Chanchan 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 16th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan and Manav running after Harish. Harish runs and Manav shots stop. Chhan Chhan runs after them. Harish hides somewhere behind the cars. Harish escapes. Chhan Chhan asks Manav where is Harish. They see Harish escaping on his bike. Chhan Chhan says I was right, Rupali wants to frame you in fake murder case. Manav says lets go to the police. Manav tells the inspector that Harish is alive. The inspector laughs and does not believe Manav. The inspector says he dies and look at his death certificate. He asks him to go and meet the pandit. Manav gets angry. Chhan Chhan calms him down and says we will come with proof next time.

Chhan Chhan asks Manav what he was doing. Manav says you go home, I will come. Rupali talks to Manav’s photo. Manav comes to Rupali. She is surprised and laughs seeing him. She says I was thinking about you and you came. He says don’t touch me. She flirts with him. Manav is angry. She says I thought you realized your mistake but you are still not bending. Manav says you have to bend as I came to know Harish is alive. He says I was shocked to see him infront of me, I did not know you will plan so bad for my love, you deserve my hatred. He says I can’t forgive you for hurting my family. He warns her and leaves. Rupali shouts Harish.

Chhan Chhan is looking for the groom for Maansi. Everyone are happy to see Ranveer’s photo. Maansi smiles. Dada ji says Maansi likes the guy and asks Matilal what he is thinking. Matilal wishes everyone become happy. He says he is worried about Manav’s case. Manav says don’t worry about me. Manav likes the guy and praises him.

Chhan Chhan asks Manav where he is going. He says I have some work. Chhan Chhan says some people are coming to see Maansi and you should stay at home. He says I have some important work, I m worried after seeing Harish, I want to find him out. Chhan Chhan says is it necessary to go today, you be at home. Manav says Harish is alert, we have to catch him. He says I have to prove myself innocent. Chhan Chhan says promise me that you won’t do anything in anger and come back to me soon. Manav promises. Chhan Chhan hugs him and asks him to take care. Manav leaves.

Mokut talks to Matilal. Dada ji asks him to get ready. Matilal says I was thinking are we doing hurry. He says we are going to decide about Maansi, I should not make any mistake in this decision. Mokut says you know their family well. Matilal says I will tell about Manav’s case. Matilal misses Umaben. Kaumudi says Umaben came back. Umaben enters and everyone are happy to see her. Umaben says I had to come back for Maansi. Umaben says I dreamed about Maansi’s wedding, we will take the right decision for her. She says I m feeling bad for Manav. Matilal says why did you not tell us that you are coming. She says then you all would have come to take me at the station. Umaben tells Kaumudi to do her duties well. Everyone have a laugh.

Manav tries to find out Harish. Manav comes to know that someone knows Harish. Manav asks him where can he get Harish. Manav says he is my friend and I want to know about him. The boy gives the address to Manav. Manav comes to that place but Harish left from that place. Manav gets a call from Chhan Chhan asking him to come home. She says Umaben came home. Manav gets happy and says we will find Harish soon. Manav says Harish can’t hide from me. Manav comes home and greets Umaben. She says I m worried about you, the moment I heard about you, she says I know you are innocent and true, and you will win. Manav smiles. She says keep my faith with you. Manav asks for Maansi. Maansi comes there looking beautiful. Everyone look at her and smile. Umaben says I will fix the marriage date today itself. Dada ji says yes, its good. Manav says if they come to know about me and they say no. Matilal says don’t worry, Umaben and I will talk to them.

Manek welcomes the guests. Matilal greets them. The groom’s dad is Matilal’s friend. Umaben says we want ti tell you something. Rupali enters the house with police. Everyone are shocked to see her. Rupali says I want to tell something. Matilal asks inspector to leave as he is having guests. The inspector says Rupali has lodged a complaint against Manav for harassment. Everyone are shocked. Manav says I did not do anything. The inspector warns Manav and leaves. Matilal’s friend asks Matilal what was all this. Matilal says there is nothing like this. Rupali tells them everything that Manav is charged of murder and the business is going on. The guests are shocked. Matilal says its nothing like this. Rupali says check about Manav in the police station.

The groom tells that this is not a good family. Matilal’s friend gets annoyed and says this marriage cannot happen. Everyone are shocked.

Rupali asks Manav to agree with her on her terms. Manav shows her a video by which Rupali will be caught. Rupali gets shocked. Manav warns her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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