Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 60

Diamond Jubilee Celebration

Days are passing with sun-rise and sun-down.Everything is going on following natural order.Only two people,in two different continent feeling days are longer than usual and nights are more longer than necessary.
Seconds have turned into minutes,minutes into hours and hours into years!
Time has taken a toll in Anika and Shivaay’s life.There Anika decides to do something to pass that ordeal of 2592000 seconds!

(Letter Number 5)


See,with you gone I would face problem I knew beforehand.And problems have already started visiting me!For the first time I could not sleep at night.
The moment my head touches pillow,I fall asleep.As you say-Kumbhakaran the second!
All my sleep has gone vanished…………Sorry,where was I?Yes,problem.Don’t know about you but I am very fond of sleeping cuddling with you.
Here,I close my eyes but there is no sign of sleep at all.I did not know that my sleep would go with you leaving me behind!This is not fair!

Missing the way I am used to sleep in your embrace,your hand caressing my hair,your good night kisses in between my eyes,your voice while I sleep-everything.
And everything means everything………………………..Don’t worry,I am not sleepless in the least.But one thing happened that surprised me.

I have stopped watching nightmares.Perhaps those also know that you are not here to console me,assure me that’s why.Should I consider it something good or bad?
And yeah you have to…………………….Just can’t tell how much I am missing you.Whenever any phone rings around me,my heart starts beating.Works in fashion house is going in full swing.Still I don’t feel tired.I have never felt so in my life…………………………Watching your pics in my mobile and waiting for your phone calls have become my favourite past time………………..So many people are at home still I feel like shipwrecked and stuck in a lonely island.

Just come back soon.

(Letter Number 11)


Today I have made your favourite pasta.You know what happened?Instead of me Dad,Mom,Chutki,Choti praised you!I mean I cooked the dish but you got all the credit.Wow!
Everyone was coming and going in the kitchen excusing this or that.Later I got to know from Sahil that they placed a bet on my cooking-whether I could make it properly or not!Can you believe that?

While cooking I was thinking that when you were teaching me cooking,I messed up at every simple thing still you handled everything so patiently.I was only good at eating.Now I can cook too.Not perfectly like you but I manage.You have never discouraged me no matter how horrible I cooked!So sweet of you………………………..Even today I could burn the pasta almost but thanks to Mom it got saved(Was busy thinking about you!)

You know,I have considered cooking as a boring,time killing aspect.Used to pray to God that if I ever marry then I won’t cook and He should do something about it.Now look at my luck.(Don’t feel jealous okay?)
Rudra told me how Om,you and he cook in the kitchen together in Oberoi Mansion.It must be great.Wish I could join!
Every time I sit down to have breakfast,lunch yeah dinner,your words ring in my ear:

“I think one of your favourite hobby is talking while eating……….Kitna bolti ho tum yaar…….Sometimes I really wonder how you chew food in between talking…………”

Missing you.
While Anika was trying to pass her days without Shivaay,there he too was trying the same.
Standing in the lavish room of his own in Corinthian hotel,in Budapest,Shivaay is looking outside through transparent window glass.His hand is holding a mug of coffee.Taking a look at it,he recalls something-

Sunflower Petals

Shivaay is working sitting in front of his laptop on the sofa.Anika comes there:

-Here is your coffee.
-Thank you.
-Don’t know how you drink it Shivaay.

-The way you take tea or coffee.
-Without sugar and milk I can’t drink that.No.
-Black coffee is supposed to drink like that.Otherwise it won’t remain black coffee.Depends on person’s choice actually.Like you prefer cappuccino with hot chocolate and flat white,I prefer espresso as in pure black coffee.

-Hmmmm……Coffee is getting cold.Have it first then tell me how I made.Good or bad.Shivaay tastes the coffee then looks at Anika.He says:

-Did you add something in it?
-You got that?Let me take a sip too.

After tasting the coffee Anika makes a very bad face.Shivaay is watching her in utter amusement.She almost threw up the coffee but managed somehow.Shivaay says suppressing his laughter:

-What…What happened Anika?
-This is……
-You are right by the way.
-But I mixed sugar in the coffee.

-Then you tell me how sugar turned into salt?But as you made,salted coffee will do too.
-You are joking,right Shivaay
-No,no.I am very serious!

-Then drink this salted coffee.Come on.
-Now you are joking no?
-No,like you,I am not.You have to drink it.

Shivaay looks at the coffee then suddenly points out over Anika’s shoulder-What’s there?
She turns her back to see and grabbing the opportunity Shivaay stands up.Watching his trick Anika says-This is cheating Shivaay.I will make you drink this coffee today………………She starts chasing Shivaay across the room…………Flashback Ends.
Shivaay says in his mind smiling:

“I am missing you Anika.Very,very much……….”
(Letter Number 19)


You know,I just love the way you stare at me when I get ready in front of the mirror,secretly!
Like a true workaholic,you settle in the bed or sofa with laptop and files.Then your eyes wander around me instead of laptop or files.You notice everything very carefully like enjoying most scenic view!

