Chandragupta Maurya 12th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Betrays Chanakya

Chandragupta Maurya 12th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya tells Stulbhadra that graveyard is the safest place to hide Dhananand’s wealth. In palace, Bhadrasal tells Dhananand that he has made arrangements to kill Mura and shows Mura being hanged under iron thorns and acid falling on rope. He tells this acid will slowly burn rope and Mura will fall on iron thorns. Dhanaand says let us see if his cockroach/Chandragupta will catch Chanakya by sunset or will let Mura die. In graveyard, Stulbhadra asks Chanakya are they doing right by using graveyard for their benefit. Chanakya says he cannot help whoever have passed away, but can save whoever is alive. Chandragupta reaches there and says his mother is under Dhananand’s grip and he needs to free her. He explains his plan to dig tunnel underground and rescue Mura and taking

Mythri’s help. They start digging ground when Chanakya gets Bhairav’s message via bird in which Mythri informs that security is beefed up in palace and she needs Chanakya’s permission to go underground for sometime. He realizes that Chandragupta has planned to capture him. Chandragupta kicks ground and bamboo cage surrounds Chanakya. Chanakya tries to break cage unsuccessfully and warns Chandragupta that he is doing a big mistake and failing their mission of saving Bharath. Chandragupta says he is just worried about his mother and don’t care about anything now. Chanakya says if captures him, he needs to return even Dhananand’s wealth, else Dhananand will not spare anyone. Indra says they worked so hard to get that wealth. Chanakya says let it be.

Dhananand sharpens his dagger to behead Mura. Mahamartya says he does not think Chandragupta will come and will fail to capture Chanakya. Dhananand says let him fail as failure teaches one to be more careful like Mahamartya is now. Bhadrasaal informs that slave Chandragupta is bring Chanakya. Dhananad rejoices and asks if he brought wealth also. Bhadrasaal says yes. Mura thinks why did Chandragupta do this. Chandragupta enters on chariot with Chanakya in cage and Indra on another cart with wealth. Bhadrasaal asks soldiers to count each coin and if even 1 is missing to inform him. Chandragupta gets Chanakya out of cage and drags him towards Dhananand. Dhananand boasts at last Chanakya is caught..

Chanakya Niti: An empty nest teaches that its birds have learnt to fly and left nest; similarly if they have to be successful, they need to leave their nest.

Precap: Dhananand tells Chanakya that his failed plans led him and slave Mura towards death. Chandragupta interferes, but Dhananand warns him to stop.

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