Chandrakanta (Colors) 28th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha and Veer’s New Journey To Get Magical Knife

Chandrakanta (Colors) 28th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhruv fumes when Chandrakanatha leaves him in alone in cave and escapes with Veer. He angrily throws fire on trees. Iravathi walks in and says she came to speak to him and seeing him angry ties his hand. He frees it. Iravathi says he always helped Chandrakantha and risked his life to get talismi/magical knife, but she betrayed him and let him alone. Dhruv fumes that she is trying to brainwash him against his friend. Iravathi says he cannot deny this fact. Umang hears their conversation hiding and thinks how to inform about this to Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha. And Veer are busy romancing. She feels thirstiy and he feeds her water looking at her. She smiles and says let us go and find talismi kife. Iravathi shows Chandrakantha and Veer’s romance via magic to Dhruv and says they both are busy romancing, so will not try to get magical knife, so if he goes and gets it. Dhruv says he is ready to go cross kaalnark door and leaves. Bhadrama tells Iravathi that she is doing wrong by trusting Dhruv. Iravathi has Dhruv is Vishnuji’s ardent disciple and has got immense powers with meditation, he will get into kaalnark door and get knife for her.

Chadrakantha and Veer continue searching magical knife. Chadrakantha see a bright light nearby and follows it. They see a monster in font of it who asks if they want magical knife, he will not let them take it. He come in front and they are surprised to see Swayam as monster. Swayam roars that he will not let them take magical knife and lifts Veer and throws down. Veer gets magical mattress and saves himself. Swayam then walks towards Chadrakantha. Veer speeds on his magical mattress and rescues Chadrakantha. He then speeds his mattress away while Swayam runs behind them. He then makes them fall on ground and throws fire on them. Chadrakantha says Swayam is very powerful today. Swayam creates fire circle around them. They use magical and escape.

Dhruv on the other side does Vishnuji’s pooja to get magical knife, but fails. Chadrakantha and Veer defeat Swayam and shrinks him to his normal size. Chadrakantha sees a man tied to a tree writhing in pain, and identifies him as Tej. She tries to free him, but realizes he is tied by magical rope. She tries magic, but fails to free him. Swayam provokes Veer that he is mamma’s pet dog and Chadrakantha’s puppet. Veer says maa loves Swayam more than him and tried so much to save him. Sayam continues provoking Veer. Veer angrily beats him. Tej feels pain. Chadrakantha stops him and says Tej is getting hurt, so he should not kill this monster Swayam. Tej asks Veer to kill monster and don’t bother about his life. Veer says how can he harm his friend. Swayam continues provoking Veer. Chadrakantha calms down Veer and says they should find some other way to finish monster Sayam. A Sadhu meets Veer. Veer asks if he is also evil and came to trick them. Sadhu laughs and says he came to help him and knows everything, says his life is more important than Chadrakantha’s to get magical knife as it is associated with Chadrakantha. He says if he has to save his friend Tej, he has to capture the one who is very swift, with bright eyes, and one who is very strong and fast, etc. He disappears while Veer continues asking who is that. Chadrakantha returns and says it is tiger who has all these characteristics. They both walk towards jungle when the find a barrier. Veer reminisces Sadhu informing him that he will find a barrier and only who died for love can get in. Veer says he killed his love and apologizes Chadrakantha. Chadrakantha says she died for love and will enter barrier. She forgives Veer and walks in while Veer asks her to go carefully.

Iravathi with Bhadrama watches via magic and says once Chadrakantha gets magical knife, she will take it. Dhruv enters and says without his help, Chadrakantha cannot get magical knife, so he will pass via kaalnarak door and get knife, but Iravathi should not forget her promise. Iravathi boasts that 2 biggests enemies are befriending.. Drama continues…

Precap: Chadrakantha thinks she is trapped in a puzzle and is reaching same place repeatedly. She hears someone laughing and sees her image laughing on her and says she is worst than Irvathi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alister La Frenais

    Please. please end this awful show. This Chandrakanta who is supposed to be on a mission to retrieve the magical dagger and avenge her mother’s death is, just cock eyed. All she can see is Veer’s genitals and how she can get rogered. She has completely lost sight of her goal, she is nothing more than a waste of time.

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