Chandra Nandni 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra Nandini get close to each other

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Chandra Nandni 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra sleep talks Nandini please don’t leave me come back and holds nandinis hand,Chandra says I knew you will come back,my love won,good you came back now don’t leave me and go,and pulls Nandini close,Nandini has memory flashes,she looks at Chandra and places her hand on his forehead,she feels very restless looking at Chandras state.

Kartikeya and Bhadra practising sword,adornus says no one can beat me,Charumati sees Chitra and asks which prince are you here for,Chitra says no one but why are you here when bindusara isn’t here,Charumati says yes he should be here,Chitra says look at you so desperate for your would be husband ,Charumati says let me tell you he is first my friend and then husband,Elis asks who are you looking at come let’s go down and practise,Charumati says no we won’t,Elis says I’m I shall go,adornus says look all the princesses are looking at me.

Elis interrupts Kartikeya and says come let me see how Champa prince practise,Magad princess are very good at their game,Kartikeya says with you no ways,bindusara says Elis is as good as I am, Kartikeya says sorry I won’t fight with a princess,bindusara says dharma come here,even she is very good at it,she fought Magad guards to save her friend,dharma says I cant use sword,bindusara says I trust you so come on step in,Kartikeya and bindusara take a seat,dharma and Elis being their battle,Charumati starts laughing looking at helpless dharma,Elis attacks dharma and injures her hand,Kartikeya says it was a game what did you do,this is unfair,she is part of Magad common people who serve you,a king is by his people ,bindusara says people are by king and not king,and people can bare some pain for their king,Elis says Kartikeya is right,sorry dhrama come let me take you to doctor.

Chandra says Nandini I love you a lot,I kept saying my Nandini shall return,I knew my love is true and look you are alive and why didn’t you come to see me,why did you leave me,Chandra keeps nandinis hand on his heart and says this is your place don’t leave me,I cant live without you,you are my life,see you are here,and my beating heart was the proof that you are alive too,now don’t go away again,and pulls Nandini close. Nandini about to leave,Chandra cuts his hand in the hurry to stop her,Nandini says maharaj please Wait I shall get you something to clean the wound,Chandra keeps saying Nandini please don’t leave me,Nandini applies ointment on his hand and says what kind of king are you,you give yourself pain,Chandra goes off to sleep.

Nandini sees bowl of tamarinds,she has one,and picks few more and leaves,Chandra keeps murmuring Nandini.Nandini looks at her hand which Chandra had holded,dharma asks your dupatta had blood what’s wrong,Nandini says calm down I went to maharaj and he injured his hand, dharma says did he suspect you,Nandini says he wasn’t in conscious,he is deeply in love with Nandini,look at him, has is other wife and everyone knows Nandini is dead but maharaj has kept her alive in every single detail in that room,dharma says may be this is true love,Nandini says I wish somebody loved me this much and whoever my husband is i wish he loves me to this extent. Dharma says ma tamarind do you like it,Nandini says even I didn’t knew I liked it but when I saw it I felt I shall have it.

Kartikeya and Bhadra in corridor,Elis looking at Kartikeya,adornus says I know you looking at Kartikeya, Elis says dont talk nonsense don’t forget I’m your elder sister,and I have no interest in such things,adornus starts laughing. Chandra wakes up and feels heavy headed,he remembers all that happened before he went off to sleep,Chandra says why doesn’t anyone believe me I’m not lying I did see Nandini,Chandra sees his hand and sees bandage, it reminds of an old episode.

Nandini says look this wound,how can you be so careless,this wound Is so deep,how can you not realise it,Chandra says my eyes are here how may I know what’s happening behind me,like you don’t know that about the beauty spot in your back.nandini says all the time kidding.Chandra says are you applying dung on my wound this smells so bad. Nandini says no this is special herb when you mix it with oil it smells this way.

Chandra says this smells is exactly like one before,Chandra calls dasi and asks who was here last night call her here.Chandra says she is Nandini for sure,now I shall prove my Nandini is alive,she was here for me.

Dharma says ma even I want a husband like maharaj,Nandini sees Chandra face in moon,and turns around,dharma asks what’s wrong,there’s no one here,it’s moon,Nandini looks at it again and says why did I see him and says I’m so scared dharma,he caught my hand,dharma says really you were so close,it’s so not good catch someone else’s hand, he has lost it,dharma says all women die to see him,and you look,Nandini says I want to go close to no one,I’m your mother what rubbish are you talking,dharma says I was joking ma,Nandini says dharma I want to see my husband ,where is he,I will wait for him,till my last breath.

