Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka looks at Nand who points a dagger at him. No one will come to save you today. I will hurt you and set an example today that I like smiling but I don’t enjoy being laughed at. Nayak holds his hand just in time and hits Nand and his allies. Nand is shocked. Ashoka says what you cannot see or think is his (Nayak’s) behaviour. Nand did not see when Nayak hit anyone. Ashoka hits Nand this time. Nayak helps Ashoka. Ashoka says I am leaving you alive as I like people who don’t accept defeat easily. He looks away and says I am not worried that people are looking for me but you too. Nayak calls him Swami. I swore to look after you. Ashoka says people were blind but I wasn’t. I saw you around me many times here. You have sworn to protect me and are saving Ma and Acharya RG. Nayak replies that by protecting them he is indirectly protecting him only. Nand is confused to hear Nayak addressing Chand as Swami.

Kaurvaki is with Bela. I have lit this diya in Ashoka’s name since 10 years. I never let it blow out. I have been very patient till date. Now that I know that there is a possibility of him being in Ujjaini then I cannot be patient anymore. I have to meet him. I will have to go. bela advises her to wait for the right time. If Maharaj finds out then he wont like it at all.

Nayak tells Ashoka this place is perfect to talk. No one will hear us here. Ashoka asks about Sushim. Nayak shares that Sushim was earlier only brutal but Charu has made him into something else altogether by doing Tamsi Yagya along with tantric’s help.

Tantric is shown doing praying to devil. I see that in future someone will come here and change it all. He will have the strength to bear and end all the darkness and will show light. You are the medium of my Mukti and vice versa. Enter in this Kunda and you will know of all those against you but you will have to give yourself to devil. You will have to give up on your personal wishes and will have to do what devil demands from you. If you fail then you wont live. Sushim agrees. He is covered with white cloth from top to bottom except his hands and eyes. He steps down in the Kunda. Charu looks on.

Ashoka smiles sarcastically. Sushim has lost his mind. He thinks he can win over India through Tantra Vidya? Nayak says if you could yourself experience what Sushim has turned into after all these years then you would not have said this.

Grown up Sushim comes out of the kunda. He breaks the cloth around him with one swift movement of his arms. He covers himself with a cloth. Someone hits him on his arm with a sword. Nayak says his wounds heal up on his own when he gets hurt by the sword. A deadly poisonous snake bites him but in vain. Mountains break as they come in contact with him.

Sushim says this world needs a devil and not a Nayak! I am that devil! Charu looks content. Now malpractices will become the etiquette of this world. I will dedicate my life to fulfil every wish of my Swami now! Tantric smiles.

Charu comes to Sushim with a puja thaal. He is disturbed by the diya. He hits the plate and breaks the coconut with his bare hands. Mahamatya looks shocked.

Nayak asks Ashoka if he is scared. Ashoka says there is a devil inside everyone. I am only afraid of the devil inside me. What is Siamak up to? Nayak replies that Samrat loves him a lot. Siamak speaks less but it does not mean he is calm. The fire of rebellion can be clearly seen in his eyes. He is waiting for the chance to rule Magadh. He bears Sushim but does not follow him like other brothers all the time. Nayak shares that there are 4 followers of Sushim, from Bindu’s other 3 Rani’s and from one other lady. They blindly follow him and are trying to make his foot more stable. Sushim has everything but not you. Ashoka too is waiting eagerly for it. I have a feeling the day is not far when I will come face to face with him. His end days will start then.

Next morning, Dharma is praying. She walks up to the door. Ashoka too stands at the other side of the door. He senses her presence. Just when she is about to reach out for the door, he jumps over the boundary. He acts to be hurt. She gets concerned but then understands it. She asks her younger son to go back to where he was last night. Why did he come here? Ashoka replies that one comes home only when he is hungry and tired. Dharma indirectly tells him he wont get food here.

Ashoka throws stone at Seth Dhaniram’s window. BOth Devi and her father get up. DHaniram tries to stop Devi from reacting or going out but she still goes.

Ashoka is restless. Devi is taking too much time. I don’t have time. Devi is coming downstairs with food. Devi remarks he looks exactly like a Chand. I have never seen such an effect on someone of his name. Ashoka is about to throw another stone above when she stands before him all scared. He asks her why she came late. She repleis that she took only that much time that was need to come down.

Dharma tells Devi that she should neither be scared of ashoka nor be pitiful towards him. She tries to take the plate but Ashoka takes it from Devi and begins to eat. Dharma leaves from there. Devi tells Ashoka to eat slowly. The food will not run away. Ashoka says people eat slowly. I am an animal. She thinks not animal but Chand. He looks at her. She goes quiet. Why dint you tell truth to your mom that you took money but gave it back to that lady later? He asks her if she is spying on him. She denies. Savitri told me when she came to buy stuff from the shop. Kaki should know truth. He says who will tell her. You will? She nods. He tells her against it. She gets scared so she agrees. He looks at her necklace. It looks expensive. Who gave it to you? She takes her father’s name. He goes. She thinks it is not possible to understand when he says what!

