Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 78

Continuation from Episode 77:

Anika is tending Shivaay’s wounded hand.He has got deep bruises while beating Rakesh.She is watching him silently.Without looking at her,Shivaay says all of a sudden-

S: Tum mujhe aise ghurna baand karogi plz?

Anika was tying up the bandage knot.Hearing him she tightened it.Shivaay screams-

S: Ouch….What are you doing?It’s paining Anika.Be careful.
A: Lagi na?It should be.Be grateful to your stars that you got saved only by saying “Ouch”.Thank God no-one was there when you were performing tandav!

S: He should thank God that you came in between.Otherwise……
A: Tell me one thing-Who are you?

S: Shivaay….Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Why…
A: Exactly.You are Shivaay Singh Oberoi the SSO.GSO banne ki kya zaroorat thi?

A: Gunde Singh Oberoi!
S: What?

A: Aur nahi toh kya?Wish I could make you watch yourself that time!So much anger?You could have faced serious problem.Could have injured yourself severely,police case….What not?
S: So you are saying I should have spared that rascal even after all those…….Anika you heard na what he was saying?

A: Yes,I have heard.To handle that 2rs Rakesh my hands and designer foot-wear were enough!
(Shivaay gives an amazed look to her)
What?Don’t get fooled by my innocent,beautiful face okay?I would have placed those fallen screws of Rakesh’s brain just at the right place.
I have handled such cheapde many times!Had to miss that golden opportunity because of your herogiri!

Anika finishes in a fake complaining tone.

S: I think you are mistaking Rakesh as a desperate teenage lover or an over-enthusiastic admirer of your school or college time whom you used to teach lessons.He was insulting you Anika and I had to intervene.
And I won’t spare anyone talking nonsense about you,ever!I would have buried him alive if it’s not for you…………………………..Anika puts her index finger on his lips and he stops immediately.

A: Shhh….Calm down.Why are you boiling your blood for that faltu Rakesh and his words?Who is he to define me or what I am?
I know who I am and you also know-The truth.Others’ opinion does not matter to me.
Whatever we have its ours Shivaay.Don’t involve any third person in that plz!

You should not have lost your temper like that.Matter could be solved in other ways too.You have staked your reputation,your life…..If something has happened to you,what would have happened to those who love you?
Someone who is so valuable to many should not be careless and such attitude does not suit Shivaay Singh Oberoi.You were about to kill…………….Shivaay,we can’t change people’s narrow mentality,their thinking and that’s their problem.

We should not let Rakesh like people control ourselves.We should not do anything that we regret later in a moment’s impulses.Just forget that part.Can you do that?
(Shivaay says nothing)Won’t you say something?

Shivaay gestures towards her finger.Anika removes it hastily-Sorry…..He says smiling-

S: I must say,your words are quite powerful.I really have not thought that time “I am the Shivaay Singh Oberoi” and all those you said.I saw just you and……….Okay,let’s drop it.Happy now?
A: Kidkitode…….She finishes dressing the wound.

A: Kitna chot lag gayi aap ko.It must be paining.
S: No,there is no pain at all….He smiles.

A: Mard ko dard nahi hota,isliye?
S: You won’t understand.

A: Really?Then make me understand.(Shivaay is about to say something but she stops)
Will think about that later but I do have a serious complaint against you Shivaay Singh Oberoi!
S: Complaint?What have I done?

A: You don’t know?Okay,let me enlighten you.Why did not you bother to call me once after we had met last?I know you remain busy still you could manage little time for me no?(Shivaay tries to tell something but again she stops him)

Unlike you,I had all the news about you and your doings.I am too a very busy businesswoman but I managed.
(Shivaay says nothing just smiles sweetly)
You look so good when you smile like that.Never lose this precious gift.

S: I had my reasons in not contacting you.You said in our last meeting that you would need time with yourself so I detached myself from your world.(But you were never absent from my heart-He says in mind)
I was totally Anika-zoned once upon a time.

A: I heard all those stories,more or less.That’s why you decided to stay away?
S: To tell honestly,I wanted to stay away because…..I wanted to feel how I would do without you after……He stops.
A: After…?Finish it Shivaay.

But he says nothing further and Anika realizes Shivaay does not wish to finish.She changes the topic.

A: I have won a big time today so I was thinking I should celebrate my win….Can I expect a treat from you Shivaay?
S: Kamal hain! You have won,it’s you who should arrange treat for others instead you are asking treat from me?

A: I have two reasons for this demand.First one is-I need a compensation for those three months’ damage and second one-Will tell when you will agree.

Thinking for awhile Shivaay says-

S: Tell me then,what’s that you want?
A: Very simple.You have to……………………………Some time later they both go out of the Motel leaving a note at the reception in case anyone inquires.They leave without taking any car or transportation.Party is going on in the motel lawn,still.

