Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim wants to be more alert. Increase the number of soldiers. If Nicator attacks again then we will surely lose. Mahamatya says how we will make arrangement for the same. We had to reduce the soldiers because of Ashoka’s decision of ending the ritual of servitude. Our best soldiers are with Ashoka in Kalinga. Bindu too remarks that Ashoka landed them in a big crisis.

Kaurvaki smiles upon seeing Ashoka. She makes him meet her mother as well. Ashoka says I understand your pain. My mother too had to bear it for years. I know what all one has to go through. He bends down to seek her blessings. She looks happy but does not react so nicely as she notices Jagannath’s reaction. Kaurvaki’s mother takes Kaurvaki with her. A few people ask Kevalnath about Ashoka. Who is this kid? He gives his intro to them. Nayak adds that it is Yuvraaj Ashoka. The men point out that Sushim is the elder son of Bindu. Why dint he make him Yuvraaj then? Kevalnath calls Ashoka arrogant. He himself walked up to his father and asked for the throne. Jagannath is enjoying. Kevalnath says Bindu got united with his son after 14-15 years. Rani Dharma is Bindu’s favourite Queen. I have heard that she is pregnant again. nayak talks about Ashoka winning over Takshshila all alone. Ashoka tries to make light of the situation. Kevalnath asks the servant to show the right place to Ashoka and his team. Kevalnath and Jagannath are waiting a chance to instigate Ashoka so he can be sent back to Patliputra. The servant stops Ashoka from sitting at all the important places. Ashoka notices the leafy plates at one corner. So probably that will be our place? The servant looks down. Jagannath and Kevalnath smile at Ashoka. He looks at them. Forgive me. I wont be able to eat here as I am done with your welcome. You got so much background info about me already. I have eaten the same way in past. This has really touched me. Do remember that I will never forget it. He goes from there. Kaurvaki’s mother stops her from doing anything.

Raj Vaid checks the thandai which was given to the soldiers. You are right. The mixture inside is only with Unani’s. It is sweet but makes you fall sleep peacefully. Bindu says it is only possible in the kitchen. Is some insider involved in it? Mahamatya nods. The back door was also opened and not broken. Someone has actually done it. SUshim says the ease with which we were attacked hints at someone from inside. Who could be the one who is sympathetic to Unani’s and is close to them? We know of only Rajmata and Justin. One is dead while the other is in jail. This person has a close relation with either of them. Who could it be? Siamak asks them till when they punish for being the son of a traitor. I was close to Rajmata but it was my biggest mistake. It does not mean I support Unan or will attack my own family. I was fighting with the soldiers. When father can fall for Nicator’s words then I am only a kid. I was here only with all of you. We were celebrating Holi together. it was only Sushim Bhaiya who was not present here. Maybe he was trying to make use of Ashoka’s absence. Sushim shares all that he went through because of his doubt. I have seen their preps. I am sure this is no end. They will certainly attack again. They hear some strange sounds and go out to see.

Nicator and Mir have come together this time with a huge army. Bindu and his family are shocked. Siamak smirks. Sushim blames Ashoka. His stupid decision made us weak today. If we lose Patliputra today then only Ashoka will be responsible for it. Dharma thinks her son should come back asap as his motherland needs him.

Nayak cannot understand how someone can be so thankless. I feel like teaching them a lesson right away. Ashoka stops him. We represent father here. Radha Gupta agrees. But you can show your unhappiness at the same. We can do this much atleast. Disrespecting you is like disrespecting Bindu. Ashoka says our words and silence will be our only reply. If Jagannath does not want to stay here then we too wont. I anyways feel restless for some reason. I feel like something is wrong.

All the men of royal family members are dressed up for the fight. Bindu says Nicator and Mir know of old tunnels which are already closed. They know nothing about the new ones. Everyone gets ready for the war. Unani soldiers attack on the main door. Magadh soldiers have kept a big stone at the door and are holding it tightly. CHaru tells SUshim to be back alive. You don’t have to be too engrossed in the war. Dharma does Siamak’s tilak and blesses him. He smiles thinking she does not know that she is actually calling her doom by wishing him luck.

Unani soldiers try to climb up the wall. The men shoot him down. A Daasi informs the ladies. Dharma wants to do something but Charu says we cannot do anything. Dharma suggests boiling oil and throwing it down the wall. Ashoka has done it previously. We will need dry chillies too. Shubhrasi goes to help her. Dharma and Shubhrasi try both the tactics and they work.

Ashoka goes to meet Kaurvaki. Jagannath is behind it all. She was and will be my friend. I want to say her bye before leaving.

Mir thinks he is the one who got all the tunnels closed. Nicator is waiting for Siamak. Siamak diverts a soldier to give more arrows to someone else than Sushim (who actually needs it). I will make sure Patliputra loses today. Nicator smiles seeing him.