Particularly,my wet hair gets all your attention.Whenever I try to catch you red handed,you avoid me smartly………………..I have finished your order.How dramatic you sounded when you declared the wish of becoming the first buyer of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM!
I could not stop my laughing at that,sorry.But I have something very special for you.Once you return,I will give it to you……………..Can’t wait more.Come soon.

(Letter Number 23)


Today I am writing from Sunflower Petals.I come here on a regular basis.Chanchan and Chanchal accompany me during the visit.
Our room,pool garden,balcony,kitchen-So many memories of ours are attached with these place.I try to recall our mutual memories………………………………..Few minutes ago I opened the cupboard and got reminded of something.

You bought a whole new collection of nightgowns for me when I had many at my disposal.You asked me to wear from those.You never say No to me for anything with few exceptions.I could not ask you the reason but there had to be something…………………..Chanchan and Chanchal get exited every time on their visit of Sunflower Petals.They must be missing you too……………Waiting for you and the reunion of our own small family.

There Shivaay returns to India finishing his Europe tour.Staying in Mumbai for three days he takes flight for Delhi to reach to Anika as soon as possible.

Trivedi Villa

Anika is on the terrace.It’s a Sunday late afternoon.Many pigeons are flying around her and she is busy watching those sitting on a swing.
Suddenly she leaps on her feet hearing honking of car.She comes running at the other corner of the terrace to take a look.A very familiar car catches her sight.

That car stops and Shivaay Singh Oberoi gets down-suited in majestic black from head to toe,sunglasses covering his blue eyes.Anika shouts from the rooftop-SHIVAAY!!

Shivaay looks up at that direction.Anika’s breathing is quickly falling and rising and her smile most bright and beautiful.Within a minute she turns up at the main entrance.From there she starts running towards Shivaay.
Slowly,he takes his sunglasses off and watches Anika running.There,running straight Anika jumps into Shivaay’s arms without wasting a second.He too hugs her back with all the love.Both are having happy tears in their eyes.

Finally Anika breaks the hug.She is looking down blushing and smiling at the same time.Holding her hand Shivaay asks:

-Hey,how are you?(Anika says nothing)What happened?

Without saying anything she captures Shivaay in her arms,once again.This time Anika says closing eyes:

-You don’t know Shivaay how much I missed you.Thank God you are here.Don’t leave me again like that.Shivaay breaks the hug and says:
-I missed you too my Blunder Queen.Now let me see you-

Saying that Shivaay cups Anika face and keeps on watching her then places a soft kiss on her forehead.He says:

-One second.I have forgotten something(He brings out a flower bouquet from the car)
For you.
-Blue orchids?My favourite.Thank you so much.
-Let’s go inside.

-No.Let’s go to Sunflower Petals.Our home.
-What are you saying Anika?
-I am serious!

-Your family members will think someone has kidnapped you!
-Let them think.

Pausing for few seconds they both break into laughter.

Precap:Anika falls down the stairs and screams in pain-Shivaay!

Author’s Note
This is the 60th episode of Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF)
Standing at this milestone,I am thanking all my readers for their awesome support and love for my FF.Without you guys,I could not have made it so far.Thank you once again and a very special Thanks,to TU.Lots of love.


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  1. NSK

    Hehe i came running here seeing your update πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Apu kemon acho?
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    R Apu join whattpad maybe and publish this story?
    Missed you?
    (Did u too or not?πŸ˜›)
    May allah bless you.
    Take care. Stay healthy.
    Loads of LOUUVE!!!❀

    1. Luthfa

      Awww….So sweet of you Noushin.
      Aami valo aachi.Tumi kemon aacho?Shubho Noboborsho to you too.Thank you so very much dear.And sorry Noushin,got late in wishing.
      Have finished first lot of exams.After Ramadan and Eid,will face second and final lot.After that maybe I will join wattpad.
      Me too missed my cutie Noushin so so so sooooooooooooooooo….very much.
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      1. NSK

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        Jano jano !
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      2. Luthfa

        Hi Noushin,
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        And you are absolutely right.Let us show our power to exam by tackling it with swag!
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  2. Missed you and your ff a lot

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Neeru dear,how are you?
      I am conversing with you for the first time.So very happy to have you here.I missed each and everyone of you dear.God bless you.Lots and lots of love.Take care.

  3. Now please don’t separate SHIVIKA

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Ramani dear,how are you doing?
      Okay,I will not.Thank you so very much for giving an opportunity to my FF.Lots and lots of love.

  4. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear..
    Hru.. So how was ur exams I now tht u have rocked it… Welcome dear… Very much happy to c u back dear…
    Good episode dear.. Now I think even I must write letters for missing them on screen 😜😜… Finally shivay is back.. Nd anika’s happy it was so awesome will imagining those parts… Love u.. TC

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.
      Exams have gone well by the grace of God.
      That’s a good idea.I do it often for anything.Very happy to be back.Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo…..very much for your love.Love you too.God bless you.

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