Chale na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq par zor nahin) Part 7

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This episode is dedicated to @Aldy. Thanks dear for your constant support and your valuable comments on my every episode.


The party was in full swing but Ishqi mood had spoiled, she knew Ahaan’s ideologies, but this wasn’t the way. After all it was her life, she can choose what to wear and what not. And Rohan would never give anything bad to her.

She was in her own thoughts when she saw Mr.Singh approaching her. She smiled at him and thanked him for the invitation to the party. But he just looked her from top to bottom, making her uncomfortable and just looked around searching for Rohan

“Dance with me” Mr.Singh said, but for Ishqi it was like an order.

She hesitated for a moment, when Mr.Singh took hold of her hand roughly. She glared at him and was about to say something when Ahaan interrupted

“Mr.Singh, nice to meet you after so long” and removed the hold of Mr.Singh and took Ishqi’s hand in his.

“Mr.Ahaan” his tone softened and Isqhi looked confused. Just now he was misbehaving with her, and as soon as Ahaan came he softened.

“Please don’t mind, Ishqi is my date tonight and she hadn’t yet danced with me. So, I am taking her” he said with an authority plus with a sweet voice, all the time looking at Isqhi. He didn’t even wait for an answer and took Ishqi to the dance floor.

Isqhi was still in daze as to what happened, one moment she was with Mr.Singh, and now she was with Ahaan. She could have handled the situation, but still she was grateful that Ahaan did it for her.

“thank…” she was about to thank him when he held her waist and pulled him towards her. She felt a strong current pass through her at his touch. But she could see and feel he was still angry. She boldly put her hand around his neck and pulled him still closer, his expression immediately changed at that, he hadn’t expected it and he gulped feeling how close they were.…. The song playing echoed their emotions.

“Saanson ko saanson, Mein dhalne do zara”

“Saanson ko saanson, Mein dalne do zara” They were so close that their breaths were mingling

“Dheemi si dhadkan, Ko badne do zara” they surely had their heartbeat increasing with every step they took.

“Lamho ki guzarish hai,Yeh paas aa jaaye” He lifted her up, and bought her down slowly, savoring every moment.

“Hum hum tum,Tum hum tum”

They were lost in each other, forgetting they just had an argument with each other. Ahaan couldn’t ever allow anyone to misbehave with her, and Isqhi felt his love, he protected her even though they just had an argument.

The song ended and the loud applause bought them out of their reverie. Isqhi and Ahaan moved away and smiled awkwardly. Isqhi’s eyes landed on Rohan in the audience and she could see he was angry. He walked away and she went behind him.

“Rohan .. Rohan wait” she ran hurriedly to him

“What Isqhi” he blasted

For a moment Ishqi was stunned to see his anger, she had never seen him this angry. He walked towards her and she walked back.

“Do you think I can’t see what’s going on between you and Ahaan” he started pacing unable to contain his anger.

“It isn’t like that Rohan” she said, but she herself knew she was lying. Just then Rohan phone started ringing, he picked it up and just said “OK”

“I need to take you somewhere come” he said and took her hand and started walking.

“Where are we going” she asked but he didn’t answer. He bought her towards the end of the corridor and Isqhi felt a little scared. It was totally secluded. “Wait here” he said and left from there.

“Rohan..” she called but he left from there.

“Hello darling” she turned to see Mr.Singh there.

“What are you doing here” she asked, sensing that something was terribly wrong.

Mr.Singh came forward and she could smell the alcohol on him, she moved back, but he caught her hand and pulled her towards him. Isqhi fell on him, and felt disgusted, she put full force and pushed him and he fell to the ground.

“Buddha kahi ka, teri beti ki umar ki hoo main(I am your daughters age)” she said and started searching for something to hit him with. But she felt a hand on her waist pulling her back, she tried to remove the hand, but the grip was stronger.

“You cannot get weak Isqhi, you are stronger than him. You can defeat him” she encouraged herself.

Instead of trying to remove her hand from his waist, she put full force and hit her head back, which in turn hit his head and that made his leg come infront, she got up pulling his leg which made him fall back with a thud. She dragged him with all her energy ,not caring where his body was hitting. She was consumed by rage.

“Isqhi.. “ she heard Ahaan called to her

She looked up to see him in front of her. He saw the disheveled state of Isqhi and Mr.Singh on the floor. Ahaan started walking towards her and she automatically dropped Mr.Singh’s leg and it dropped to the floor. She ran to Ahaan but her feet stopped midway. He would say that Mr.Singh behaved like that with her only because she was dressed that way.  She walked backwards and looked for her phone to call the police.


So guys what do you think..

  1. Did Mr.Singh misbehave with Ishqi because of her dressing?
  2. What was the purpose of Rohan leaving Ishqi in a secluded spot, was he who called Mr.Singh?
  3. The main question, will Ahaan blame Isqhi and say it was all because of her dressing?
  1. Choice of song was marvellous, one can literally feel the romance reading those lines. Well I think ishqi dress is also one of the reason Mr. Singh misbehaved with her, but it is not the only reason, his character was ment to do that n ishqi clothes was a added opportunity for him. Ahaan indirectly will definitely tell ishqi about her dress (indirectly as he is still filled with guilt of past) and of course that’s true to great extent as now also many men consider it as a invitation to misbhave (mindset of society). Ishqi shall fume at AVM but somewhere ishqi know herself that’s sometimes neither of them are wrong but situation is. Lost in each other thoughts both ishqi n AVM will realise their point of view. This time their fights will make them understand each other better as hard time always pave good way ahead. Moreover I want ishqi to break up with Rohan or at least give him a reality check that he can’t take her for granted…

