Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 77

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“Kabhi Yun Bhi Toh Ho
Dariya Ka Sahil Ho,Poore Chaand Ki Raat Ho
Aur…Tum Aao
Kabhi Yun Bhi Toh Ho
Tanhai Ho,Dil Ho,Boondein Ho,Barsaat Ho
Aur…Tum Aao……….”

Anika puts her hand on Shivaay’s already forwarded hand to match the dance steps as partners get exchanged.

In a swift motion,Shivaay swirls Anika around him.Her breathing get hitched feeling the close proximity.Shivaay makes her face him again swirling around.Anika crushes against Shivaay’s chest,smoothly.
And that very act forces her to clutch him from behind while Shivaay’s hand finds Anika’s delicate waist,to hold her.

Anika looks into those blue orbits of Shivaay.His breathing is fanning over her face which produces a shrill all over her body.Her heart is pounding in a rhythmic style and she closes her eyes for few seconds.
There Shivaay feels Anika’s hands which have clutched him from behind,are trembling a little.
Like an after-shock of an earthquake!

Shivaay brings his face near Anika’s right ear then says in a whispering voice-

S: Are you okay?

Without answering,Anika closes her eyes once again.Shivaay lifts his face then looks at her.Anika fixes her hairs freeing one of her hands to avert Shivaay’s gaze.He frowns noticing something-

S: What has happened to your hand?How did you get the wound?
A: Woh…I was wearing bangles.Don’t know when……

S: Got into Blunder Queen mode,right?
A: What?

S: I..I mean how could it happen?
A: Happened,just like other things happen.He goes on adding-
S: Uninvited,unexpected…no?

Silence follows for few seconds.Breaking it Shivaay says-

S: How is everyone doing at home?And Chanchan,Chanchal?Did they miss me?Anika says in her mind-

“Can’t he ask how I am even if it’s a formality?”

Anika feels a tinge of anger spreading inside her,rapidly.Suppressing that she says-

A: Everyone is fine.Tell me,how are you?
S: As you see.
A: Have seen a lot more(Taking a quick glance at Tia)Don’t know what to take.So help me out.

Shivaay does not miss that sarcastic tone of Anika’s words.Smiling a little he says-

S: That’s the problem with girls.They say something but mean something else!
A: Really?Is that you think?Ignoring her questions-

S: By the way,she is Tia.My childhood friend.In fact we are very good friends.
A: Did I ask you?

S: No but I just felt like telling you….You know we were discussing something(He waits for Anika to speak but she does not)She was saying if a person marries a girl whom he does not love,she may get her husband’s love but he would love her without giving his heart to her!
She termed it as a silent,hidden betrayal.What do you say?Do you agree with her?

A: Is my opinion important for this specific discussion?
S: If I say…yes,it is important.

Anika goes silent for some moments.She turns in search of Tia and Sagar but could not find them.They are dancing a little afar.She returns her gaze to Shivaay.She says smiling-

A: In an arrange marriage couple learn to love each other as their relation progress ahead by knowing each other,step by step.And in love marriage a couple re-colour their relation with the help of that love which they already have.
I believe one can fall in love with anyone,anywhere,anytime.Because human heart is a classic case of change.Insaan ka dil bahot bade paltibaaz hote hain jo ki hum sooch bhi nahi sakte iss hadh tak!

Love can happen anytime but not true love.Pyaar shayed bar bar ho sakta hain par saccha pyaar…nahi,nahi ho sakta.
It happens only once,between two hearts.

S: If anyone loses his/her true love because of any reason no matter what,what they should do?

A: Those who can find true love again after losing it,are very fortunate.As true love does provide a second chance.But not third,fourth or anything afterwards,that’s it.
To remain loyal to that one person who has your heart facing all the challenges and problems life throw,is really very difficult.To love him/her with the same passion till the end is also very difficult.

In these circumstances betrayal can happen secretly,without knowing and I think Tia was talking about this betrayal.True love demands complete surrender by every means.And for all those subtle yet complicated matter,true love is rare,rarest.
People name their obsession,infatuation for someone as love.
Some find love even in hatred.Few names their true love as responsibility while some consider their friendship as true love,vice-versa.

In short,har koi dil mein aa toh sakte hain par jaga nahi bana sakta.I think Tia is right.Because if we can’t love that person whom we are bound to love,then we are betraying them.It is true for both love and arrange marriage with the exception of true love and this is my opinion.

S: How one gets to know that he has found his true love?

While describing Anika seemed floating in a dream land.Her eyes were shining differently.But Shivaay’s question brings her back in the present.Observing him closely she says-

A: Why do I feel that I have turned into a lecturer all of a sudden who is lecturing on love?I mean,seriously?
S: What’s the problem if you share your feelings?

A: Why should I share my….my feelings with you?Do you share anything with me?Have you ever bothered to call me once to ask how I am or what I am doing in these months?
Chanchan,Chanchal kaise hai yeh tak poochne ka fursat mila aap ko par main kaisi hoon yeh nahi!Wow!

S: Why are you getting angry on this small thing?
A: It can be small for you but not for me Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Excuse me plz…..

