Chandragupta Maurya 3rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shipra Betrays Durdhara

Chandragupta Maurya 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta reminisces Dhananand killing his trusted Piplivan soldiers and establishes Piplivan’s flag in front of his whole team. Everyone chant his name. Dhananand tells Mahamartya that Piplivan’s flag is flying on Piplivan’s fort, if Shipra left with wedding gift for Durdhara. Amartya rakshas says she left. Dhananand says let the wedding procession start, soon his enemy tilchatta will be killed. In Piplivan fort, Mura gifts her wedding dress to Durdhara saying she worn it when she became queen and a bride, now she wants Durdhara to wear same dress during her wedding. Durdhara gets emotional. Chandragupta says he will show Mura her room. Sthul says she cannot meet Durdhara till wedding. Mura says she will take Durdharea to her room.

Next day, they hear someone knocking door and get alert. Shipra from outside says it is her and she came to attend her friend princess Durdhara’s wedding. Sthul says they should not trust Shipra. Chanakya says same. Shipra says she just wants to attend her friend’s wedding and does not have any wrong intentions. Mura says Durdhara will feel good if her friend attends her wedding. Chandragupta lets Shipra in. Chanakya warns him that he should not trust anyone like this. Chandragupta says Shipra is Durdhara’s childhood friend and is trustable. Shipra meets Durdhara who angrily shouts why did she come here after she betrayed her by getting her caught by Amartya rakshas and not letting her go to her family temple to pray for her father. Shipra apologizes repeatedly. Durdhara forgives her.

Amartya rakshas asks Dhananand if he did wrong by trusting Shipra who is very close to Durdhara. Dhananand says Shipra is a match stick which will burn his enemies. At night, Shipra makes marks on whole fort’s floor. Chanakya hears sound and asks who is there. Shipra comes in front. Chanakya asks what is she doing here far away from Durdhara’s room. Shipra says she went to take sandalwood sticks for Durdhara’s facepack. Chanakya asks to use camphor water with sandalwood paste and walks away. Shipra silently opens main door. Magadh soldiers enter in and take their positions. Shipra then gets Durdhara ready and thanks her for trusting her. Durdhara sees Magadh soldiers infiltrating fort and gets angry realizing Shipra betrayed them. She points sword at Shipra’s neck and warns to tell truth. Shipra says Chandragupta will bed killed today and does not have a way to escape. Durdhara asks why did she do this. Shipra says her mother and brother are killed because of Chandragupta and it is her revenge. Durdhara says she betrayed her friend again.

Chanakya Niti: A mud pot can keep water cool, but if water is kept for many days in mud pot, water spoils and one may get unwell, so it is always better to change water regularly; similarly even if a biggest warrior stops practicing, he will lose his skills, so one should keep practicing their skills.

Precap: Durdhara informs Chandragupta that Magadh soldiers have infiltrated fort.

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