Chandragupta Maurya 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhadrasaal Doubts Chandragupta

Chandragupta Maurya 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj Vaidya treats Dayimaa. Mura asks him if Dayimaa will be alright. Raj Vaidya tgells he can reveal it to only king. Dhananand enters and stands shocked seeing Dayimaa’s condition. Durdhara hugs him and cries. Dhananand holding Dayimaa’s hand asks Raj Vaidya when will she wake up. Raj Vaidya says she has gone into coma and can wake up in a day, weak, year, hour or not all; her mind and body are not coordinating, but she is listening to their conversation now. Dhananand shouts Dayimaa cannot die without informing him secret she wanted to reveal. Bhadrasaal says slave Chandragupta has tried to kill his mother. Dhananand warns him to stop alleging slave repeatedly as he knows he hates slave. Bhadrasaal shows jail’s log book and says Chandragupta had left Chanakya’s

jail a few minutes before, then where was he and why did he reach late after Dayimaa fell down. Mahamartya backs him. Chandragupta on the other side expresses his guilt to Mura and says he did not try to harm Dayimaa and she herself fell down from balcony. Mura asks to get out guilt from his mind and repeat he did not harm Dayimaa, else his nervousness will make Dhananand doubt him easily.

Bhadrasaal continues showing evidence against Chandragupta to Dhananand and says Chandragupta is afraid of being caught, so he is missing. Chandragupta enters and says he had gone to temple to pray for Dayimaa and brought prasad. Bhadrasaal warns not to act and tell where was he when Dayimaa fell down. Durdhara says he was with her when Dayimaa fell and they both rushed to her together. Dhananand asks Bhadrasaal if he has any more doubts and asks Chandragupta to give prasad to Bhadrasaal.

Chandragupta rushes to Chanakya to tell him about all the recent incidents. Dhananand follows him reminiscing ordering Dayimaa to spy on slave Chandragupta and inform him if she sees anything unusual. Chandragupta sensing Dhananand following him walks to Chanakya and confronts him to except his crime of trying to kill Dayimaa. Chanakya signalling if someone is hearing their conversation says though he looted Dhananand’s wealth and plans to destroy him, but cannot think of harming a woman even in dream. Chandragupta continues warning him and walks away. He sees Dhananand standing and acts as nervous. Dhananand reveals he doubted him, but after hearing his and Chanakya’s conversation is now sure that Chandragupta is not a traitor, so he will question Chanakya further. Chandragupta relaxes. Dhananand tortures Chanakya and warns him to reveal where his wealth is. Chanakya laughs that even if he tortures him more brutally, he will not reveal it. Dhananand orders guards not to give him food or water till he reveals where he has hidden wealth.

Chanakya gives moral gyaan that lotus is born in dirt, but keeps itself clean and is submitted to god Lalkshmi’s feet; similarly if one needs better future, then one should do good deeds.

Precap: Masked Chandragupta sends message to Seleucus warning against pony tail/Amartya Rakshas and thinks with this one arrow, he is targetting Seleucus and Dhanananand both.

Update Credit to: MA

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