Chandrakanta (Colors) 16th June 2018 Written “LAST” Episode Update: Happy Ending…Suryakanta kills Iravathi and Hirnasur

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Umang tells that they will fool Iravathi by making Tej and Gehna as Veer and Chandrakanta. He says till then Veer and Chandrakanta will be hidden with their daughter, and only one person will know where are they? People come to meet Chandrakanta and says Jai ho. Bhadramaa tells Umang that there is no Asurs in the jungle and says it is very strange thing that Iravathi and asurs not doing anything. Veer makes seven shields and tells Chandrakanta that the shield will work till Bhadramaa keeps her secret in her heart. Chandrakanta asks him to handle the baby for 4 hours now and says she is your baby also.. He says I can’t handle her. Chandrakanta says even I became mother for first time and handling baby. He sings lullaby and forgets. Chandrakanta completes the lullaby and pacifies her baby. He says this is Ayyara’s daughter. She tells she is Yoddha’s daughter. A crow comes to Iravathi. She smiles and goes out. She catches Tej and threatens Gehna to tell where are they? Bhadramaa and Umang hear the storm and get worried. Iravathi tells her that she will kill her. Gehna tells her that they didn’t know where is Chandrakanta. Iravathi asks then who knows? Bhadramaa tells Umang that she feels as if they are called at that place and tells that her magical powers is not working here. Suddenly they see Asurs coming.

Bhadramaa asks Umang to go and inform Chandrakanta. He asks where is she? Bhadramaa says from where you have come? Umang runs from there. Asurs captures Bhadramaa. Iravathi asks her where are they? Bhadramaa says I will not tell. Iravathi hurts Bhadramaa with her magical powers. Door opens. Veer closes it, Chandrakanta keeps the baby on bed and tells that she will go and fight with Iravathi, as she can’t read her mind unlike him. Chandrakanta protects the house with a shield and goes to face iravathi. Iravathi keeps Chandrakanta captive by her powers. Baby starts crying. Veer thinks he has to go and protect Chandrakanta. He leaves the baby unattended. Umang sees Chandrakanta tied by the magical powers. Chandrakanta asks him to take her out. He says I don’t know much magic. He tries, but she couldn’t be saved. Chandrakanta asks him to free her for her daughter, Veer and her people. She says I will read the mantra and asks him to repeat it. Umang frees Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta tells him that the baby is in the hut. Veer attacks Iravathi and asks her to come to him. He runs away. Iravathi thinks stupid guy, I don’t run behind someone, everyone runs behind me. She goes to the hut and gets the baby. Chandrakanta scolds Veer for running out leaving their daughter alone. Iravathi tells the baby that she can throw baby far now itself, and says just as I kill you, your parents will die.

Chandrakanta and Umang blame Veer for leaving the baby. Veer shouts and says I thought Maa came to take me. Chandrakanta says Iravathi’s Ansh is inside you and tells him that she will bring her daughter back and asks Veer to go. Veer says I didn’t do this intentionally. Iravathi comes to Hirnasur and asks him to burn the baby. Hirnasur stops her and says this baby is magical and can’t die in this fire. He says she can get burnt in pataal fire and asks her to give magical sword. Iravathi refuses to give the sword. Hirnasur is about to go. Iravathi asks him to burn the baby in the Pataal fire and agrees to give sword to him. He agrees and calls upon Pataal’s fire. Iravathi thinks once he kills the baby, I will lift the sword and kill this Asur. She thinks she will rule on all the 3 world. Chandrakanta cries for the baby.. Bhadramaa scolds Gehna for telling about her. Gehna tells that she was helpless seeing Tej in danger. Bhadramaa tells that Iravathi took out all info from her. Tej says we shall go there and help Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta tries to find out her baby using soil and hears baby crying. Bhadramaa and others hear baby crying. Iravathi puts the baby in Pataal fire.

Chandrakanta comes there and shouts no. Veer jumps in the fire and holds his baby. God’s idol is shown. Iravathi is shocked. Veer throws the baby and falls in the fire. Bhadramaa stops Chandrakanta from jumping in the fire and tells that they will set off the fire. They couldn’t do so. Hirnasur tells that it is Pataal’s fire and can’t be set off. Chandrakanta prays to Vishnu God and asks him to shower the rain. Rain is showered and the Pataal fire is set off. Iravathi takes the sword. Hirnasur says this sword is mine now, you can’t take it. Iravathi tries to scare him and goes towards Chandrakanta. Bhadramaa and others go away from Chandrakanta to fight with Hirnasur and asurs. Chandrakanta ties her baby to her back and thinks she has to kill Iravathi who has killed her mother. She thinks she has to end her story. Chandrakanta gets wounded and prays to Vishnu ji that her daughter will be in his safety now. Iravathi draws a line on the ground.

Suddenly some magical symbol appears on the baby forehead and same thing falls on the sky. Something appears on the sky. Iravathi and Hirnasurs die and their dead bodies vanish. Chandrakanta comes to Veer who is somewhat burnt and asks him not to leave them. She says I thought you wrong and cries. A pot falls down there. Chandrakanta says it is of no use to me. Umang sees sparkling stone and gives to Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta treats Veer with it. Veer opens his eyes and asks Chandrakanta if she is fine? She hugs him and cries. She tells we have won, our daughter has killed Iravathi, that scare, fear etc is dead now. She says Kaal ki Rani is dead now. Veer says our daughter did it.

They come to the Palace. Chandrakanta announces her daughter as Vijay garh’s future. She names her daughter as Suryakanta. Veer says she is Rajkumari Suryakanta. Everyone says Raj Kumari’s Suryakanta ki Jai.

It seems Show ended on Happy Note With Chandrakanta’s daughter killing Iravathi and uniting her parents.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Cathy

    I will miss gazing at Veer.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    I never liked this show as chandrakanta and veer were not ayyars, and this show never followed real story of chandrakanta.. But since last 3-4 weeks I was watching… Samjg to kuch khasss aaya nhi… But atleast show me happy ending ho gyi…

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