Chandrakanta (Colors) 29th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Gets Talismi Knife Via Samudra Manthan

Chandrakanta (Colors) 29th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandrakantha goes to Veer and says she wants to tell him something important. Inebriated Veer ignores her. Chandrakantha says she knows who is monster Hirnasur and who is controlling him, he is….Hirnasur shows himself in mirror capturing Umang and warning to kill him. Iravathi comes and asks what she wants to say, if she wants to accept her crimes and will wait till her dear one will die. Chandrakantha shows mirror, but Hiransur’s image disappears. Chandrakantha accepts that she killed her parents and is controlling Hirnasur. Iravathi orders guards to take Chandrakantha to jail. Chandrakantha keeps Vishnuji’s favorite flower on table and leaves. Umang as miniature attacks Hirnasur, and Hirnasur angrily throws Umang in air and threatens to throw him from balcony into jungle. Tej goes to Veer and says he heard Chandrakantha accepted her crime, does he think she can do it or is trying to protect him or some dear one. Veer says she must be trying to protect Umang. They walk to Umang’s room and does not find him. Veer says Chandrakantha kept Vishnuji’s favorite flower, so Umang must be in or around Vishnu temple.

Chandrakantha pleads Iravathi to spare Umang. Iravathi asks her to clear last hurdle and get her talismi knife . Chandrakantha says she wants to go to Vishnu mandir once and pray as evil spirit is also present there who will tell about next hurdle. Iravathi takes her to temple and asks to finish prayers. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji to forgive her as she is tricking Iravathi to save Umang. She creates smoke, picks lotus and creates a bird and letter with it. Bird drops letter in front of Mayavi Vishakha. Vishakha reads letter that Irvathi has trapped Chandrakantha and Umang is in Hirsnasur’s clutch, she should go and save her. Vishaka gets magical mat and flies to save Chandrakantha. Iravathi asks Chandrakantha if she has finished prayers, then she should call evil spirit and orders evil spirit to come in front. Light emerges. Chandrakantha thinks Maasi/Vishakha is coming, but Bhadra comes and shows Hirnasur dragging Vishaka and Umang. Chandrakantha pleads to spare Umang and Maasi. Irav athi identifies Mayavi Maasi as Ratnaprabha’s sister Vishakha and says that means Chandrakantha knew she is Ratnaprabha’s daughter and Vishakha was protecting her till now, she warns Chandrakantha to get talismi knife if she wants to save them. Veer and Tej search Umang in jungle. Veer cuts his palm with a knife and says it is a magical knife and only Hirnasur can catch it. He throws knife and prays Vishnuji to take him to monster Hirnasur.

Chandrakantha orders evil spirit to come repeatedly, but it does not come. She reminisces evil spirit telling Vishnuji will help whoever helps themselves and protects their dear ones. She realizes she has to save Umang and Maasi to get clue about next hurdle. She runs to save them. Bhadra says she is running away. Iravathi says she must have got a clue. Hirnasur sees Veer’s blood and follows it while Daksh and Nishi reminds him that Iravathi asked him not to go. He roars and leaves. Veer finds him and attacks, but he counterattacks. Veer gets up and throws arrows. Hirnasur falls down. Umang and Maasi are saved. Maasi tells Tej that Iravathi took Chandrakantha to get talismi knife and disappears. Veer says Umang and Tej let us go and save Chandrakantha.

Chandrakantha continues running in jungle when a dumb woman stops her and pleads her to save her child. Chandrakantha follows her praying Vishnuji to protect Maasi and Umang while she saves woman’s child. Woman takes her near lake and signals her child is in water. Chandrakantha tries to walk into water, but protective barrier stops her. Woman speaks and says one she is searching is inside water and for that she has to do what crores of years ago happened. Chandrakantha asks what. Woman says she has to fight with evil and disappears. Chandrakantha realizes that she will get talismi knife here after doing samudra manthan like gods and evils did and won amruth. Iravathi comes and says there is no evil bigger than her and she will do anything to get talismi knife. Maasi comes there followed by Veer, Tej, and Umang. Chandrakantha tells Veer that Hirnasur is Swayam and. Iravathi says that is not important, she has to do samudra manthan and get talismi knife. Veer stands with Chandrakantha. Iravathi tells Veer that she wants him to become Vijaygarh’s king and become most powerful. Veer says he does not want to and asks her to stop killing people. Iravathi says if Chandrakantha does not get talismi knife, her son Hirnasur will kill everyone. Chandrakantha says Veer let us pray Lakshmiji and get her husband Vishnuji’s help to get talismi knife. They all pray Lakshmiji and start tug of war with Chandrakantha’s team on one side and Iravathi’s evil team on other side. Hirnasur joins Iravathi’s team. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji to help them. Veer walks to Chandrakantha and says their love will defeat evil. He holds Chandrakantha and pulls rope. Hirnasur falls down and talismi knife emerges from lake. Iravathi flies and catches knife. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji. Vishnuji emerges and knife flies into Chandrakantha’s hand. Iravathi stands fuming.

Veer walks to Iravathi and says she did really wrong for power, so he cannot call her mother, but he will respect her. He walks with Chandrakantha and team. Iravathi orders Swayam to stop their enemies and creates many more monsters. Monsters attack Chandrakantha’s team and they all fight. Maasi fights with Hiransur. Hirnasur lifts Maasi and she warns to leave her. He drops her and she falls down and gets severely injured. Chandrakantha is shocked seeing that and runs with knife to save Maasi. Iravathi orders Hirnasur to kill Maasi. He steps on Maasi and kills her. Chandrakantha is shocked to see Maasi dead and shatters. Iravathi boasts if Chandrakantha had returned talismi knife, Maasi would not have died and she should be ready to see her remaining dear ones death. Chandrakantha says Iravathi will be responsible for Hirnasur and her evil’s deaths. She furthers says today is kaali maa’s day and kaali maa will kill all evils. She becomes kaalimaa and kills evils. Veer asks Tej to take Maasi’s dead body for last rights. Chandrakantha runs towards Hirnasur to kill him. Hirnasur kicks Veer and Veer falls in front of Kaalimaa’s feet. Kaalimaa steps on Veer. Hirnasur escapes. Kaalima stops seeing Veer and changes back to Chandrakantha, calming herself. Chandrakantha collapses and Veer holds her.

Precap: Veer stabs Chandrakantha with talismi knife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mona146

    in ekta kapoor serials why anyone and everyone takes the form of maa kali just like that. Like in nagin arthanareshwar getup by mouni-karanvir and all. why they amrit manthan and bhasmasur concept here. IDIOTS. I regret to have this serial. Bullshit. Curse ekta……………………….

    1. Mona146

      It is damn unfortunate that likeok chandrakanta and aarambh stopped abruptly and we have only this one for weekend.

  2. Guyzz…i heard that pooja baanerjee is entering the show after a leap. Is madhurima quitting? will pooja be replaced as the chandrakanta? If that happens thn chandrakanta will surely loose their loyal viewers. All are wating this show only for vishal and madhurima….They share a good and unique chemistry on-screen as well as off screen. Hoping that chandrakanta(madhurima tuli) and veer(vishal aditya singh) will reunite soon…..
    Now a days all are waiting for the weekends to watch chandrakanta. If madhurima and vishal’s chemistry is not there thn the trp charts will flow down due to the lack of viewers. I think cv’s shld concentrate on vishal and madhurima’s chemistry……

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