Pre cap : Nandini walks in covered in dupatta,Chandra rushes to her and hugs her,Nandini pushes him and runs and dashes bindusara.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. By habit Nandini is doing what he did earlier with Chandra but not able to regain her memory. Chandra has got clue by the smell of medicine and called her, as shown in the precap. But will it be Nandini, no chance because Chandra will not find her so easily.

  2. Crazy makers, till nandini lost memory how could she treat wound with same herbs previously used oly by her… Haha. Thy tought we are flexible with whatever thy show isn’t it… Climax of episode nandini and dharma chit chat was nice but i can’t understand wat thy spoke.. In written update thy shown oly few lines. Can anyone translate me the whole climax scene..

    1. Agree Kishore, always the written updates does not give the full dialougue. Nandini, is expert in preparing medience, but this memory stays with her, other memories has been erased. The makers make us fool.

    2. No kishore… wen someone gets amnesia they can forget everything but they wont forget wat they learnt i mean such as education.. so its obvious dat she can treat wound with same herbs…

    3. Jayani

      Kishore bhaiya, den u face memory loss, u may tend 2 forget who u were, wat u were nd hw u were… But d things which u di in day 2 day lyf is nt easy 2 forget… Even if v know 2 cook sumthing nd v know 2 cook dat very well, even if ur nt concentrating on d work, u can cook it d same way u usually cook it… Sum names nd reflex actions which r commonly used or dun, wud b fun even after u face a memory loss

  3. guys please help me elis is adonis’s elder sister so helena has two children with chandra.
    if so,chandra has been very busy in the ten years.

    1. @zaira Don’t know how helena got kids .Its really funny . according to history helena never had kids and here makers are idiots .Elis have come from nowhere and all of sudden she is calling everyone brother . LOL

    2. No, they were born before the 10 year leap.In history there was no mention of Helena’s children.Dont know why these stupid writers want to irritate us.

      1. Roopa, Haha the makers are kidding us, what to do accept the show.

      2. Jayani

        @Padma akka, ???, I agree wid u

    3. Zaira, Elis could not be born before Bindu,maybe cousin sisters. I know she says she is elder sister but she is not been seen together with the Greek gang. Let’s wait n see

      1. Jayani

        But is nt necessary dat Adonis nd Bindu wud hav very less she diff… Dey may 4 – 5 yrs diff nd in day tym probably Elis was born

      2. Padmini, I think Adonis is Chandra’s son with Helena…and pretty sure Mora won her case and forced Chandra to give a child to Helena. Otherwise Chandra was not interested in Helena at all…he only wanted Nandini. Since Elis is older to Adonis and doesn’t look Indian….she must be a Greek cousin visiting….In this serial even cousins are called brothers and sisters! Example, Nandini and Malti, Chandra and Madhav….The makers should give a child to Nandini and make us happy ! I’m still hoping that it’ll happen! I would love if it’s a girl because when DD got pregnant…Chandra told Chanakya that he prefers a girl…. Helena’s son is dumb and a wimp. She deserves a child like that! Helena is a cruel mother…look at the way she treats Adonis!

    4. If he was busy in this topics for ten years den when did he took svetambara……. 😉 😉 😉

      1. Nick, it was before these 10 years so don’t blame him.Maybe moora forced him.

      2. No di m nt……….
        I was just joking……..

  4. What will happen to Nandini??? Will bindusar sees her?? Then It will become a very big problem!!! Only Chandra,Dadi and Acchariyar will be to see Nandini again but others like bindusar,Helena,Apama??? And one thing dharma is not the daughter of Nandini that one thing I know conform So what do you think guys??! Again started to watch the show??or still angry with the show???

    1. I don’t think it’s nandini.Maybe Dharma disguising as nandini.

      1. Whaaaaaaat…….
        “Dharma disguising as nandini.” r u sure di……It was Dharma and not Nandini…..
        If so den her father in law hugged her!!!!!! Bcoz C hugged her…….
        OMG !!!!
        What dey r showing us….. :O :O :O
        They r just destroying d history and insulting our indian culture day by day……

      2. It is only a guess, nick.Dont be so tensed up.

    2. Srinithi, watch the show, all stressed will be released n build up more tension. I am just waiting for the serial to over, if they can unite CN, without anyone interfering or CN both leaves the Mahal n stays in the village n have a kid, this will be my happiest serial i ever watached. If they can’t unite CN, regret watching this serial n the moral of this story EVIL always win n there is no true love.