    1. Archiya

      hi Sam,
      Thanks 🙂 i could imagine them dancing on hum tum
      Your right, Ishqi clothes are not the only reason Mr.Singh misbehaved with her, there is a story behind it.. will reveal in next episode.
      Men consider an open invitation with or without considering what the women is wearing, but yes it can be a trigger sometimes, but here the trigger is something else.
      There will be a tug of war of emotions, an next episode rohan will be out..
      BTW ur comments are really good.. do u write as well

    2. Well I really enjoy writing poems and short stories, I don’t get much free time but but on weekends i usually write stuff I admire and read ur FF 😄

    3. Archiya

      Share your work.. if ur comfortable.. would love to read… i like Short stories

  2. Hi! Loved this ff a lot. Thank you so much for sending it. Yup, choice of song was too good. You’re an awesome writer Archiya!!! I think Mr.Singh was meant to do this and upon Ishqi’s dressing he had more chance as he’s one of those men who think girls are made just for his entertainment. I think Rohan was called by Rhea and she was attending the party in secret or sent 1 of her spies and called Mr.Singh. I also think that our AVM will tell -of Ishqi a bit but will also support her and try to understand her point.

    1. Archiya

      thank u.. u had requested for a dance in the last part of this ff, so i added it here. It wasnt part of my script, but i hope u enjoyed it and could feel them. U r very close to the mystery,.. it will b revealed in next episode.. Rhea knows Mr.Singh guess what must have happened 🙂
      Last line perfect.. he will tell her but support her too

    2. Hi archiya..One more suggestion. Can you show something in which kartik comes back and sees rhea in the city…Or something like that. And this ff is too good for words

    3. Archiya

      Myra.. kartik will enter in next epsiode mostly to support Isqaan.. stay tuned
      Thanks a lot

  3. Aldy

    Nice episode… thankful for dedicating this to me 😍😍😍…liked ahaan taking ishqi to the stage when singh appeoache her….Rohan becoming angry was normal….any person seeing his/her fiance dancing with their ex will be angry…but here I don’t think Rohan is a good person…if yes, then why is he talking with Rhea… waiting eagerly for that twist…..also liked how ishqi handled singh….buddha kahika😂😂😂 loved the dialogue…..I don’t think ahan will scold her…if he scold her again he will lose her…and why did Rohan leave her alone….. waiting for your next chapter….once again very pleasure to see your episode.

    1. Archiya

      Thanks dear Aldy, once again for ur support.
      Rohan’s anger is justified, Rohan is a good person or not, this will b revealed in next chapter.. lots of questions will be answered. I wanted to show that Isqhi could handle it alone.. he wont scold her, but will surely try to push his point fwd, and to a point isqhi will understand it too..

  4. Thx Archiya for considering my request. Think rohan likes ishqi a lot and doesnt want her to be with ahaan. I enjoyed a lot..Myra

    1. Archiya

      ur welcome.. Yes Myra.. that was the reason .. but he never thought it would go to this extent.. he would never hurt Isqhi.. not all men r bad.. and rohan in my story is a good guy

  5. If this time ahaan will blame ishqi for that mishappen, then dear ishqi no need of giving him another he doesn’t deserve it . It was interesting! Eagerly waiting 😍

    1. Archiya

      Hey MJ.. he will think that initially.. bcoz his thinking is built in that way… but he soon realises that its not the only reason.. thank u.. nxt epi on monday

  6. Hey..can you also show a love interest of our fav kartik..Just thought of it.

    1. Archiya

      yes i will b showing that too.. it might take little time though

  7. Hi..loved this ff. I am a writer too and was in awe of the post. Keep going..

    1. Archiya

      Thank u Saanvi 🙂

  8. you know archiya, your series of fan fiction are the best i’ve ever read…tried out some ff’s on other websites but you beat ’em all. so i literally wait the whole day to get ’em… would love it if you give me tips to write…i’m just hopeless at it…

    1. Archiya

      thanks a lot, it means a lot.
      About writing tips, hmm what can i say i m a beginner myself, but i read a lot. I guess the most important thing is imagination, and then putting it properly in words.. keep a character sketch, with the main actors and side actors and form a story around them.. and then start writing.. paragraphs and dialogues… i always prefer to write dialogues because i like reading it that way.

    2. Thanks for the tip..

  9. I love your writings archiya as much as the ipzn. Keep writing. And please bring ishqaan together soon. Eagerly waiting for next one!!

    1. Archiya

      hey Lisha
      Thanks a lot

  10. Hi thanks fr ths… Jst a bit confused. Is all tht u say going to happen in the serial. I read all of the above wth great anticipation. Who is Rohan and ishqi is married in the episodes ths far. Please clarify maybe I’m just missing the point. Take care.

    1. hi Nisha…This is a fan fiction. It will not be happening in Ipzn but it is a version of how we fans want it…Hope this helps you to understand….

    2. Archiya

      hi Nisha
      People usually write fan fiction. Now what is fan fiction… if u split the word fan is like a couple u like and fiction(imagination) is writing a story on it.. so i like Isqhaan and i am writing a imaginary story on them…
      THis is not the actual serial, that we see on tv.. its my imaginary story about them..

  11. Hi,I wanted to know the age of Avm and Ishqi coz i am making a boardlist..So would love if someone told me…Sorry for the msg as I know it’s totally not related…

    1. I guess Akshita is 19 and Param is 32

    2. Archiya

      i dont remember in any epsiode, them mentioning the age of Isqhi and Ahaan.. but param and akshita age u can get on google

  12. Hi Saanvi.. Age of the actors or the characters?

  13. Hi Archiya..When will part 8 come. waiting eagerly..

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