Freeing herself from Shivaay’s grasps she tries to move but stumbles.Shivaay catches her immediately.

O Jaana………

Shivaay and Anika are looking into each other’s eyes.They get back their senses hearing the sounds of clapping.Couple dance has come to an end.Leaving him there,she moves out.


Anika was going back to the motel.On her way she bumped with Mr.Rakesh Sharma,one of the invited guests and Anika’s business rival.

R: I am sorry.Did not see that you are coming.
A: It’s okay.

R: Where are you going leaving the party?It just started.By the way,congratulations for your big achievement today.
A: Thank you.

R: I thought I would win.But my bad luck.Anyway,if you don’t mind,want to ask you something.
A: Sure.

R: Shaadi…ke bare mein kya khayal hain aap ka?
A: Sorry?

R: I mean when you are planning to get married?Had received an invitation card of your and Shivaay’s marriage.Was hoping to join but suddenly a call came to inform that wedding got canceled.
Was something wrong?

A: I think it’s our personal matter.It would be better if you stay out of this.Excuse me…..She tries to leave but Rakesh stops her.

R: One last question.I am just unable to resist my curiosity you know.Both the families of you two are very famous and reputed.Each member gets treated no less than a celebrity!
On top of that,Shivaay,every other girl is mad for him,wants to marry him but all he does is-rejects everyone at the first opportunity.And he chose you as his bride once upon a time.
I just want to know,is it you who rejected him or he did?

Rakesh smiles a crafty smile and Anika starts getting negative vibes.

R: Let me take your silence as yes.You have done a great job!These Oberois have so much ego I swear!
You know good looks,lineage,legacy go in vain if a man does not possess that thing-You know what I mean!

Rakesh smirks an evil smirk while gulping down his drink.Anika was boiling inside hearing Rakesh talking total nonsense.She was feeling like slapping him hard across his face.But that would create a scene in the party so she resisted herself somehow.But now she is feeling he deserves not only slap but something more too.

A: You are crossing your limits.Who gave you the right to pass such filthy comments on Shivaay?

R: Relax,relax.UfF!So much concern for a rejected party?Have been seeing you both since the award to the party.
Something is going on between you two,definitely.You know it’s very common in our high society.
To have some other…..type of relationship outside marriage,after marriage!

It’s like….Why am I telling you?I think you know already.Shivaay seems completely hooked up.Just want to tell if you get bored playing with him,I am here for you.I am no less than Shivaay.If you want…………………..Rakesh could not finish.

A punch lands on his face straight,out of nowhere and he collapses on the ground.Getting utterly shocked Anika turns-Shivaay Singh Oberoi is here.Looking at his face,a volcano has erupted it seems.
There lying on the ground Rakesh is groaning in pain.Shivaay goes to him and grabs his collar-

S: How dare you,how dare you saying all these to Anika?How dare you?He shouts.He pulls up Rakesh from the ground.
Teri itni himmat…….He starts beating Rakesh,brutally…………..Tu janta nahi tu kiske bare mein yeh sab bol raha tha.You just have no idea.Main tera jaan le lunga.I will kill you……………..Beating continues.Blood is oozing out of Rakesh’s body.

Anika is watching everything with horror in her eyes.Shivaay’s mad rage makes her frighten beyond limit.He continues attacking Rakesh mercilessly.At one point Anika shouts-

Shivaay stop it…He will die…Shivaay….!

Leaving Rakesh,Shivaay picks up a champagne bottle from nearby trolley then breaks it hitting on the stand.No-one can save him from Shivaay’s wrath no matter how much one tries.
Shivaay’s third eye has literally opened and destruction is inevitable!

He marches towards a severely wounded Rakesh in full SSO style,to punish him for his words.He is just few steps away-Right that moment Anika comes and stands in front of Shivaay,blocking his way.
He says rather commands in a firm voice-

S: Step aside and go from here Anika.She refuses to budge.This time he shouts on top of his voice-I said go!!!

Anika trembles standing before Shivaay,watching his uncontrollable rage flashing in his face.

When Anika does not move Shivaay takes the first step.Before he could move an inch,something happens which freezes him on the spot,right away.
He was about to unleash his rage but Anika threw herself on Shivaay and captured him in her enbrace,in a strong hug.Shivaay gets shocked on this sudden action of Anika.

There Anika tightens her grip burying herself completely into Shivaay.She keeps on saying while crying-

……Nahi,aap aisa kuch nahi karenge Shivaay.Calm down,for my sake,for me,plz Shivaay……

Anika’s words work.That bottle slips out of Shivaay’s hand then falls on the ground.Closing eyes he wraps his hands around Anika,slowly.Both of them keep on drenching each other,with their tears,emotions,everything they were missing till today.Their silent tears are doing the talk while their twin hearts go on listening….

Precap: Diwali Celebration!

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      Hi Sakshi,
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      For example,one third of next episode is ready.Right now I am busy with the study of my final exam’s viva which will be held on 8th September.So if I could finish writing,I will post.Otherwise after 8th September.After 8th September,I will be free so episodes will come regularly.
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