Shivaay and Anika are walking on the street of Nashik,at night.It’s mid-October and weather is preparing to welcome the Winter season.They seem to enjoy each other’s company and the weather at the same time.They are walking on foot happily,talking and sightseeing.
At one point Anika stops-

A: Shivaay,I am really hungry.Let’s eat something.
S: Here?We have come really far Anika.It’s almost outskirt of Nashik.You won’t find anything other than street food.Let’s go somewhere else.I am calling my driver………She stops him.

A: I don’t want any restaurant or VIP lounge to have food.Today I will have street food and you have promised you won’t say No to anything I demand.Remember?
S: Road-side food is not good for health Anika and you know that.I can’t take risk.

A: If you want to see me happy then you have to fulfill this wish of mine.Otherwise…
S: Okay fine.It’s your day sorry,night!

Laughing they move towards a vendor who is making aloo-tikia,pakode and other two-three items.Anika asks him-

A: Uncle ji,what are you making?Badi acchi khusboo aa rahi hain.

The vendor tells her about his arrangement.There are many who are selling different items and people are eating crowding around.
Suddenly Anika recalls Something.
She starts talking with the vendor in a slow tone so that Shivaay can’t hear.He gets surprised.Finishing the talk the vendor smiles looking at Shivaay then goes away.Watching that Shivaay says-

S: Where is he going?What are you up to Anika?She says smiling-
A: Woh…I have requested him to leave his stall to us,for some time.Because…….I want you to make something for me,on this stall!

S: Hold on Anika just one second.You are saying I,Shivaay Singh Oberoi would cook on a stall openly on a road?You are not serious right?
A: Have heard a lot about your cooking.Prove it today.
S: Like this?

A: Aapki shaan kam nahi ho jayegi Shivaay.This is also a business where one shows talents in cooking.For me,this is world’s most blessed business.Street foods have heavenly flavour which can’t be found anywhere.
People go back after eating these food items with a happy face,full stomach,spending really little.
Look around Shivaay.All of them are selling not only food but happiness too.And most importantly,what matters is food not where it is cooking be it a reputed restaurant or a street stall.
For some time forget your that sophisticated kitchen of OM and apply your skill here.This is a rare opportunity,I am telling you.Aisa mauka doobara shayed na aaye aap ke zindagi mein!Think on it.

Shivaay says smiling sweetly-

S: I never thought from this angle.You have a very different approach for everything and I really appreciate that.
A: Thank you.Now plz hurry up.I am really hungry…….Shivaay takes off his suit then gives it to Anika to keep.He says-

S: Dekh lo,tumhare liye thela wala baan gaya mein.Don’t forget it ever in your life.
A: I won’t.This is a historic moment.I am so excited.

S: Hmmmm….So Madam,what would you like to eat from SSO’s thela?

Anika tells Shivaay what she wants to eat then Shivaay gets busy in making that.She watches him in full admiration sitting on a tool near him.While chopping onion,Shivaay asks-

S: Have you ever been to Nashik before?
A: Have come once to spend a summer vacation,couple of years ago.It’s been really long.You?

S: I have come here many times for the purpose of business.Repetition of same old thing every time.But this time my visit is full of surprises.Thanks to you…….Anika smiles hearing that.

A: Can I help you with something?If you don’t mind.
S: Really?

A: Why are you sounding surprised?For your kind information,I can cook too.(Shivaay looks at her)
When for the first time I realized this,it gave me solid jhatka.I could not understand how come I was able to cook.
Then the secret got revealed.And you know the most interesting part?My family members praise you instead of me!

S: They do the right thing.If credit should go,it should go to the right person.
A: Everyone is a fan of you back at home.Just can’t stop talking or mentioning about you……………………………Shivaay finishes cooking.His wounded hand has created little problem but with the help of Anika,he managed.

They sit side by side on a bench to have the food.

S: Your dish is ready.Help yourself.
A: I just can’t wait.(She takes the first morsel)Wow Shivaay,you are just amazing.This is fantastic.Never ever in my life I have eaten so tasty chole-bature.So delicious.You should try.

S: If I get stomach ache,you will be responsible Anika.
A: Okay fine.It’s on me.Let me feed you…………….She starts feeding him.

S: You are right Anika.This is actually very delicious.
A: Pata chal gayi na?Such little moment brings real happiness.Life does not provide us many chances of genuine happiness.If we find any,we should not let it go.

S: Hmmmm…..True,I agree.I have really enjoyed myself.It was altogether a different experience.But you have not told me yet your second reason.
A: Will tell.What’s so hurry?Let me enjoy my treat.

They both engage in talking while eating.Stall owner returns after some time.Anika and Shivaay thank him for everything.He refuses to take any money.Later accepts on their insist.
For the first time coffee lover Shivaay Singh Oberoi drinks tea to give company to Anika.

Their night adventure goes ahead while they keep exploring more places of Nashik,together.

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