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Chandrakanta (Colors) 12th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi takes Chandrakantha to Vishnu temple and thanks lord Vishnu to letting her bring Chandrakantha to him. She reminisces how she kidnapped unconscious Chandrakantha and thinks she will get magical knife back after 21 years. Veer, Umang and Tej search Chandrakantha in jungle. Veer asks Umang if he knows where Chandrakantha can go when she gets afraid. Umang says she can go to meet her friend Rimjhim near river. Iravathi with her puppet Aina prays lord Vishnu. Idol’s eyes glow. Iravathi says now even knife will come down and eagerly says she waited 21 years for knife. Knife image emerges in sky. Iraavathi says she will do rakt abhishek with Chandrakantha’s blood. Knife comes near her, but stops at a distance and returns back to sky. Storm emerges and Iravathi sees both knife and Chandrakantha missing. She shouts Aina that she told Chandrakantha is the same girl She holds Aina what is happening. Aina says it is god’s wish and not in their control. Iravathi shouts she waited for knife for 21 years, how can it disappear again. Light emerges and asks Iravathi to come near her. Iravathi asks Aina to go from here.

Veer reaches Vishnu temple and calls Chandrakantha, thinking where maa would have taken her. He finds Chandrakantha’s earring ring and thinks she was here itself, where she must havegone now. He shouts Chandrakanthaaaaa….and reminisces time spent with her. Umang searches Chandrakantha near sea and finds her on sea shore unconscious. Tej also reaches. Umang says she is unconscious Tej asks him not to worry, as he told she must have collapsed in fear, Umang should take her to palace via magic while he informs Veer. He rushes to temple and informs Veer that Chandrakantha is found near sea shore and is fine, Umang took her to palace.

Iravathi meets Bhadramaa and touches her feet. Bhadramaa blesses her. Iravathi says she called her and she came, she waited for knife for 21 years, but it disappeared. Bhadramaa comments. Iravathi says she gave Chandrakantha’s rakt abhishek to lord Vishnu. Bhadramaa says if she could get knife like that, she would have got it long back, she did not use her blood for rakt abhishek, If she had not made Chandrakantha unconscious and Chandrakantha would have prayed lord Vishnu, knife would have come to her. Iravathi asks where is Chandrakantha. Bhadramaa says she is alive and is in palace.

Veer takes care of Chandrakantha and says he is applying paste on her wound to get his work done. Tej comments earlier Chandrakantha took care of him, now he is taking care of her. Veer asks Tej not to tell anyone about their secret, else their life may go. Umang enters whose life. Veer says he is talking about their dynasty people’s lives.

Iravathi asks Bhadramaa how will she get magical knife. Bhadramaa says Chandrakantha has to pray lord Vishnu in a cave where lord Vishnu killed demon with fire, that fire is still there, Chandrakantha has to pray there to get knife, then she can get it via trick. Iravathi says she will drag Chandrakantha there and force her to pray. Bhadramaa says she pooja is done with heart, she cannot force Chandrakantha, Chandrakantha has to pray by heart to get knife.

Chandrakantha wakes up and thinks what happened last night, reminisces Iravathi saving her and then she collapsing. Champa walks towards Chandrakantha’s room and thinks she could not kill Chandrakantha yesterday, now she will. A bird comes to Chandrakantha and they both disappear. Champa is surprised seeing that and thinks how can fisherwoman disappear. Chandrakantha reaches Madhasyagarh and sees two men in dark. Tej and Veer come in front. She asks them why did they bring her. Veer takes her to her parents. She gets happy seeing her mother and hugs her and then sees her father ill and asks what happened to him. Mom says he will be fine soon and say Tej made arrangements for their accommodation and food. Champa on the other side informs Iravathi that Veer took Chandrakantha somewhere, maybe to Madhasyagarh to let her meet her parents. Bhadramaa comes and asks Iravathi why is her maid around her. They both touch her feet. Champa tries to speak. Bhadrmaa warns her to stop and get out. Champa leaves. Iravathi says Veer took Chandrakantha to Madhasyagarh, what to do now. Bhadramaa says she knows, but she should not let any servant know that she cannot watch her, she should act as her eyes open always. Iravathi says already 1 shift has finished. Bhadramaa says still one shift is left. Servant comes running and apologizes for coming in without permission, there is a big problem in raj darbar. Iravathi asks what is it now.

