Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 18

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“Who would believe that this NS is millionaire Prem’s son?” Pragya thought by packing her clothes in a luggage.

Just then Sarla ma came and asked her to hurry up as Abhi was waiting for him in the car.
Pragya said she will be there in 10 minutes.

“Who would believe that even my Ma is ok with staying with that Abhi in his house and that too even before marriage?” She thought by zipping up her bag. She sighed thinking of whatever happened so far. It was completely a mess.

Before Pragya could bring out her stuff, Abhi was already there and helped her to bring out her stuffs.

“What are u thinking about? Challenges? Or changes?”

She never replied anything but she simply walked out of the room making him smile widely.

Pragya’s recollection of events while travelling in the car,

It all happened starting from the day he asked to remember when she was holding a teddy bear. She was confused of which teddy bear as she had a huge collection of teddy bears from young. After thinking a lot she gave up and continued and concentrated on things that would not make her think about him.

Then came his sudden visit to her house with his Ma. She was dumbfounded to know that Jaya aunty was his mother. Then she understood the day that she was scolding him harshly was all a drama put by both. The most shocking out of all this was he was Business magnet Prem’s son. Before she could even react Ma fixed her marriage with him.

She couldn’t say no as her Ma threatened to get married if not she would not be able to see her anymore. Pragya couldn’t deny as she loved her Ma the most. How will she be able to even live without seeing her? She had no choice and had to agree.

Then came another shock when he asked his Ma to let her stay with his family for a week to know them more. She was thinking her Ma won’t agree for this as she used to say that a girl shouldn’t spend too much of time with their fiance before marriage.
But Ma without hesistance said yes and now she is stuck with the moment of challenge in her life. How is she even going to see him every day? It would be so much of a torture to her.

My thoughts were disturbed by his words.

“Dodo…Just be cool and my folks are incredibly interesting to know of.” He said and she in return gasped.

“Err…ok but where will I be staying as in….” I asked with hesitance.

“With me! No worries I would do all the service for your living at my house. Free of charge!” He replied.

Damn this man won’t understand me at all. He was just trying to make me feel even more tensed.

“By the way, u will be in the room beside mine. Hope it makes u relieved if u want to know that…” He said.

“Thanks!” I said sounding relieved and he in response smiled again.

Damn his smile. Why do I always feel he is very genuine in his smile. He have a smile that makes your day. It’s a smile that you would have when u see the sunrise. Is he my sunrise? I hope not as I had enough of his confusing behaviour. Is it enough? Or am I over reacting to it?

“Dodo! What’s your problem now?” He asked worriedly.

I looked away and closed my eyes. I simply replied I was feeling tired and sleepy. That’s the most silly reason I could come up with to hide my worried face.

I could feel him sighing out of exasperation. Or maybe he was sighing as I am not telling the truth? Anyways who cares about it, I am now only thinking of a way to stop this marriage from happening. I am not at all interested in this. About his interest in this marriage….Hmm…I guess I should ask him soon about it.

Yes Dodo u have to ask his feelings about this marriage. What? Dodo? Oh God! Now I have forgotten my name to be Pragya too. Such a miserable life….Ok I know I am overreacting now. So…….Brain off and sleep on.

Abhi smiled at her as she made faces while thinking with her eyes closed.

What do u expect me to say? What I can say is I want to marry you as I feel u are the right person. It doesn’t need love or liking that u think I need to have. I just need to know who u are as a person. That’s more than enough.
Pragya asked it’s the same here right? I don’t even know who u are as a person apart the fact that u are jobless.

Job doesn’t determine a person’s character. What determines a person’s character is his behavior and love towards others. Be here for a week to understand that.

But….I don’t want all this…She said in a low tone.

It’s not about your want but it’s all about my need! He said that and slammed the door signifying the end of talk.

Very sorry for the super late update and thanks a lot for the response for the teaser. Sorry again and thanks for bearing my hopeless updates so far.

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