Chandragupta Maurya 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Selecus’ Reentry

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Chandragupta Maurya 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta walks in corridor holding diamond pouch. Durdhara senses someone and walks towards him. Chandragupta thinks this diamond is a mere stone for him, but he will meet his mother via it and seek answers to all his questions. Durdhara is about to see Chandragupta when Mura pulls Chandragupta aside. She thinks she can sense Chandragupta here, but why she cannot see him. Once she leaves, Chandragupta sees Mura and thanks her for saving him from Durdhara. Mura asks what is he doing here at night. Chandragupta says his new boss makes him do all bad deeds, but he came here for his mother to meet her and tell how much her hates her. Mura turns and cries. Chandragupta apologizes her that he opens his heart in front of her. Mura says their bonding forces him to tell what is in his

heart. Chandragupta asks what bonding. She says bonding between 2 slaves and asks him to go from other side and keep himself safe. Chandragupta smiles and walks away.

Dhananand’s elder brother sees Chandragupta and thinks what was he doing in palace at this time. Chandragupta returns to Chanakya and shows him diamond. Chanakya praises him and says now he is sure that Chandragupta will be future king of united Bharath. Chandragupta asks to first reveal who his mother is. Chanakya says even he is eager to let him meet his mother. Chandragupta excitedly follows him. Mura prepares laddoos reminiscing preparing them for kid Chandragupta. She thinks she will feed him this sweet after years and sweeten his bitter mind with her sweet motherhood. Chandragupta follows Chanakya into jungle and asks where did he call his mother. Chanakya stops and then continues walking. Chandragupta asks where is he taking him. Chnanakya says to his mother, it is very important to meet her now.

Selecus’s army heads towards Magadh. Soldier requests him to let army rest a bit as they are tired now. Selecus says country cannot be conquered with tired thinking, he is eager to rule on wealthy Bharath and they all will rest only in Dhananand’s palace. Mura turns and gets tensed seeing Dhananand’s elder brother standing. Chanakya takes Chandragupta to cliff end and asks him to watch carefully, he will find his mother in nature, even motherland is their mother. He should feel his mother’s lullaby in air and solace in soil. Dhananand’s elder brother asks Mura where is she going. She says to her room. He asks what is she hiding and heads towards her. She drops laddoos in fear. He says slave who eats dry food is taking laddoos for Chandragupta, where is that slave. Mura says it is for Chandragupta itself. He asks why she is so pity on Chandragupta, how is she related to him. Mura says to understand relationship, one needs to have heart of blood and flesh and not stone’s. He determines to find out how Mura and Chandragupta are related and why Chandragupta entered palace at night.

Chandragupta asks Chanakya if he is trying to fool him. Chanakya says Chandragupta himself saw how cruel Dhananand is. Chandragupta says he just wants to meet his mother. Chanakya says when he will realize truth, he will realize when trouble is on motherland, they will not think about biological mother. Chandragupta says Chanakya made him realize they should trust only themselves and not others, he will find his mother himself. Chanakya says he is getting emotional. Chandragupta says he is, now see how he will play with his emotions now and throwing diamond down says he will search his mother himself and hopes not to meet him again. Chanakya hopes diamond to reach where it should be, he is confident that Chandragupta would do same.

Selecus’ soldier finds diamond and mesmerized with its beauty takes it to show it to Seleus. Bhairav watches hiding and thinks plan is going according to Chanakya’s wish. Seleucus checks diamond and says he wants to grab all unique wealth in Bharath.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya asks if they have to choose between cruel person and snake, whom they will choose. Cruel person will think only to harm, so they should select snake which harms only if it is attacked.

Dhananand’s minister informs Seleucus that this diamond is Dhananand’s throne’s, it should be returned to Dhananand. Seleucus injures him and says he will loot all wealth in their country.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It’s nice that mother Moora saved Chandragupt. He handed over the diamond to Chanakya and it gone to right place, that is Seleucus.
    But after theft Durdhara has doubt on Chandra and Bhadrashal has also seen him, he has also doubt on cg moora relation. Tomorrow it will be interesting to watch the post theft effect.

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