Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha Realizes Iravathi’s Plan

Chandrakanta (Colors) 10th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi tells Chandrakantha how she killed her mother Ratnaprabha when she refused to give magical knife when Chandrakantha was a small baby. She shows visual. Chandrakantha stands crying. Iravath thinks she showed this visual so that Chandrakantha shatters seeing it, it is easy to kill Chandrakantha now, Ratnaprabha’s total family will be finished. Chandrakantha says she made a mistake by showing this video, long ago she killed her mother by trick, now she will be defeated. Iravathi shouts Chandrakantha will die brutally and she has made arrangements. She attacks Chandrakantha and Chandrakantha counterattacks. On the other side, Tej punishes Gehna and asks what is Iravathi’s plan to kill Chandrakantha. Gehna laughs and says whatever he tries, he cannot save Chandrakantha. He grips her neck and asks to tell does she mean. Gehna says Iravathi has double talismi power now and is difficult to be defeated, she will easily kill Chandrakantha. Umang says let us go and save Chandrakantha. Veer on the other side saves Dhruv. Dhruv suggests him how to get out of kaalnarak door and get talismi/magical knife. He slits his hand and drops it on floor. Tiger comes running. Veer captures tiger via magical rope and requests it to take them to Vijaynagar and then he will be free.

Iravathi flies on magical mattress and challenges Chandrakantha that she told she will not let her win even if she dies, then she should be ready to die. She creates evil army and orders them to kill Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji aned calls bee army. Bees attack evil army. Tej and Umang walk in jungle searching Chandrakantha. Umang says he is tired now. Tej reminisces incident of Vishnuji giving boon to Iravathi that she will get whatever she wants. He comes to the conclusion that boon is actually given to the person with Iravathi, that means it is for Swayam and Iravathi wants to save Swayam instead. Iravathi throws fire all around jungle and challenges Chandrakantha that she called bees last time, she can call all innocent animals. Chandrakantha prays Vishnuji again.

Tiger throws Veer back in kaalnarak jungle. Veer thinks why did not he reach Vijaygarh yet. He walks and sees a blanket wearing man, removes blanket and sees Swayam there. Swayam says he is a sinner, so Veer should kill him and gives him dagger. Veer says he would have killed him if he was old Veer. Swayam pleads him to take him to maa. Veer agrees. On the other side, Dhruv prays god. Devi emerges and says Dhruv did a big mistake by trying to get magical dagger, whole world will be destroyed along with him because of this. Dhruv pleads for forgiveness. Devi says only if Chandrakantha is alive, she can save the world. Dhruv prays Vishnuji to help him and he even if he dies, he will not stop praying him.

Iravathi ties Chandrakantha with magical rope and escapes on magical mattress. Chandrakantha emerges in front of her and says she cannot escape. Iravathi says she is actually trapping her instead and forced her to follow her. Chandrakantha she cannot escape and she will take her to the place where her end is. Veer walks holding Swayam. Swayam thinks Veer did a big mistake, now Veer will die his death. Tej and Umang continues searching Chandrakantha. They see a bright red light in sky and run aside. Veer and Swayam fall down. Tej thinks Swayam is trying to harm Veer and attacks Swayam. Veer asks him to stop as Swayam is helping him instead. Swayam asks Veer to take him to maa soon.

Dhruv continues praying Vishnuji. Magical dagger appears on Vishnuji’s idol. Dhruv gets happy and says as per his raktvachan/blood promise made to Iravathi, he has to kill Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha and Iravathi continue fighting on the other side. Iravathi sees magical dagger emerging and thinks Dhruv should reach soon and kill Chandrakantha and Swayam should be saved. She provokes Chandrakantha to pick sword and kill her. Chandrakantha says no. Tej and Umang reach Veer and asks him to catch Dhruv soon before he kills Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha tells she knows about raktvachan, Dhruv had come to kill ker, but he could not as Vishnuji helped her and he does not help sinners. Iravathi says she should pick dagger and kill her then. Chandrakantha says she will not pick it, evil is evil always, Iravathi will not get this knife even after seeing it.

Precap: Swayam becomes rakshas again. Voicer says Iravathi’s boon is fulfilled and Swayam became Hirnasur.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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