Chandragupta Maurya 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Loots Dhananand’s Weapons

Chandragupta Maurya 11th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand goes to meet Seleucus. Seleucus asks why he came at midnight here to meet him. Dhananand says he wants them to clear their differences and fight together against their enemies. He reveals that Chanakya freed himself, then got his slaves freed, even Mura has escaped from palace, etc. Seleucus says so he came to seek his support. Dhananand says Seleucus is not so pure hearted, but he is seeking his help to fight against 15 Janpad/districts capture them. Seleucus says he knows Dhananand will be lonely king of all 16 janpads. Dhananand says they have to capture most powerful among them Asaka janpad first. Chanakya on the other side says Dhananand will try to capture Asaka janpad first, he will meet its king Vajrabahu soon and warn him against Dhananand’s plan. Stulbhadra

brings mangoes and complains that Chanakya is planning big here and let him pluck mangoes instead. Chanakya says even he is part of their plan and helped them instead. Chandragupta says king Vajrabahu loves manges and Chandragupta will meet him with mangoes and warn him against Dhananand’s plan.

Dhananand tells Seleucus that Asahak janpad is very powerful as its soldiers are alert 24/7 and each citizen fights with enemy to protect their motherland. Seleucus tells Dhananand that they need lots of weapons along with army to fight with Asaka janpad. Dhananand demonstrates his sword’s power cutting a brass glass into pieces in 1 swift attack and says his weapons are made from most powerful Bundelkhand alloys which can most strong alloys in the world. Seleucus says they will attack Asahak Janpad from 2 sides, he will attack from south via water route and Dhananand’s army will attack via north. Dhananand says Bundelkhand alloy weapons are on the way and his trusted soldiers are bring them under their protection.

Chanakya addresses Piplivan khsatriyas that Dhananand will attack Asaka janpad from 2 sides, so he will go and alert king Vajrabahu while they attack Dhananand’s aides and loot Bundelkhand weapons. Bhadrasal with Dhananand’s brother Kairavath and other soldiers guards weapons. Brother asks him to relax as he is with king’s brother and nobody can steal weapons from them. Piplivan’s khsatriyas attack their camps and steal all weapons. Chandragupta misguides them and exchanges weapons with inferior quality weapons. Bhadrasal and Kairavath inform Dhananand about Piplivan Khsatriyas attacking their camp to steal their weapons, but Bhadrasal with his bravery made them run away. Dhananand while exercising warns them to be alert as Khsatriyas may attack them again. On the other side, Indra sees Chanakya smiling looking at weapons and asks reason. Chandragupta reveals that they exchanged Bundelkhand weapons with inferior quality weapons, now Dhananand’s soldiers will be very confident with weapons. Chanakya says they need to be careful as Dhananand will not keep quiet

Chanakya Niti: Chakki is a simple equipment with 2 stones which crush grains and turns them into flour; similarly they should befriend simple but powerful people to fight against enemies.

Precap: Chandragupta asks Dhananand which batallion he should represent.
Dhananand says he senses a revolter/krantikari in him and he hates revolters.

Update Credit to: MA

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