Chandrakantha’s mother serves drinks to Veer and Tej. Chandrakantha tells her father that she is angry on him and asks Veer why did not he inform her about her father’s illness. Mother asks not to misbehave with her husband. Father gets up and says her touch cured him. Mother tells Veer that he came here for the first time and cannot go without having food. Veer sees Iravathi’s hawk and leaves with Tej. Mother asks Chandrakantha if everything is fine between her and Veer. Chandrakantha asks why is she asking this. Mother says Veer is so helpful to them, she should not bother about 2 dynasty’s rivalry and follow her duty as s wife towards her husband. Veer comes ands says they have to return to palace soon as something has happened there. Mother asks her to go soon. Veer reaches palace holding Chandrakantha’s hand, greets Bhadramaa and asks Iravathi why did she call her here. Bhadramaa asks if the girl is telling truth. Veer asks which girl. Bhadramaa points towards a girl who comes in front. Veer identifies her as Gehna. Gehna says she thought he would forget her after marrying Chandrakantha. Veer asks again why did she come here. Gehna says she is pregnant with his child. Veer is shocked. Gehna asks Veer if he remembers what happened that night, asks Champa to tell what she told her. Champa says after she crossed limits with Veer, Iravathi will not spare her. Gehna asks Iravathi to punish her if she wants to. Veer says he does not know what happened that night, this girl may be telling lie. People says Iravathi cannot punish Gehna and her child is Vijaygarh’s legal heir. Iravathi orders guards to drag Gehna from here. People say she should do justice. Iravathi says if this girl is bearing Veer’s child, Veer has to marry her. Chandrakantha hears tha and runs to her room crying.

Gehna looks at luxuries in palace and tries to eat apple. Iravathi comes and says only who deserves palace can have food here. Gehna boasts that she has Veer’s child and deserves to stay here, she can give her North side of palace and will become rani. Iravathi warns to stop dreaming. Bhadramaa enters and says she can become rani only if she delivers child. Veer goes to Chandrakantha and says he is innocent. Chandrakantha says she knows how he was before marrying him. He says he was, but he has changed after marrying her. She says his child is in that girl’s womb. Veer says he does not remember what happened that day with that girl. Chandrakantha says he was attacking his friend Tej last night, he must have done something and leaves. Veer pleads to stop. Iravathi tells Bhadramaa that she did as she told and brought Gehna as Veer’s child’s mother, now how will Chandrakantha go to that cave to get lord Vishu’s fire. Bhadramaa says she will. She meets Chandrakantha near sea and says she is attached to Veer deeply, more deeper than sea, she loves Veer so much. She continues that sea does not keep anything and expels out, she knows how much she loves Veer. Chandrakantha says that does not matter as they fixed Veer’s marriag with that girl. Bhadramaa says it is palace’s rule, but marriage has not happened yet. Chandrakantha asks nothing can happen now as that girl has Veer’s child’s in her. Bhadramaa says Vishnuj will help her and she has to pray Vishnuji.

Precap: Iravathi tells Chandrakantha if she loves Veer, Vishnu ji will give her what she wants. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji. Magical knife emerges. Umang tells Veer that that people are talking Chandrakantha is dead. Iravathi says she killed Chandrakantha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Thank you for writing the telly updates so fast…h hasan

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  4. I don’t get the thing if someone is not liking th serial so don’t watch… Why criticize that person who is following the serial…. I think these people are soo damn free… ?

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