Precap: Bindu is not happy to know Sushim levied taxes on food ingredients. He demands to meet Sushim right away. Bindu questions Sushim on his decision. Who are you to take such a decision? Nand tells something to Ashoka. He immediately gets up and leaves for somewhere. Dharma too looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Where from these ranis and 4 other sons came from ?

  2. Good to see sumedh once again,fr a short moment though! Kudos to Ankit arora! u r perfectly carrying sumedh’s legacy.Superb dialogue delivery n expressions.
    Cute Ashok n devi moment,enjoyed it. Bt the thing frustrating me is the 4 other sons of bindu. frm where they have come!!!!! Its jst 10 yrs passed n they r of 20-21 yrs aged bt before today,they were never ever seen!! we all know bindu has 4 queens.Aur 3 kaha se aa gaya yaar???!! and one son is frm a daasi of palace!! WTH is happening!!!???

  3. Again the same stereotypical thing…………Sushim – Too strong with Black Magic
    Ashok – Boosted with a spirit of vengeance and confidence.


    Positive Episode : Negative Episode = 1 : 10

  4. And cvs plz plz plz fr god’s sake don’t portray India’s greatest king as an alcoholic;Who comes late frm bar n his mom scolds him.plz u hv much more elements to show. stop showing Ashok in a poor light plz!

  5. I like Pooja’s quick updates. Keep it up.

  6. Lol in the precap its not sharma. Its dharma 😀

    Miss all the young actors 🙁 🙁

    1. Pooja

      Thank you for letting me know. I have updated it now..

  7. Nice episode

  8. director ki ma ka saki naka

  9. It s becoming like a sterio type serial. All songs dance lousy dialogs. Earlier serial with small ashoka was too good. But grown ups are not able to keep it up the same standard.

  10. Ashok and Kaurvaki

    Ashok and Devi scenes were funny but I am dying for Ashok and Kaurvaki to meet.

    1. Me too I am also dying to see when ASHOK will meet kaurvaki n I think the new cast should be given some more time to prove themselves… I think they will prove themselves.

    2. ashoka samrat

      I also love to see the ashwaki scene again. bt soooooooooo sad to see grown ups. when ashwaki was young, sometimes tears came to my eyes to see the epi. but now its only lol.

  11. Who is the child actor’s name of vitashoka? I think that he looks like dhrupad?

    1. ashoka samrat

      no dude. its not dhrupad. he is so different

  12. Pooji u have made silly mistakes today.
    Firstly, the VFX is again awesome with Siamak running in the horse on a barren field. VFX is awesome always. Contiloe picture hats off!
    Secondly, Devi was an intelligent queen, dont potray as a dull.
    Thirdly, Mohit Raina dialogue delivery is weak kindly tell hime to say a little bit loosely. Work on his abs and lower muscle.
    Fourthly, Ankit Arora You rocked it! Superb. But dont act like a devil instead Sumedh syncronised with both devil and God. So tantric posture loosens up!
    Fifthly, Dharma please please ek wig pehenlo pls. Gain some weight.
    SIxthly, the error , the leap is only 10 years hence all his brothers approximate years must be 10 or less. How could it be 20-24 years? Are you mad?According to Taranatha, the Tibetan writer, Asoka killed six (6) brothers to capture the throne. So it may be taken as relevancy but you need to show somehow fron earlier.
    Or director try to showcase how they were been living.

    1. ashoka samrat

      seventhly, mohit riana pls pls pls try to loose ur weight. ur soooo fat. sidd was so good in his size. but u are really not suitable for ashoka. sorry, I am not scolding u but, pls loose ur weight somehow. I know that when ashoka is old and after becoming chand he must have a strong body. so be powerful and have muscles instead of being fat

    2. ghost, they clearly said step bro in d epi. Maybe bindusar married them but by that time they already gave birth to the other sons. It’s not necessary that he is their biological father. And 4 ppl who are wondering if sushim stayed in d water 4 10 yrs then ur wrong. He just does it often 2 make him strong.

  13. Chand Ashoka speaks very fast and low tone. That needs to change.

    1. Ya u r ryt..

    2. ashoka samrat

      mohit, pls learn to stare as sidd. ur staring is not enough

  14. Whattt! a hel. Tantric wali nautanki ab aur bhi umda tareka se dikhayi ja rahi ha. Black magic only influences the peoples mind, it can’t make a anyone physicaly strong as a shown in this serial. It’s a totally fake. They always show the too much of negativity. TRP badhane ke liya jadu tona karna jaruri ha kaya.
    We know that Ashoka kills his 6 brothers so they shown the 4 other bothers. But they can show this thing before the leap also.
    Aey log kvk ka hairstyle kyun nahi change kar rahe ha. Bahut se bacchey(kids) is show ko dekhte ha to unko darana jaruri ha kya.
    Sidd ko jaldi se show me layia nahi to trp 1 se bhi balow chali jayegi.

