Chandrakanta (Colors) 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer Goes Against Iravathi For Chandrakantha

Chandrakanta (Colors) 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer asks Chandrakantha not to take any wrong step, kisses her forehead, and walks towards his horse. Chandrakantha thinks how can Iravathi’s black magic not work on Veer. Veer thinks he is using fake pukhraj stone and he wanted to help Chandrakantha without anyone knowing about it. He pricks Chandrakantha/Surya’s pin and walks rides horse towards Iravathi. Iravathi punishes his soldiers for not finding Veer yet. Veer comes and falls in front of her injured. On the other side, Umang tells Chandrakantha that told her that Veer helped him get out of lava. Chandrakantha says her Veer has returned. Dhruv says Veer is misguiding her and trying to divert her from her goal. Chandrakantha says right now she is going to save Veer. Dhruv says she is forgetting her goal for Veer. Chandrakantha says she has not forgotten her goal, but right now Veer needs him. Dhruv she is and he will go alone to get magical knife even if he has to go to hell. Umang asks not to fight among themselves, their motto is to get magical knife. Dhruv leaves alone. Iravathi takes Veer to palace and orders vaidya to cure Veer soon. Vaidya says he removed hair pin from Veer’s neck and applied medicine. Bhadramaa says this is Surya’s pin and she has seen it wearing it. Gehna says they should go and guard magical knife as she is sure Chandrakantha/Surya will go to get it. Iravathi says she will ask him men to guard cave hiding. Veer hears that and thinks how to inform Chandrakantha about it. Bird flies and sits on window. Veer thinks he can send a message to Chandrakantha via this bird. Chandrakantha feels guilty for letting Dhruv go alone and tells Umang that Dhruv always helped her. Umang says Dhruv cannot pick magical knife himself anyways. Dhruv walks alone thinking why can’t he pick magical knife alone, why don’t’ Chandrakantha understand that magical knife is even her goal. Bird delivers letter. Chandrakantha reads it. Dhruv walks and someone captures him via rope and pulls him aside. He shouts who is it. Chandrakantha pulls and showing Iravathi’s evil soldiers hiding wearing leaves says Iravathi sent these evil soldiers to capture us.

Iravathi reminisces Chandrakantha/Surya using magic and someone rescuing her on horse, etc… She tells Bhadrama that she is missing some link. Evil soldiers return and say they did not see Dhruv or Irav Chandrakantha near cave, Chandrakantha was seen in jungle with an obese man. Iravathi says she told that there is a missing link. Chandrakantha with Dhruv and Umang waits near cave. Veer enters and kills evil soldiers and says let us go and get magical knife. They walk near cave and Dhruv opens it. He asks Chandrakantha to pray Vishnuji to help them. Chandrakantha prays and they all walk into cave. Iravathi walks in Bhadrama and says until she is there, Chandrakantha cannot get magical knife, it belongs to her. Veer confronts her and says he will not let her harm Chandrakantha. Iravathi tells Chandrakantha that she told about a missing link, Veer is that missing link. She asks Veer if he will go against his mother. Veer emotionally confronts her and says he considered his mother as god and did whatever she ordered, but she used him like a dog. Iravathi shouts she brought him up. He says to use like a dog, she insulted mother’s meaning, she made him kill many innocent people. He continues that Chandrakantha came into his life and taught him love, but maa snatched even Chandrakantha from him and made him kill her. Iravathi shouts don’t forget he is arguing with his mother for Chandrakantha. Veer says she insulted motherhood that god had to come down. Iravathi says nobody can stand in front of black magic. Veer says only Chandrakantha will win today. Iravathi says let us see and does black magic.

Villagers see whole sky turning black and discuss that this happened when maharani Ratnaprabha let Iravathi in Vijaygarh, they should not let evil takeover again. They pray Vishnuji. Iravathi throws black magicon Chandrakantha and Veer. Veer breaks it. Umang fights with evil soldiers while Dhruv fights with Bhadramaaa. Iravathi captures Chandrakantha and Veer. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji. Iravathi says Vishnuji wil not come as he gave her boon of immortality. Chandrakantha continues chanting onde Vishnu. Lights emerges from sky and falls on cave. Dhruv becomes wild boar and pins down Bhadram. Bhadrama pleads him to let her go as she does not want to die. Cave starts dismantling. Chandrakantha runs towards door and asks Veer to cme soon. Iravathi catches Veer via black magic, but Veer breaks it and runs out of door and asks Chandrakantha toclose door. Chandrakantha says Dhruv is inside. Veer says maa is coming and closes door. Iravathi and Dhruv shout from inside. Dhruv disappears. Iravathi says if one door is closed, another is opened, now Chandrakantha’s friend Dhruv will become her enemy.

Chandrakantha and Veer’s nok jhok starts. Veer says he will go his way and she can go her way She says they will go together. She says good she will protect him if tiger attacks. She smiles and walks holding his hand. She then says Umang is missing. Veer says Umang is fine wherever he is, let us search knife first. Bhadra returns to Iravathi. Iravathi thinks, Dhruvshe is coming to use him as her pawn as only he can take her to Chandrakantha and Veer.

Precap: Dhruv tells Bhadrama and Iravathi that he will get into Kaalnark’s door and get magical knife. Iravthi says she knows he is brave, but she needs something in return. He asks whaddt..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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