Chandragupta Maurya 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Helps His Friends Win Challenges

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Chandragupta Maurya 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dayimaa serves herbal juice to Dhoomketu and Bhadrasaal before their running race starts. Chandragupta exchanges glasses multiple times and serves them. Dayimaa thinks she mixed medicine in Dhoomketu’s juice with which he would run slow, but Chandragupta exchanged glasses multiple times, don’t know which glass went to whom. Mahamartya shows flag and starts race. Bhadrasaal runs ahead of Dhoomketu and picks winning flag and runs back fast, but stops feeling ill. Dayimaa gets tensed seeing that. Dhoomketu crosses hurdles and reaches back starting line first. Chandragupta happily hugs Dhoomketu. Dhananand pronounces Dhoomketu as winner and scolds Bhadrasaal for being so lazy even being army chief.

Dhananand then tests Chandragupta’s third friend Indra and says he has to count falling coins; if he wins, he will be rewarded with job and if he fails, he will be given 100 lashes. Mahamartya drops coins from bag. Indra gets afraid seeing lash. Chandragupta signals him with counting fingers. Indra answers. Dhananand asks Mahamartya what is the answer. Mahamartya checks note and says it is wrong. Dhananand checks note and says he counted 1 coin less, so Indra will be given 100 lash. Indra gets more afraid. Chandragupta signals Indra. Indra says there was 1 coin missing and Mahamartya knows answer. Mahamartya picks coin under his foot and says he was testing Indra if he is competent or not. Dhananand says he is also hired and asks Chandragupta to show his friends whole palace.

Friends walk with Chandragupta and ask how did he count coins so fast. Chandragupta says credit goes to Chanakya and reminisces the incident where Chanakya asks him to count rice grains in stipulated time and if he fails, he will be in his jail forever. On the other side, Chandragupta’s rivals Bhadrasaal and Pandu ask Dayimaa to do something as Chandragupta is climbing success so fast. Mahamartya joins them and says he has a plan where Chandragupta will fall flat soon and will be killed by Dhananand.

Chandragupta shows palace to his friends and takes them to washing area where Mura is working. She works ignoring him thinking someone must be watching them. He calls her maa. She asks if someone is watching them. He says no. She emotionally looks at him. Stul says he heard she prepares tasty laddoos, can she prepare laddoos even for him.
She says yes if he shares with his friends, takes out laddoo plate and feeding them says it is reward of their success today and she has 4 sons now.

Chanakya shows Chandragupta and his friends Dhananand’s men taking wealth in chariots. Chandragupta asks why are they taking that wealth secretly. Chanakya shows a monkey eating peanuts and saving some and says similarly Dhananand is conserving wealth for future use, they have to find out this secret place and destroy whole wealth.

Chanakya Niti: To test gold, it goes through heat, hammer, water, etc., similarly a human has to go through hardship and one is gentleman if he looks at his subordinates equally.

Precap: Chandragupta hides under Dhananand’s wealth chariot to find out secret place. Mahamartya senses someone under chariot and stops it.

Update Credit to: MA

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