Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer In Trouble!

Chandrakanta (Colors) 13th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer grips Chandrakanatha and insists to tell truth. Chandrakanatha thinks she has to check if Veer is under Iravathi’s magical influence or is fine. She bites his hand, he shouts and grips her again. Iravathi walks in with soldiers hearing sound. Veer continues gripping Chandrakanatha, and she shouts to leave her. Chandrakanatha runs and hugs Iravathi pleading her save her. Veer shouts this girl is a liar. Chandrakanatha asks Iravathi to shut Veer’s mouth, he was searching something here. Soldiers catch Veer and stuff cloth in his mouth. Dhruv comments Veer is a repeated threat to Chandrakanatha and should be caged in jail. Iravathi orders soldiers to takeVeer to jail. Veer is dragged away. Chandrakanatha continues that Veer was searching something suspiciously. Dhruv takes Chandrakanatha with him and asks why did not she take magical knife. She says she saw Veer in trouble and thought to save him first. Dhruv says he already told she will see illusions, she lost a good opportunity and has to wait another month. Chandrakanatha continues that Veer is under Iravathi’s magical influence, pukraj stone’s magic is also influencing Veer and once magical effect wards off, he will helpthem for sure.. Dhruv asks her to rest, they have to find a way to get magical knife again.

Iravathi speaks to Gehna and says Veer does not even know where magical knife is, how can he search it. Gehna says she told her many times, Surya is not the one she looks like, she is Chandrakanatha. Iravathi says she has to meet Veer first. Gehna asks her to get Veer out of Chandrakanatha’s grip soon and give him to her. Veer in jail fumes that Chandrakanatha/Surya tricked him and mom did not trust him, he should meet mom and tell her about Surya. A masked person enters. Veer thinks mom came and asks to speak to him. Masked person kidnaps Veer and disappears. Iravathi walks in and searches Veer, finds no one under blanket. Soldiers say nobody was here. Iravathi punishes and asks who took Veer. Masked person takes Veer to jungle. Veer injures him and asks who is he. He throws Vee in a dry well and spreads dry leaves over it. Veer shouts to take him out.

Tej disguises as soldier and tells Umang that he has meet Iravathi in disguise and asks villagers if they know what they have to do. They say yes, Tej saved them from rakshas and should save them from Iravathi’s terror.

Iravathi doubts Surya must have kidnapped Veer and checks via magical bowl. She sees Surya sleeping and thinks Dhruv must have kidnapped Veer. Chandrakanatha wakes up and finds Dhruv there. She sees Dhruv’s hand injured and asks what happened to him. He says he is fine, they should find Veer first. Iravathi walks in and alleges Surya that she kidnapped Veer. Surya/ Chandrakanatha says how can she, instead Iravathi threw her 2 rakshas sons in her pallu, one is hiding in jungle and another married her forcefully. She asks where is her husband. Dhruv thinks Chandrakanatha is getting emotional and will reveal truth. He starts questioning where is Veer. Gehna argues with Surya and Surya counterattacks. Soldier informs Chandrakanatha that villagers are denying to give taxes. Iravath and Gehna walk to villagers and warn how dare are they to deny taxes. Iravathi says she will punish them. Villagers pleads not to as they gave all their coins to magical baba who is very powerful and can do anything, he has even captured rakshas.

Veer vents his anger in dry well and shouts for help. He imagines Surya coming and kissing him emotionally and telling she sensed he is in trouble and came to save her. Tu mera junoon….song..plays in the background. Veer then realizes it is his imagination. He thinks he will take revenge from Surya, continues imagining her.

Iravathi asks villagers which rakshas baba captured. Umang enters and asks not to tell anything. Gehna asks what is this hippo doing here, she warns him to tell who it is, else she will kill him. He says he will kill them all. Iravathi asks who is more powerful than her. Storm appears and Teja as magician baba emerges.

Precap: Iravathi tells they need to sacrifice royal blood and looks at Nishi, hiding. Veer continues arguing with Surya and rescues her from water.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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