Chandra Nandni 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durdhara and Chandra asleep,Nandini painting an arrow at Chandra,Chandra wakes up and sees her,and asks what are you doing here, Nandnini in tears says you killed my brothers and father, I will never marry you,you will die Chandra and I will kill you and strikes the arrow, durdhara wakes up and realises its was her dream and says Chandra it was a bad dream,Chandar says it’s just a dream relax,durdhara says it’s all because of you, I dreamt that Nandini killed you and you laughing at me,I’m not talking to you,no don’t sleep if she really comes,Chandra says don’t be scared.

Durdhara gets his war protector and says wear this Chandra and go to sleep, Chandra says but,durdhara says nothing go to sleep now. Nandini in tears crying in pain and says pitahamaharaj I can’t live without you, and finds a bottle of poison and says I will have this and kill myself,Nandini drinks the poison.

Chandraguptas coronation ceremony begins,he is crowned as the King of magad, Chandragupta mourya,mora very happy and so is chankaya too,chankaya keeps the crown on Chandras head and all applaud,mora remembers her dreams with her husband and says suryagupta our dream is fulfilled today. Chanakya says lets go address the people, everyone applaud Chandragupta as their new King and pray for his glory, Chanakya says Chandragupta today you will address your people as a King, Chandragupta says today I will say one thing, this is your land, new King, but the land belongs to the people,a King is known by his people,mora remembers that the words Chandragupta saying are his fathers words and is very proud of him.Chandragupta says today onwards we have only one aim that is our mother lands protection and glory and we will fight for it till our last breath, and the new mahamantri of magad will be the one who helped Chandras journey to Chandragupta and its acharya chankaya.

Chandragupta says from today onwards all the taxes which are u necessary are put down. Bharat ma- magad and Bharat found its King in true sense.

Chanakya says Chandragupta your decisions should always be in people as well as its kingdoms benefits,Chandragupta says my decision is not to marry Nandini, durdhara and helina were my friends but Nandini I have killed his family and she will not be forced to marry me,Nandini walks in and says but I’m ready for this proposal.

( Gautami sees Nandini lying on floor and calls everyone,Avantika finds she is taken poisons, Sunanda says go put her in a cage above the coal fire and this will help the poison leave her body,everyone does so and reduce Nandini, Nandini opens her eyes)

Nandini walks to Chandragupta and says yes I Nandini accept the proposal to marry King Chandragupta, Chanakya says okay announce the wedding of King Chandragupta and Nandini.

Chandragupta says acharya why did Nandini agree something is fishy,chankaya says you are right it’s her father and brothers death revenge. Nandini says yes ma revenge and so this is the only reason I agreed,Avantika say sits dangerous, Sunanda says but the right decision its time for revenge,Nandini says yes I will stay close to him and kill him,I will make use of the relation a husband and wife has and kill him mercilessly,mora walks in and says today is haldi utsav and I will send the haldi and Avantika you send haldi for Chandra please do the needful arrangements and leaves,Nandini says haldi now we will send the haldi in true sense ma.

Durdhara says Chandra you look so handsome as a King,I’m happy now I will have Nandini too with me,helina is scary but Nandini is so sweet, don’t feel bad but she is so weird right and sees helina stare at her and says but there’s no one like helina, she is so nice, I really like her bye now and leaves,Chandra smiling sees helina, helina says why smiling, Chandra says nothing tell me,helina says I’m very happy, Nandini agreed your proposal and now you are King and I’m the queen here,Chandra says and this makes you happy,helina says yes but do something and get maliketu in my feet and that will end my revenge,Chandra says calm down,your revenge will be fulfilled my army is behind him,helina says I will behead him with my own hands.

Nandini takes Sunanda alone with her and says I have something hidden here come with me and shows her a ring,Sunanda says are you kidding you showing me a ring, Nandini says it has poison in it, I had hidden it for safety now I will mix this in haldi and kill Chandragupta,Sunanda says very good now listen surely someone would have seen has walk here so you go this way and I will the Luther way and both leave,Chandra and Nandini Dash each other and the poison ring falls.

Pre cap : Nandini mixing poison in haldi, Avantika says this can hurt you too think twice,Nandini says all you see me is a dead person ma,I have all my emotions die with pitahamaharaj.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amalina

    Aaaawwww poor Nandini!

  2. Mystery

    Nandni is too much….yrr when she will know about band’s reality…she will definitely curse herself that day

  3. Awesome epi. Can’t wait for 2morrow

  4. Oh my god.sooo amazing. .love chandni

  5. Really the story is interesting and the quality of graphics and sets amazing.I like the relationship between Chankya and Chandragupt.Rajat is awesome today .Durdaea is very innocent while Helena looks like Greek beauty

    1. i dont think , the graphics is not so good , i am not telling the show is bad , it is good but graphics r not good as compared to other mythological and historical shows

  6. nice!! thnx for written update!!

  7. Suprrb epi Rajat ??as CGM with crown?,durdhara is cutiepie innocent, nandini lukd good…. Waitn for actual story to start…Loving d show ??

  8. Nothing is going to happen to chandra as chanakya use to feed small amounts of poison in chandra’s food.
    So chandra got used to having poison. Now that poison will not effect him. Now nandini is gonna become a biggest fool. I am happy.

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