  5. Shwetha ,rajat just nailed it today . CN scenes was just hot and beautiful. Idiot makers wake up and use this pair properly .they can set screens on fire with their chemistry . Those new characters scenes are so irritating .they can never match cn .Think its not nandni in precap but someone else

  6. As usual no words for Shweta and Rajjat mind blowing acting.

    Feel bad for Chandra as he still in pain for his love. Eventhough Nandini lost her memory, at least she was supported by Dharma and Baba so she lived normal life for 10 years. But Chandra was surrounded by all the evils who doesn’t want Nandini to be alive. Chandra gone through all the pain lonely. This is the karma for Chandra for mistaken Nandini as Durdara’s murderer. But too heavy…

    1. Hey did anyone know about what happened to Nandini pregnancy before 10 years leap ? Huh ?
      Is her child dead after falling off the cliff ?
      Please answer ! ?

  7. The writers going to repeat the history i guess.

    Bindusar – Chandra
    Dharma – Nandini
    Charumathi – Durdhara/Helena
    Karthigeya – Malaykethu

    This is what i guess going to happen. Kathigeya ( as positive character) likes Dharma but won’t get the chance to marry Dharma. Charumathi want to marry Bindusar because she is Bindusar’s best friend. She may carry Helena’s charecter like jealousy over Dharma. Bindusar might marry Dharma to take revenge on her like how Chandra forced to marry Nandini to avoid Nand take revenge.

    Bindusar might realise the true character of Dharma and may accept and love her as how Chandra realised Nandini’s love. Then only he may realise his father’s true love and may find the truth of his chotima.

    I hope Chandra shall leave the mahal then with Nandini to live in Patalipura. Bindusar should resolve all the puzzle and beg for forgiveness from his father and chotima.

    Hope the writer don’t seperate Chandra and Nandini until Bindusar realise all this. It’s will be too long then…

    1. Jayani

      I agree wid u Sumy anna ???… D story seems 2 b d same as Chandini’s

      1. Jayani, you still mistaking me as anna. Im akka not anna dear…

      2. Not again, Sumy.

      3. Hahaha, yeah Roopa…

        I don’t know why Jayani always mistake me…

      4. Jayani

        I used 2 do d same thing wid jai akka also… M dun wid dis confusion… So ur akka… Mystery solved

      5. Jayani

        I used 2 do d same thing wid jai akka also… M dun wid dis confusion… So ur akka… Mystery solved… Uff

    2. Well I m telling u what writers want to show us now……
      Bindusaar – Chandra
      Dharma – Nandini
      Charumati – Helena
      Karthikeya – Malayketu
      Elis – Chaya
      Chitra – Malati
      Bhadraketu – Madhav (not in brains)
      (They show another rajkumari in d
      mahal, who calls Chandra mosaji) – Durdhara (only d character of her, but not d relationship with bindu)

      1. Jayani

        True bhaiya… Both r correct

    3. Hey did anyone know about what happened to Nandini pregnancy before 10 years leap ? Huh ?
      Is her child dead after falling off the cliff ?
      Please answer ! ?

  8. Jayani

    I hav a surprise in dis spoiler for u guys… So must read dis 1…

    Disclaimer: Dis contains gud nd bad news for u… If u r Lyn Amarendra Bahubali, den u shud find d gud part in d bad part as well…


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) remains away from Chandra (Rajat Tokas) as she fears her enemies

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show that Nandini will slowly start remembering her past and will realize that she is none other than Queen Nandini. Currently, viewers are seeing that Nandini thinks that she is a commoner named Prabha and her face is similar to Queen Nandini.

    Chandra has already seen Nandini from across the river and he is convinced that she is alive but is unable to find her. However, Prabha/Nandini is very close to Chandra and he is not able to get her although they are so near. Viewers will now see that Nandini will slowly remember the past and she will realize that she is indeed Chandra’s wife Nandini. Nandini feels sorry seeing Chandra’s condition but she cannot help him because of all her enemies.

    Nandini will also recall the bitter past where Bindusar had let her die instead of saving her from falling off the cliff. Nandini will feel that it is better off to be away from Chandra as their enemies will never let them unite. Nandini will try to be away from Chandra so that he does not spot her but destiny will bring them close at every step. Chandra will feel strong vibes towards Prabha and will start having a doubt that she is indeed his Nandini.

    Will Chandra be able to find Nandini before she escapes from him once again? Will Nandini show her face to Chandra and unite with him? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  9. The cn scene was the best. It was so good to see them together after so many day, or maybe more.I like kartikeya and dharma pair in new generation. They have the same depth of love and caring which Chandra nandini had for each other. But can someone tell me how old is elis. We did not see her before 10 year leap. Was she shown earlier?

  10. Yesterday’s esposide superb, i only like Chandra n Nandini scene, Nandini now realized that King Chandra have so much love even though Nandini is dead.
    Suprise to see Nandini don;t have memory loss when preparing medience for Chandra. How is it possible?
    Her memory is so slow, maybe need to fall down not from cliff, than she can get her memory back. Last scene Chandra hugged Nandini,oh oh Bindu stops Nandini, wait for next week

  11. If the makers of this show want to increase trp, just show more CN scenes.Its as simple as that.Alice is older than adornus?I hope they won’t show more children of Chandra’s.

