Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 13

Few days passed. Ragini got adjusted to maheshwaris. She dint give any chance of complaint. Maya and mohit became her best frnds. Sanskar was happy seeing this. But still somewhere he has feeling little unhappy as he dint do anything special for ragini.
One day dadi called all.

Dadi: tmrw is teej. Ragini, urs is first teej. If u know all rituals of this, then its gud. If not, ap bahu will tell u.
Rag: ji dadi.
San in mind: I’ll also keep fasting. But wont tel her.
@ragasn room.
Rag: sanskar ji. Have this juice.
San: no. I don’t want.

Rag: y? u dint had bf also.
San: first of all I feel bad whenever I hear ji from u. secondly, m not feeling hungry.
Rag: ok sanskar.
He looks at her.
Rag: infront of dadi I’ll call u ji. Other time only sanskar. Not only u, for maya and mohit too.
San: wow nice, who gave u this idea?
Rag(raising invisible collar) : do u think I need some one else to get super ideas?
San crossing his arms: hmmmm… I dint know my wife is so intelligent.
Rag: of course my……. My husband. (in mind) I was abt to say my love, thank god. I’ll not tell this much easily.
San too thinking: I thought u wud say my love.
Both became silent thinking of their words.

Ragini was holding her head.
San (concerned voice): ragini, r u alrite? U can eat. No need to fast. It will affect ur health.
Rag: sanskar m ok. I was holding head just coz m not getting which color necklace to match with this saree. Its maya’s saree. She wants me too match everything as likes my choices.
She turned and see. But she dint find sanskar. Then she looked sanskar lying on floor.
After few mins sanskar opened his eyes. He was on bed. Ragini was sitting next to him. She was serious. She gave juice o him.
Rag: drink it now.
San: no its ok. M better now. It was just….(he tried to escape)

Rag: I know u also kept fast. Don’t do if u cant. (comes close to him) I know u love me a lot. No need to prove it by keeping fast. Ok. Drink this now.
She made him drink. He drinks from her hand with love in his eyes. After having juice ragini keeps glass on table and starts laughing.
San: y r u laughing? I had juice. Wats there in laughing.
Rag: m not laughing for ur juice.
San: then?
Rag: u were thinking m feeling dizzy. But u only fell unconscious. Normally in movies heroine will fell but here hero….(she continued her laugh.)
San smiles at her.
……….. …………….. ………………

Swara comes to meet ragini. She gets happy seeing swara there. She hugged her happily.
Rag: I was missing u so much.
Swa: me too ragu. Btw where r all other members? No one was there in hall.
Rag: sanskar , mohit, papa and chachu went to office as they got some emergency. And dadi, ap maa and sujata maa went to a function of neighbors’. Dadu as usual busy with his frnds in his room. Just now I gave them snacks and tea.
Swa: y they left u here? Y they dint take u too for that function?
Rag: really u want to know?

Swa: of course.
All ladies got ready.
Ap: maa ji. Ragini will be alone in home. Shall we take her also?
Dadi: ur papa ji (dadu) is there here. And we r going to our neighbors’ function. Sheela and her bahu hav bad eyes. Sheela wanted her daughter to marry our sanskar. I rejected as I dint feel she’s gud for our sanskar. Only ragini is gud for him And our ragini is beautiful and innocent. I don’t want their bad eye on our ragini. It will effect on ragsan personal life. At least till 1 yr of her marriage she won’t go to sheela’s home.
FB ends

Swaragini starts laughing.
Swa: really ragu, u got unique dadi saasuma. I mean she’s still in that world? She believes in this all?
Rag: yes.
Swa: baapre. I don’t want my dadisaasu ma b like this. I want modern thinking saasu mom.
Rag: we wil see dear.
Swa: of course.
They heard some voices.

Rag: I think maa ji and all came. Let’s go
Both go to hall.
Swa: hi aunty,.
Ap: swara beta. When did u come? How r u? how r ur parents?
Swa: all r fine aunty. Just few mins before I came. I was missing ragu very much(looking at her).
Suj: ofcourse u will as u both love each other a lot. And one more reason for missing very much is , u r twins.

Swarag: hmmm??
Suj: coz maya and mohit also love each other a lot. They r also twins na. so I said.
Swarag smiled at words.
Ap: sujata? Ur logic also na, very different.
Suj: but …
Dadi comes there.
Swa: hi dadi. How r u?
Dadi looks at her. Ragini signs swara to touch her feet. She understood and touched her feet.
Dadi: m fine. How r ur parents?
Swa: fine dadi. After few days they’ll also come to meet u all.
Dadi: hmmm. Ragini, u dint offer her anything to eat?

Rag: sry dadi, I forgot in our talks. I’ll take her to kitchen.
Dadi: kitchen?
Swa: actually in our home we used to cook together. First of all we dint knew cooking. But if did also, we did together.
Dadi: still u dint learn cooking?
Swa looks at rag.
Rag: dadi, she’s preparing for job.
Dadi: that doesn’t mean she shud not know cooking. Well… its her personal life. M going to take rest.
She left from there.
Swa: ragu, I felt like m standing in front of a strict military person. U r great that u r bearing her.
Rag: swara, its marriage. U’ll understand when u’ll get marry.
Swa: u hav changed ragu, I mean, u started adjusting urself for others. Where’s my ragu? Who does whatever she wants.

Rag: for family’s happiness, some time we have to adjust.
Swa: this is not adjustment ragu. Its called as sacrificing. Wat abt ur dreams that we both had seen? U have become like a robot. Wake up early mrng, preparing bf, preparing lunch, then preparing snacks and tea and dinner, then sleeping. U r not feeling like tied?
Rag: m happy swara.
Swa: u r happy in their happiness. Real ragu, swaragini’s ragu is not happy. Look at ur talks and all. I mean I agree that after marriage every girl’s life wil change. And u r very lucky to get this family. All r very gud. But wat abt u? wat abt sanskar jiju? He’s supporting u na?
Rag: yes. He’s loving and caring. M lucky to hav him.
Swara gets call.
Swa: I came to meet ragu. Wat is need to fix that prob today? Ok. M coming.
Rag: wat happened?

Swa: u remember tina? She got some prob with her job. M helping her in this with our other frnds. I’ll come again. And ha… think once abt wat I said. Ok. Bye.
She meets sanskar standing door.
Swa: hi jiju. How r u?
San: thanku swara.

Swa: thanku? For wat?
Again her mob rings.
Swa: this tina also na.. jiju I’ll meet u some other time. Bye.
She left. Mohit comes.
Moh: y r u standing here? Get in.
Sanskar goes to room and gets fresh. He was standing on steps and seeing all at hall gathered. It was their snacks time. He saw ragini preparing tea.
He remembers swara’s words.
San: swara was rite. Ragini is happy in our family’s happiness. Not in hers. I know all love her and she too loves all. And she loves me too a lot. Seeing her always happy I never thought in swara’s way. Now onwards ragini will adjust. But she won’t sacrifice.

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