  15. Ankit arora is the exact copy of young sushim.. Cas team has done a good search.. His acting, dialogue delivery and face is the exact match.. I MST say a superb job done by cas team.
    But why Mohit raina is lacking.. Mahadev was superhit n his acting was also good in that… But here he is not delivering that much what was expected… Siddharth nigam has risen the ashoka character to a height so Mohit u have to maintain that.. Please focus more on dialogue delivery.. U r very fast..

    1. ashoka samrat

      I agree with divya. mohit, I also want see a good acting like siddharth nigam

  16. Sushim kund me se 10 saal baad nikla bada hoke.. Haha wat a joke they are showing.. They had copied this scene from rise of 300…

  17. Hi guys..✋ths is my 1st cmmnt I don’t get where the othr 4 sons of bndu come 4m???besides,thy r all 20-24 years old aftr only 10 years leap??how cn this pssible ???ankit arora does really good job.?bt since 10 years how can he stay in blood??dhrma looks like devi’s n chand’s eldr sister !!plz wear her wig n make her adult.moreover,mohit’ s pronunciation is unable 2 undrstnd.devi n asokh scence is very nice.?bt I don’t like somya’s acting..??

    1. I’m also wondering when did bindu marry 3 queens again n when he got a son frm a daasi of the palace!!! Director did you left your mind somewhere???

    2. Ashoka admirer

      true, i appreciate your comments, hope director respectfully accommodates in the serial as he is bent on making serious matter as commonplace.

  18. Thnks Pooja Fr Updates,superb Epi,ankit Aroras Done Ful Justice Hs Character.Bt One Thing Is Wrong.Black Magic Cn Efect On Mind Of People Nor It Nt Gve Physicl Strength.Moht Acting Is Good Bt Way Speed Of Delivering Word Is High

  19. Grown up Sushim is being played awesomely!!! But Mohit Raina… 🙁
    Other casting, not upto the mark.
    I would have prefered ending the show at the last episode of Siddharth as Ashok as season-1 and come up with season-2 as a leap may be a year later. By that time Siddharth would become more matured in sense of appearance.
    Miss you Siddharth

  20. It is so dumb how Vit is portrayed as a 10 year old boy and all the brothers that supposedly came after him are young adults. They should all be small children. It reminds me a liitle of Bajirao Mastani where the two sons were supposed to be the same age yet the Hindu son was shown as an older teenager and Mastani’s son was shown as just a child at the same time. Indian films and television seems to care nothing about logic or the intelligence of the audience.

  21. i hate siddarth except his stunts mohit raina is better than him(good looking)

    1. Dear Fred, everybody here loves sidd. You arethe only one who hates him, perhaps becaus you dnt like a 15 yr old gaining so much stardom. It is a fact that he already is a star. We love him.

    2. I agree with you though I have no problem with mohit raina I still miss sidd no doubt his acting skills were superb that he really looked as if the real emperor ashok came from ancient India to act for the serial!

    3. i agree with u dear fred i like mohit more than sidd expcet ios stunts

    4. fred have evry right to say anything soo samratashok plz… dont interefere

  22. Though Ankit Arora is good actor. I hate this jaadu tona crap. It gives negative impression about India.

  23. Ek yai kami reh gai thi thi serial ko barba.karne.mey. Dir ne wo bhi poori kar di. Black magic !bullshit. Are you guys still.watching this serial?

  24. I miss the old Ashok, What they are doing to the serial 🙁 Mohit Raina drinking & dancing…Typical Hindi movie types 🙁

  25. Sheila kaschner

    Shkh khan was play being ashoka in the movie i think was exactly like Ashoka ,and kvk was more beautiful than devi,how was ashoka love kvk ,and why ashoka marry devi ,i think that was near to history

  26. The director didn’t tell about the other 4 brothers before bcz they were not important then but now they have a strong role.. So he introduced them now..
    Please note they were born before vitashok n hence r more than 20 in age..

    It is so simple y u all can’t understand?

    N I would like to say director is not portraying devi as foolish but as innocent..

    N before all Kings used to drink..
    So it is not a big deal that ASHOK was shown to be drunk in the serial..

    1. Yeah….may be but why didn’t they show them in the childhood days of Ashok?
      Seems little fishy.But I say, let’s accept the fact that they are Bindu’s sons.
      Yeah,I like the way every one is acting.One may argue that Sid has done better…well we must move on.Mohit’s also nice.

    2. They were not important is a wrong word. He killed all of them not merely because of sushim but there must be some historical affection.
      Where are they been for so long. This must be portrayed.
      Well, ask all of them, Devi is looking foolish, they portrayed her as foolish.
      Shame. I think Devi’s ancestors must file defamation case of wrong potrayal.
      Yes. Younger Asoka left us an impression that nation is important not love otherwise Asoka would marry only Kaurvaki. This is what we have seen.

  27. Chandresh kataria

    I have left to see serial due to absence of sidharth nigam…

  28. Mohit raina acting is not good,wn compared to Siddharth nigam

  29. A advise watch srk’s ashoka the great he also got drunk & danced.

  30. missed the episode

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