Chandragupta Maurya 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Reaches Dhananand’s Secret Gold Mine

Chandragupta Maurya 1st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand tells Mahamartya and Pandu that they are missing something and showing a beautiful bird says it is different and looks like messenger. Mahamartya says he need not worry as they are spying all messenger birds around palace after his wealth was looted. Dhananand praises him. Soldiers catch Mythri seeing her suspiciously flying bird away. Dhananand says she is traitor Chanakya’s puppet, soon he will be killed. Mythri warns to mind his tongue before speaking against guru Chanakya. Dhananand says his doubt was right, Chanakya has left his loyals here, soon he will end Chanakya and all his aides. He wil end whoever eyes on his crown and wealth. Mythri warns that soon their future will king will come forward and destroy Dhananand and his rule. She continues her confrontation and

chanting Bharath Jayatu falls from balcony and dies. Sthul watching this from another balcony with Mura shouts in shock. Mura shuts his mouth. Dhananand shouts that she may have reached end now, he will find out each traitor and end them soon. Bhadrasaal returns and says someone killed Mythri’s messenger bird. Dhananand asks did they retrieve message it was carrying.

Chandragupta hiding in box reaches Dhananand’s secret gold mine and hides till soldiers return back. He sees workers mining gold and thinks if these are Piplivan’s khsatriyas. A worker falls down and injures himself. Another worker pleads for help. Dhananand soldier walks to him and shouts that these khatriyas are so lame and weak. Chandragupta confirms that these are Piplivans khatriyas. Soldier kills injured worker and throws him in deep pit. Chandragupta gets angry, but calms down reminiscing Chanakya’s advice he should make his anger as his weapon and not express it unnecessarily. He thinks he will return with a proper plan and soon as per Chanakya’s advice will build a khatriya army to destroy Dhananand.

Sthul rushes to inform Chanakya about Mythri’s sacrifice. Chanakya performs her last rights before he reaches. Sthul asks how did he know about Mythri’s martyrdom. Chanakya reminisces their plan to send bird if there is any trouble and he will kill bird before it reaches understanding Mythri’s sacrifice. He gives his moral gyaan.

Dhananand addresses his aides that Chanakya’s 2 aides Dhoom and Mythri are dead now, but there will me many more whom he has to destroy. Chandragupta enters holding gold and says he has a plan for that. Dhananand says he thought he would be mourning his friend’s death. Chandragupta says a slave cannot do that and instead has to serve his master. He found this gold ore stone in Dhoom’s house and came to know that Chanakya already knows about king’s secret gold mine and Piplivan khatriyas, so he has to send Mahamartya there to protect mine and its workers. Mahamartya says only slave Chandragupta has talent to protect mines, so king should send him. Chandragupta smirks thinking his plan is working.

Chanakya Niti: A person needs food, water, or air to live most; truth is one needs hope which keeps the person alive, so one should never lose hope in life.

Precap: Indra tells Chanakya that Chandragupta is finding it difficult to gain Piplivan’s khatriya’s trust. Chanakya says it is more important to gain trust than making an army.

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