Chandrakanta (Colors) 24th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer Becomes Monster

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Iravathi confines Bhadramaa in a glass box and slowly fills it. Bhadramaa chants vande vishnu. Iravathi asks if she thinks Chandrakantha will come to save her. Bhadra confronts her that she is not so much powerful in front of Chandrakantha, she is flying high because of her hirnasur son Samay, without him her powers are incomplete. Iravathi warns her to get afraid of her death. Bhadramaa says she is not afraid of her death, soon Chandrakantha will kill Iravathi. Iravathi walks away fuming, and Bhadramaa continues chanting vande vishnu.

Veer at night wakes up and leaves while Chandrakantha is sound asleep. Next morning, soldiers beat villagers asking who killed horses. They say must be Samay. Samay lashes them next and asks why will he kill his own horses, who killed horses. Villagers say Chandrakantha killed them. Samay shouts Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha applies medicine to Veere’s wound and says he looks very tired as if he ran whole night, w hat happened to him. He says he does not know what happened to him. Chandrakantha finds Iravathi’s horse stable’s cloth and asks how did it come here. Veer says he does not know, she has made protective barrier around temple, how can someone come in. She asks him to relax, she will prepare herbal medicine for him till then. She turns to pray Vishnuji when Veer imagines horses, his eyes turn red and he leaves. Chandrakantha searches him. He runs in jungle. Storm starts. Bhadramaa says he is coming, he is most powerful who will destroy enemies, he will protect good ones, etc. Soldiers run to inform Iravathi. Horse stable worker put grass to horses and walks into hut. Chandrakantha comes out of temple searching Veer and sees herself in a weird jungle. She sees Iravathi’s soldiers coming and hides herself in magical shawl. Soldiers discuss they have to catch Veer and Chandrakantha, so they should continue searching them. In palace, Bhadramaa continues that he is coming, he will kill all evils. Iravathi asks who is coming, but Bhadramaa continues he is coming. Iravathi asks to close doors. Bhadramaa says nobody can stop him. Iravathi breaks glass chamber and Bhadramaa falls down. Iravathi asks to wake up and tell who is coming. Bhadramaa holds her hand and says he is coming to kill her and collapses again.

Village couple in jungle hut discuss today is amavas and something inauspicious will happen. Husband says if lion comes, it will be trapped in cage. Lion comes and gets trapped. They walk out to check. Lion breaks cage and runs away. They start searching lion. Chandrakantha walks in jungle searching and finds injured Veer, asks how did he come here. Villagers see her and get happy that their queen and Veer are alive. Chandrakantha requests to help them as Veer is injured. They take them to their hut. Chandrakantha nurses Veer again. Next day, Chandrakantha says she will guard them tonight and will kill tiger. At night, villagers hear lion’s sound. Chandrakantha also hears lion’s sound and follows it. She climbs tree and waits. She is shocked to see Veer coming and turning into lion/narsimha, thinks it is very inauspicious. She falls down on the ground. Veer walks towards her roaring. Chandrakantha warns him not to attack her. He is about to attack her when villagers shoot arrows on him. He gets injured, but breaks arrows and roars walking towards them. They run away.

Iravathi’s vaidya treats Bhadramaa and she gets conscious. Iravathi asks who is coming. Ground starts shaking. Iravathi asks what is happening. Bhadramaa says he is coming. Iravathi asks who is coming. Bhadramaa says he has red eyes, powerful body, 1000 times powerful than Hirnasur Swayam. Iravathi asks who is it. Bhadramaa collapses again. In jungle, Chandrakantha thinks she has to stop Veer, else he will destroy jungle, but her child may be harmed. She has to do it anyways and tells her unborn child that they both have to take her/his father aaway from jungle. She lights fire torch and calls Veer. Veer follows her. She finds Vishuji’s temple and walks in. Veer gets back to human form and thinks what happened to him, how did he come here. He sees villagers afraid of lion and asks what happened to them. Villagers say they saw a monster, he must have taken Chandrakantha. In Vishnuji temple, Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji how can her husband become a monster, he wants to kill his own child and pleads Vishnuji to protect her child. She falls down from temple into deep cliff and pleads Vishnuji to save her child. She falls on a grass in house. She sees golden walks and immense wealth, thinks it must be an ancient treasure house, she has to get out of here and save Veer first. She sees a ladder and thinks she should get out of it. She finds Hirnasur’s book and thinks Vishnuiji is showing way. She reads that if Hirnasur’s blood enters someone’s blood, 2nd Hirnasur is born, he is born to kill monster/rakshas like an iron cuts iron, he has to use his powers for good, else he will harm his family, he will get hungry when he makes mistakes. She continues to read he will kill evil on a path of, finds page torn. She searches page and does not find it. She thinks it must be with someone and she has to find out. She gets happy that Veer is not evil and is given power to kill monsters. She has to find torn page and guide him.

Precap: Veer says monster has harmed her, he has to find monster and kill.
Iravathi tells Swayam that powerful monster will kill him. Chandrakantha tries to stop Veer. He runs towards village.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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