Precap: Kaurvaki talks to her father about Ashoka. Why are we thankless to the person who helped us? He tells her to be mad in love but he cannot neglect what he can see with his own eyes. Nicator holds his sword at Siamak’s neck. He asks Bindu what he actually wants. Bindu drops his sword.

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  2. So fast. Thx Pooja, could not watch due to bad weather

  3. Thanks for your update…

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    You’re welcome guys 🙂

    1. U really have wonderful discribing as well as writing skills ..really great ! 🙂

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      Thanks a ton Anonymous 🙂 I am glad you people like it.

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  5. It was a great episode!

  6. Aaditya Upadhyay

    It’s really irritated about war without Ashoka as we know bindu are angry to Ashoka and rani dharma after that if sushim and bindu has win the war so Ashoka never attract to bindu as he is innocent still bindu are saying Ashoka landed them in a big crisis so how it will managed.
    This is really very bad episode plz make improvement as we’ll bcz bindu was very much love sushim charumitra instead of Ashoka and dharma plz stop this noncence it is inappropriate.

  7. I am waiting for the leap.

  8. Aaditya Upadhyay

    The great Ashoka was very intelligent and he have a good command over solder handling talking giving respect so how you telecast that bindu are angry but realty is this bindu are so impressed to seen that judgement regarding das pratha ban will u please provide the light about Ashoka so that our student friend who they are watching this serial have gain some knowledge kindly look into the matter and take prompt action ASAP
    For any type of confirmation and advise please provide your contact detail or mail I’d so that I can give the real story about Bindu and Ashoka who I got from Delhi library it is so useful to us and our youth generation about our history
    Please telecast the positive with Ashoka between bindu bcz bindu never being angry to Ashoka it’s truth

  9. I just dont understand one thing why bindu always listens to his enemies and misunderstands ashok he himself sent ashok to kalinga and now he is blamming him for the cause of the unanis war he should know to blame himself for his own misunderstandings

    1. your opinion is absolutely correct. I have expressed in similar lines before. Bindu as a king could have been more strong.

  10. I see the next promo of CAS in which kaurwaki hit the Ashoka and it seems to be their love bond is break . Director is mad, why he create the misunderstanding between firstly Ashoka & Bindusar & now Kaurwaki.

  11. again an amazing episode……..thanx ashoka team

  12. I love very much the Ashwaki Jodi. Both looking so cute with together. But in next promo Kaurwaki slaps the Ashoka. In this serial Karwaki is only the person who helped him but production team make kaurwaki opposite to Ashoka. Why they make it saas bahu type serial. Ashok ke pehle se kya kum dusman ha jo ek aur aa gayi ha. Plz change this nonsense type storyline.

    1. @Harshit, actually kvk had fought against ashoka. She was the representative of Kalinga and had fought against Magadha. So, if they have introduced their love so early, they will have to show enmity too.

    2. @history ..Agreed !

  13. Boring epi ?

  14. Thankless jaggu and waki. Ashoka did everything he could to help them.

  15. But Why make such dramam like Bindu told it ashoka crisis lot until he had send to ashoka Director make a boaring like as Saas Bahu serial it is not good plz make some new like bindu agree with ashoka and dharma

  16. Hey… Wats going on yrr…. I wonder if ashoka reaches on tym to protect his motherland… Anyways I dnt think BINDU n sushim can win all alone… Its only ashoka who can win.. I think der will b some twist n turns… Like noor was killed..ashoka will give a superb entry..may be!!!…

  17. When ashoka proves himself to great ashoka…..the writer again misguide here with introducing
    more cheap things……

  18. No i think this time bindu lose the fight or ashoka will take a superb entry….

  19. now he will b sent 2 exile

  20. what is wrong with this hopeless bindu???why is he behaving so foolishly??

  21. Don’t know what will happen next!!!

  22. Thanks for the update

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 🙂

  23. Realy woderful update and i can picturise the episode when i read it. Gives correct details and as per sequance. It is blessed tallent. Thanks and keep up your great work.

    1. Pooja

      That’s really sweet of you Sridhar. Thanks a ton! 🙂 Will do my best.

  24. Lokesh Jindal

    Such a stupid story it has become. Ashok story now is no less than daily Saas bahu ka drama. All thanks to the ashoka Team.
    Why cant we make better shows, why cant we put a little bit of thinking behind each episode. Don’t know when will this senseless drama age end on Indian TV.
    Only reason majority of people are still watching these serials is because they dont understand english language. Otherwise many would have given up their TV connections and switched to online TV for better content

  25. nice work pooja ji pls keep update as early as possible coz here in hk so late any way thanks

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