Chanchan 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 18th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav and his brothers having a talk. Umaben comes there. Manav says Chhan Chhan is different, so she is your bahu. Umaben asks her sons to go for work. Chhan Chhan comes to her home. Everyone are happy to see her and hugs Chhan Chhan. Dadi asks her what she will eat. Chhan Chhan says I will have anything. They decide on food. Maithili gives her the menu. Chhan Chhan have lunch with them. Dadi says Chhan Chhan is changing. Karthik asks what is bothering you, you are not talking to us. Chhan Chhan says I was thinking about my friend. The problem is my friend loves someone, and his family have accepted her, but his proposal is fixed somewhere. Dadi says talk to your friend, let her decide.

Chhan Chhan says if she feels I m lying, she trusts her mum. Dadi says even then you should tell her the truth. The truth will come out any day, its better if you tell her. If she does not trust you, then she is not your friend. Chhan Chhan says ok I will do this. Karthik asks who is it, is it a guy. Dadi says don’t overthink. Chhan Chhan makes a excuse. Karthik is worried.

Dadaji is having lunch. He asks Umaben that you have given so many bangles to your bahus, you should have given them watches too, its late, I eat on time. Umaben says Chhan Chhan went to her mum’s house, so they had to do her work. Dada ji scolds Umaben. Dada ji gives a book to Sanjana. He punishes everyone.

Everyone are undergoing Dadaji’s punishment. Chhan Chhan comes and sees them. She asks what is all this. Gomuti tells her everything. Chhan Chhan says its easy, I will translate it for you in hindi. Gomuti says yes, and takes her help. Chhan Chhan teaches them the essay. Chhan Chhan helps Umaben too. Dada ji comes and listen to the essays. Umaben is unable to say. Dada ji looks at them getting bored. He says I don’t forget to give the punishment, write this essay twenty times in your books. Umaben says its tough, he forgives them. Chhan Chhan brings tea for him, but he does not have it.

Chhan Chhan looks at Umaben and is confused. She gives the tea to Umaben. She says I need your help, and tries to find out about the jeweller who made the bangles. Umaben makes excuses. Chhan Chhan thinks about it. Chhan Chhan thinks about Dadi’s words. Manav comes to her and asks what are you thinking. Chhan Chhan tries to talk to Manav about Sonali. She says can I ask you something, he says yes. He says you are my best friend. She asks him will you trust me if I say that Umaben wants you to marry someone else. He says is this a joke. She says no, listen to me once. She tells him everything about Sonali. Manav says how can this happen. You said she has changed, you are doubting on her, I cannot believe this. He says I will break the relation with my mum and leave this house, if you prove yourself right. Chhan Chhan says I told you because I think of you as my friend, she says we have to find it out.

The next morning, Chhan Chhan and Manav meet Sonali in the park. Chhan Chhan introduces Manav to her. Chhan Chhan asks him to see her bangles. Chhan Chhan says her fiancee’s name is also Manav. Sonali changes Manav’s surname. Chhan Chhan is shocked. Sonali denies. Sonali gets a call and she leaves. Chhan Chhan is tensed.

Manav says its your doubt, you know I love you. Manav leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. i think manav and chanchan should have kids, then umaben’s plans will fail cause if she kicks her out f the house she will find out shes pregnant and manav will call her backk

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