  12. Oh my god!!! Chandra nandini u both r awesome… u both r d best thng in dis serial… wat d heck s happening in between those kids.??? Plz make them behave like a kid… its very immature n annoying us… in precap its not nandini… am waiting only for chandra n nandu’s scene…

    1. Jayani

      Thnx for d beautiful memories bhaiya… Very hard 2 find even in hotstar also

    2. Nick N Roopa, i had good laugh about Chandra hugging Dharma, u all share a lot of jokes. It is nice.
      Missing Satya another joker, also love his comments

      Nick thanks for instagram

      1. I m too missing @Satya da……..

      2. Me too.

      3. Jayani

        True akka… Had a gud laugh… Is bhaiya busy wid studies or nt wanting 2 comment in cn pg coz its boring???

  13. Very nice clips thanku for rewinding this. Guys any Maha episode this Sunday?. But thy updated story for bindusar and dharma part 1,2,3

    1. No maha episode.

  14. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Chandra (Rajat Tokas) begins wide search for Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) but Bindusar spots her before him

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will show that Chandra would be convinced about Nandini’s presence in the palace and will be determined to find her. Chandra and Nandini have an intimate moment after so many years as Chandra unknowingly catches Nandini’s hand and brings her close to him.

    Nandini gets flashes of her past life and feels a strong connection with Chandra but stays away from him out of fear. Chandra and Nandini’s intimate moments convince Chandra that Nandini has returned to him. Chandra had held Nandini’s hand in unconsciousness but when he comes back to his senses, he gets more determined to find Nandini. However, destiny will bring more twists and turns for Chandra and Nandini before the two of them can unite. Nandini is covering her face with a veil so that no one can see her but very soon, Nandini will run into Bindusra while escaping from Chandra and Bindusra will see Nandini’s face and get shocked.

    Bindusar will be convinced that the lady is Nandini and will never want Chandra to find Nandini. While Chandra begins a wide search for Nandini throughout the palace, Bindusar will make arrangements to throw Nandini out of the palace for good and ensure that his father never sees her. With Bindusar’s evil planning, will Chandra and Nandini be able to meet? Will Bindusra make another attempt to kill Nandini to ensure she stays away from Chandra? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

  15. I am so happy now the story is in contrôle and around CN love story

  16. Hi friends,I heard the director of the show changed Again Mr.Ranjan sir taken the show into his hand.I hope everything goes well with out much negativity.Talking to last episode .it is an eye wash for Sweraj fans as most of the scenes shown are between C and N.I hope N memory loss track come to an end this week.
    A small request to CV kindly reunite CN in a positive note and expect a tight slap to Bindusar by C for all his evil deeds.And last but not the least,throw the Entire Greek team out of Magad ,justify the actual father of Adonis and Elis.

  17. Agree with u jayani sis, hope this new director solve the issues with story line..

    1. Jayani

      Me 2…

  18. Wow Fridays episode was mind-blowing to me, I felt like both Chandra and nandini were in dream land it was serein, even though he is asleep still he rembers her. According to him she is everywhere by now even though nandini has lost her memory she will regain it after listening to Chandra how much he loves her nandini is indeed lucky to have a husband like Chandra
    Nandini will slowly regain her memory but my question is what will happen when binaural get to know of she is still alive? Will he again try to kill nandini, or he might listen to that witch who will pore more poison in to his ears against nandini for sure because her insecurity has already started even though nandini has gone
    I hope newly appointed director concentrate mainly on the leads story rather than teenagers love it would be great if the director don’t give importance to negative characters like the Greek gang its annoying even though we get to see Chandra nandini screens if they reduce there screen presences it will be great, now the director and CVS should concentrate on Chandra nandini,bindusar and dharma why I am including dharma is because she is the only person right now who is supportive to nandini, and she is bold never hesitate to speak her mind so even though bindusar try to do some dirty plots along with his fake mother witch she will for sure stand as a protector for nandini and even might get to know who actually nandini is this is my point of view
    This Alice and charumathi are really annoying to the core hope there screen presence is reduced for some time
    Now it’s right time bindusar gets to know who is actual culprit of his mother’s death because she is romaing freely without any fear in her and enjoying disgusting first they have to concentrate on the loophole which has been left out

    1. Hey did anyone know about what happened to Nandini pregnancy before 10 years leap ? Huh ?
      Is her child dead after falling off the cliff ?
      Please answer ! ?

      1. Jayani

        After she fell off d cliff, she faced a miscarriage

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