Chanchan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 3rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ranjana packing her clothes. Chhan Chhan comes to talk to her. Chhan Chhan asks are you going to your mum’s house. Umaben calls Sanjana. Umaben stands outside the room and watches Chhan Chhan and Ranjana. Chhan Chhan asks her why she is going, please don’t go. Ranjana thinks why she is stopping her. Ranjana says you are going on your honeymoon and you are stopping me from going to my mum’s place. Chhan Chhan says please don’t be annoyed with me. Ranjana says should I tell any reason to meet my parents. When I’m not stopping you, why are you stopping me. Ranjana says don’t we have a right, Chhan Chhan says you have, but I’m sorry. Ranjana says please leave, I have to do the packing. Chhan Chhan leaves from Ranjana’s room.

Chhan Chhan comes to Umaben, Umaben asks what happened, did Ranjana listen to you. Chhan Chhan says no, I will talk to Manav about this, as its a family matter. Manav can talk to Manek and maybe he will talk to Ranjana. Umaben says this house is not modern like your house. Sanjana’s finger is cut. Umaben says you cannot do any work on your own. Umaben gives some work to Gomuti and sends her. Umaben says I will do the kitchen work. Umaben says Ranjana is going to her parents house in sometime.

Chhan Chhan listens everything and feels bad. Umaben asks her to go and do the packing. Mokut calls Manav and asks him to come for work. Manav says I’m busy. Manav and Himanshu go to buy a night dress for Chhan Chhan. Manav wants to give surprise to Chhan Chhan. Manav buys the night dress and hopes Chhan Chhan is ready. Ranjana calls Manek and asks him to come home soon as she is about to leave. Ranjana asks Manek to bring her ticket.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Karthik shows his modern painting to Dadi. Dadi says my dreams are more modern than your painting. She says she dreamed that Umaben is taking training how to deal with dogs. They both have a laugh. Chhan Chhan calls Karthik and says I miss you all a lot. Dadi talks to Chhan Chhan and asks is everything fine there. Chhan Chhan says I don’t know whom to follow. Dadi says listen to your heart in tough times. Chhan Chhan thanks Dadi and tells I will call you later. Karthik asks what happened, Dadi says nothing.

Manav comes to Chhan Chhan and hugs her. She gives her the gift he bought for her. He asks her to see it. She says I have to talk to you. Manek comes with the ticket for Ranjana. Manek asks are you going today, Manav says yes and asks about Ranjana. Ranjana tells Sanjana to take care of her son. Umaben comes there and says she will take care of everything. Umaben says aloud that she is doing the kitchen work. Chhan Chhan listens to them and feels all this is happening because of her. Umaben asks Manav when are they leaving, Manav says we are leaving now. Himanshu and Simple come and greet Umaben. They asks Manav and Chhan Chhan to hurry up. Chhan Chhan stops Manav and says I need to talk. She tells that I know you are excited about this trip. Manav does not listen to her. Manav says lets go fast. Manav greets Umaben and takes her blessings. Chhan Chhan is thinking what to do. Chhan Chhan says we are not going anywhere. Manav is shocked. Umaben smiles.

Manav says what do you mean, Chhan Chhan says I wanted to tell you, but you did not listen to me. He asks what. Chhan Chhan returns the honeymoon package to Simple. She tells Simple that they are not going anywhere. Manav asks what is the matter. Chhan Chhan says I will tell you everything. Manav does not listen to her and gets angry. He leaves. Umaben gets happy.

Chhan Chhan comes to her room with tea for Manav. Manav is annoyed with her. She tries to talk to him, but he turns. She says I know you are upset with me, but hear me once, then you will know why I did so. She says sorry to him. He says when I was happy, you did not do anything, what happened, why did you cancel the trip. Chhan Chhan tells everything. Manav does not understand. Manav throws the gift. Chhan Chhan says listen to me once, he says let me sleep. He shouts on her and asks her to leave him alone. Chhan Chhan gets sad.

Manav and Chhan Chhan are not talking to each other. Manav looks out for Chhan Chhan as she is not in her room.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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