Chanchan 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 16th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav helping Ranjana in kitchen work. He asks for her help to talk to Dada ji. Ranjana says Sanjana got the punishment by Dada ji. They see Manthan is helping his wife. Manav says I m unable to help Chhan Chhan. Dada ji comes in the hall. Manthan is hiding behind a sofa. Dada ji sees Sanjana talking on phone, and talks to Manthan on phone. Dada ji sees Manthan and says you were trying to save your wife from me. Now who will save you? Dada ji asks Sanjana to solve the problems again. Dada ji punishes Manthan also. Manthan leaves. Manav and Ranjana see this from the kitchen. Ranjana says see what happened, I cannot help you. Manav gets upset.

Chhan Chhan is talking with her dad. Manav says I cannot let you stay here, I have to talk to Dada ji. Gomuti talks with Manav. Manav tells her that Chhan Chhan is alone outside. Gomuti says even I want Chhan Chhan to come back. He asks Gomuti to talk to Dada ji. He requests her. Gomuti says ok I will try. Gomuti comes to Dada ji and offers him sweets. Dada ji likes the sweets. Gomuti asks him can I tell you something. Dada ji says I cannot say no to you. Gomuti talks about Chhan Chhan and asks Dada ji to forgive her.

Chhan Chhan is with Maansi sitting in the garden. Maansi asks her why she is not eating anything. Chhan Chhan says I don’t want to. Dada ji says no to Gomuti. Manav hears this. Dada ji asks Gomuti to end this talk. Manav comes to Dada ji and talks about Chhan Chhan. He asks him to call Chhan Chhan inside. Manav says as you cannot live without Dadi, I cannot live without Chhan Chhan. Manav says I will step out of the house if Chhan Chhan does not come. Manav takes a pillow and says I will go out and stay with Chhan Chhan. Gomuti follows him. Dada ji says look this is Manav, he is like me. Umaben and Matilal see that Manav is going to stay with Chhan Chhan.

Manav comes to Chhan Chhan. Chhan Chhan asks what are you doing. Manav says I m keeping the promises I made in the marriage. Manav says lets have food. Manav makes her eat food. Chhan Chhan smiles. It rains. Dada ji and everyone listen to what Chhan Chhan says. Manav says you have solution for every problem, but not this one, do something. Chhan Chhan speaks well. she says I have to win Dada ji’s heart. Matilal and Umaben also hear to them talking. Dada ji gets impresses by Chhan Chhan’s words. Chhan Chhan says Dada ji will forgive me and call me inside. Manav says I love you and hugs her.

Dada ji asks Umaben to call Manav and Chhan Chhan inside. Everyone become happy. Matilal says Dada ji is unpredictable. Chhan Chhan and Manav come inside. Umaben asks Manav why he is not coming inside. Manav says does he care about us, I will not come inside. Matilal says don’t create a issue. Manav is adamant. Chhan Chhan explains him why Dada ji said so. Matilal praises Chhan Chhan. Matilal asks him to come in before Dada ji changes his mind.

Manav and Chhan Chhan get romantic. Manav hugs her. They have a romantic talk. They get closer and Umaben knocks the door. Chhan Chhan welcomes her. Umaben brings haldi milk for them. Umaben says Dada Ji has forgiven you but you should do something good for her, she asks Chhan Chhan to make breakfast tomorrow. Chhan Chhan smiles and sees the items to be made. Umaben further says Dada Ji eats on time, so wake up early and make the food, and don’t do any mistake. Chhan Chhan says ok, I will get up on time. Umaben leaves. Manav says it means you have to get up early, I will sleep till late. Manav hugs her and lifts her. Umaben smiles as she has planned something for Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan and Rushaali meet. Rushaali says her fiancee name is Manav Borisagar, Chhan Chhan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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