always considered her citizen’s betterment. Daksh thinks Iravathi is up to something, she will take dagger from him and do something.

Chandrakantha walks on path searching magicl dagger. She hears voices telling that she is evil. She says she is not. Earth shakes and a big scorpion attacks her. Umang in Vishnuji’s temple prays Vishnuji to protect and help her friend Chandrakantha. He feels she is in trouble and sees a bead glowing on his hand. He remembers in childhood winning beads in ayyari/magic competition and giving 1 bead to baby Chandrakantha and saying they are united now and whenever she is in trouble, he will know. Chandrakantha is saved by scorpion and realizes her friend Umang saved her. Umang also realizes his friend is safe and thanks Vishnuji. Chandrakantha walks further via snow fall shivering. She then sees fire and Veer tied to a tree. She thinks what is Veer doing here and calls him. He asks her to stay way.

Bhadrama makes arrangements for havan for Iravathi and Daksh and says she has created protective barrier and no one can cross it. Daksh says he will bring magical dagger from kaalnarak door and what after that. She says he knows answer, he has to fight with her and if he wins, he knows his reward. He thinks is her plan. She says he has to give blood oath. He cuts his hand and takes blood oath. Iravathi says let us sit in havan. Bhadrama says Gehna has gone to get havan item, let her return.

Veer asks Chandrakantha to not come near him and move forward to get magical dagger. She says she cannot leave him in trouble like this. Veer writhes in pain due to fire. Chandrakantha tries to set off fire in wire water, air, etc. and finally succeeds. Veer is saves and asks why did not she go ahead to get dagger. She says his life is important to him. They both continue walking and see tiger nearby and sadhu sitting with it. Veer asks why did not he tell when he himself had tiger. Sadhu says he wanted to check if Chandrakantha is real, they both are real and their intention is true. He says they can take tiger and it will jump on Tej’s body and enters it, they will see magical dagger then. They both walk with tiger.

Gehna walks into jungle getting havan item. Umang follows her and by tricking soldiers disguised as woman. He then captures Gehna via magic. Havan item falls down. Gehna calls bird and sends it away. Umang tries to stop bird unsuccessfully. Gehna yells that he cannot stop it. Umang says he can stop at least her. Bird drops havan item in front of Bhadrama. Bhadrama gets worried for Gehna and tries to get out of havan. Iravathi stops her and says she herself told nobody can cross this protective barrier and asks to continue havan. Bhadramaa starts havan. Kaalnarak door opens. Iravathii asks Dhruv to walk in. Bhadrama gives elixir to Dhruv and asks to drink it. He drinks it and suffocates. Iravathi asks to wait for some more time. He walks via kaalnarak door.

Chandrakantha and Veer walk with tiger towards cave. Swayam monster comes there and tries to stop them. They attack Swayam, but he escapes. Veer throws magical rope on Swayam and makes him fall, then asks Chandrakantha to go into cave with tiger while he stops Swayam. Tej’s soul gets out of Swayam’s body and flies away. In cave, Chandrakantha sees Tej tied and asks him for a moment. Tiger jumps in Tej and gets into his body. Magical dagger emerges. Tej asks Chandrakantha go and get it soon. Chandrakantha flies and catches dagger, but Dhruv also catches it. Chandrakantha falls down cliff into jungle. Iravathi waiting there orders soldiers to catch her as she spoilt her plan of getting dagger, Dhruv crossed kaalnaarak door and was about to get dagger when Chandrakantha interfered, now Dhruv is stuck in kaal narak door. Chandrakantha says she made her friend her enemy, made Vishnu displine do sin, she will pray for it. Iravathi says she will find a way somehow to get dagger, but Chandrakantha will be killed. Chandrakantha says she does not know what is inside cave along with dagger, it is very dangerous. Iravathi walks away angrily. Veer finds injured Dhruv on floor and thinks how did he come here. Dhruv pleads for water. Veer sees water turning into lava and thinks of using magic to get water. Swayam emerges from lava. Veer thinks how did he get alive again. Chandrakantha gets worried for Dhruv and prays Vishnuji to save her friend. She prays Vishnuji again to free her and help her get dagger.

Precap: Veer prays Vishnuji that tiger is power combination of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and should save this world. He runs with tiger. Iravathi attacks Chandrakantha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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