Chandragupta Maurya 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chanakya’s New Task For Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta informs Chanakya that there are preparations for celebrations in palace to welcome foreign enemy instead of friend. Chanakya thinks Seleucus Nicator is coming then. He walks to his aide Shitkar and asks what is most precious in Dhanand’s palace. Shitkar says there are many previous things, but Dhananand’s throne. Chanakya says Seleucus is coming to Dhananand’s palace and if they steal diamond from throne, Dhananand will doubt Seleucus and there will be irreconcilable differences between them. Shitkar asks who will dare to steal diamond, it is impossible. Chanakya says there is someone who can finish the task. He calls Chandragupta and showing him pots says all have burning ash in them except one which has sand. He interchanges all pots and asks Chandragupta

to pick the one with sand. Chandragupta carefully watches and pints at one. Chanakya hands him over that pot. Chandragupta drops it shouting in pain and finds hot ash in it. Chanakya repeats act, and Chandragupta burns his hands again and shouts he tricked again. He continues that Chandragupta did not pay attention again and repeats act repeatedly. Chandragupta finds sand pot finally. Chanakya says they have to keep their senses active to concentrate on their aim, if they fail, they will lose. Chandragupta goes to bed. Chanakya thinks he will train Chandragupta

Dhananand checks Mura’s hands and says she finished such a difficult task alone and injured her hands, let him apply medicine on her hands. He inflicts a cut on her hand with his sword and pours wine on it. Mura shouts in pain. Dhananand says Seleucus is coming and he wants best maid for his friend, so he is appointing Mura as Seleucus’ personal maid to serve him wine. Mura says he is absolutely right, but to serve best wine to best person, one needs best glasses which Dhananand lacks and can take them from Peeplivan’s stolen wealth as her choice is always good. Dhananand stands fuming. Mura continues venting out her anger and says if it is in her hands, she will poison Dhananand’s wine and kill him. Dayimaa gets angry hearing that and tries to throw plates on Mura to injure her, but Dhananand stops her and sends her away. Dayimaa angrily punishes herself with a lash. Dhananand stops her and says he is waiting till Mura’s arrogance increases, then he will punish her till she begs for death herself.

Chandragupta is sound asleep when Chanakya throws water on him and wakes him up. Chandragupta shouts that he troubles him so much, he will inform about his whereabouts to Dhananand. Chnanakya says he can inform for sure, but only I know about his mother’s whereabouts, so if he wants to know about is mother, he has to do as he says. Chandragupta silently agrees.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya gives moral gyaan that if diamond is with them, it will increase their pride, but if it is in someone’s hand, it will blind their eyes with its brightness; if it is with enemy, it may poison them, so they should preserve their powers and not let them go to enemy.

Precap: Chandragupta tells Chanakya that it is difficult to reach Dhananand’s throne via main door. Chnanakya suggests him to to change his route if he has to reach is goal.
Chandragupta climbs wall to reach throne.

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  1. Chanakya is giving tough task to Chandragupt. Will he become a successful jewel thief.

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