Chanchan 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the son’s agreeing to Matilal’s decision. Manav too accepts his decision. Matilal says he wants their respective wive’s to support their husband’s. Ranjana, Sanjana agrees. Kaumudi says she is ready to go through any test. Matilal tells them to prove who is going to be the next Matilal of this family. He blesses all his children. Ranjana says babuji loves everyone and trying to bring the best in them. Sanjana says she will support her husband. They argues that their respective husband will win. Kaumudi thinks to design the clothes. Chhan chhan wonders what she can do as she is trained in Dog handling but she have to decide what she can do. Ranjana and Sanjana decides on the spices business.

The client Chaman bhai comes and talks to Manav. Manav says he will give him 15% discount. Manav says his rice is of A1 quality but he asks for 20% discount. Manav declines. Chaman bhai leaves angrily. Manthan comes and sees Chaman bhai leaving. He asks Manav why Chama bhai left. Manav says that he declined to give him 20% discount and he left. Manthan gets angry.

Ranjana and Sanjana says they will go to Market to get the vegetables. Kaumudi talks on phone about making the cloth designs. She tells Chhan chhan, Ranjana and Sanjana. Sanjana and Ranjana thinks they will help their husband’s with their achhar business. Chhan chhan says she will decide soon. Mokut scolds Manav for letting Chaman bhai go. Manthan says Manav is responsible for the loss. Manav says sorry and says he will make profit later.

Kaumudi and Chhan chhan are busy in cooking. Umaben comes and praises them. She shows faith on her daughter in laws and says you all will support each other. Kaumudi asks Chhan chhan , what she is preparing. Chhan chhan says corn pulao. She says she got the recipee from the internet. Matilal asks about Ranjana and Sanjana, Umaben replies they went to Market. Dadaji says only Chhan chhan and Kaumudi is cooking, one needs to take care of home. Chhan chhan brings corn pulao and says she cooked this for him. Matilal gets happy. Dadaji says you should have hold the competition between the daughter in law and asks him to laugh.

Chhan chhan asks Manav, what happened in the office. Manav says Mokut bhai and other’s feel that I dont have business sense as I said no to give additional discount to Chaman bhai. Chhan says we will prove together that you are best and papa’s best choice.
She says she will go for an interview, Manav asks is it needed. Chhan chhan says job is needed for both of them.

Manthan asks Ranjana that no one came for breakfast. Ranjana says Mokut bhai didn’t have breakfast and left. Manthan feels that Mokut bhai is thinking about the competition and he leaves without having breakfast. Sanjana tells Ranjana that what will happen to their husband’s if they don’t earn the money. Ranjana says they will asks for money from their father.

Chhan chhan thinks Manav’s confidence can break and decides to do something. She tells Kaumudi that she is going for an interview. Chhan chhan search for her phone, somebody comes and says it is on the sofa. Chhan chhan is asked to go inside for the interview. Mokut and Manthan talks to Manav and tells him to bring the deal. Manav assures them that he will get the deal. Manav goes inside the cabin and sees his college friend Rupali and they feels happy to see each other after a long time. She says what you are doing here. Manav says I came her with some business proposal. Rupali says she is a true professional and she doesn’t mix personal and professional life. She asks whether you got your heroine. Manav says he got his heroine and got married too. Rupali looks sad.
but pretends to be happy. She asks him about his wife. He shows Chhan chhan photograph to her. She says nice and pretty.
Chhan chhan gets the job. she feels happy. Some colleague talks to her and says welcome on board. Chhan chhan calls Manav and says she got the job. Manav says his deal will be final and now he can prove his worth to his brothers. He tells her that his mood is off and asks her to come home.

Manav tells Chhan chhan that ranjana and sanjana got 6 lakhs order from their house. He feels bad that he may lose. Chhan chhan asks what do you mean, my family should give you financial assistance….

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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